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Amanda Bynes


8/1/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
is doing remarkably better ... she's stabilized, not hearing voices and it's all because of a cocktail ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... doctors at the psychiatric hospital where she's being held have given her a combination of meds -- referred to as a cocktail -- to control what appears to be schizophrenia.

Our sources say Amanda responded quickly and dramatically.  We're told in the last 3 days, Amanda has stopped talking to herself and stopped insulting people. To the contrary, we're told she's become downright polite, even saying "please" and "thank you."  She has shown no signs of violence.

The progress is all the more stunning because these cocktails are notoriously difficult to gauge -- getting the right combination of meds with the right doses is something of a crap shoot.  Our sources say the meds take 7 to 10 days to fully kick in, so they're not declaring victory yet, but they're optimistic.

But there's an ironic twist.  Amanda is scheduled to have a court hearing today ... where she's trying to get out of the psych hospital. The fact that she's doing better can actually help her case, but we're told doctors are confident the judge will not let her out for several reasons.  First, it's unclear if the meds will work long-term.  Also, it's highly uncertain she'll voluntarily take the drugs.

One more thing.  There are reports Amanda's parents may back off the conservatorship if she does better in the psych ward.  Our sources say that is "absolutely untrue."  Amanda's parents feel it's essential for her to get long-term care and supervision.



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she diffently needs at least 30 days in hospital to get her meds regularly. Also needs drug and achol treatment if she got all that and a stylist and new look she could make a come back however she was never very tlatented to begin with butt people well watch just to see if she can work a job and not freak out or call everyone UGLY> Once she relaises what a fool she made of her self it might be too much for her and she well try to kill her -self.
If she could get along with her mom and dad that would be key to her getting better long term.
she thinks everyone is out to get her.shes an old maid who just wants to party like she is young again.she could learn from Brittny spears.
she needs God in her life. she's so Broken!!

392 days ago

BB not bb    

Oh she lit a little fire in a driveway. Now she is a prisoner of the state. This country is like a psychiatric police state . Wait till Obamacare kicks in. They will have everyone on their meds walking around like zombies trying desperately to do whatever they are told.

392 days ago


To make a long TMZ story short, the judge will release Amanda by 10:35am PST

392 days ago

BB not bb    

Suddenly now they put up a picture with her in normal hair and make-up as if to say this is how she is now. I think she will look more wacked out than ever. There is something with those crazy wigs. Britney had the same wigs.

Is this like some kind of mind control where they go out and buy the same wigs and act rude to people? Then they get labled crazy and are locked up. I heard that Sam Lufti was lurking around Amanda. Is he the one who depleted her cash? Is he connected to the wigs somehow?

392 days ago


Schizophrenia is an awful disease! My cousin has schizophrenia. He is the sweetest person in the world and one of the few people in the world I trust with my life. My cousin was diagnosed 20 years ago, his meds change every few months. It's really hard to see him go through it....and he will be going through it for the rest of his life. He knows he has schizophrenia and he knows to take his meds and he knows when he needs to see the dr to have his meds changed or dosage upped. Unfortunately, my cousin is one of the rare few that aren't in denial they have the disease and doesn't stop taking his meds. Having seen my cousin through it and how it affected my family, I wish Amanda and her family well, they have a tough, long road ahead of them.

392 days ago

BB not bb    

Notice how they call these drugs a ****tail? They try to make it sound like it is some relaxing drink to enjoy poolside, like sipping a martini with an olive. These drugs are highly toxic fluoride based chemicals. They cause a lobotomy by randomly disrupting the neuronal pathways in the brain.

The victim winds up so confused, they usually resort to doing whatever they are told. It causes an internal sense of torture so tremendous, that the subject is in a state of mortal fear.

It seems like some sort of brainwashing to have the nice wholesome pretty girls all ending up on meds. They make it like it is the most normal thing in the world. It is in fact devastating to the whole character and life of the individual.

The longer that you take psych meds, the more disabled and disoriented you become.

392 days ago


Remember, she is a trained actress. She could just be manipulating the situation to get what she wants, out of the hospital and under her own control.

392 days ago


Only 30 "real" comments so far and a a good chunk of them are ignorant, rude or down-right mean. None of us know this young woman personally, and she clearly has a long battle in front of her. I hope none of you posting such nasty comments ever has a daughter or loved one suffering from an illness. Imagine if you read such things about your own illness. Show some compassion.

392 days ago

BB not bb    

If someone were truly insane they would need fasting and prayer, not mental hospitals and drugs. This psychiatric care model is just there to control the masses into conforming. It stared Hitler and the mind control experiments did on the prisoners in the concentration camps.

The idea of mental illness goes back even further than that to the Catholic Inquisition and the witch trials. It was all about calling people demonic who don't agree with your point of view.

They use this weapon now on people who think for themselves and try to break away from mind control. If you study up on it, you will see that psychiatry is one of the biggest scams being perpetrated on Western culture.

I guess it feeds the masses need for a feeling of dominance and superiority though. They clamor to see more and more people locked up and destroyed by it. It is like the new public lynching or Colosseum tournament. Let's see how long this beautiful and promising individual can last now that we have destroyed everything in her brain that makes her who she is.

392 days ago


Uhh Bb shes setting fires in peoples driveways, i think she needs a little more professional help than just fasting and prayer.

392 days ago

BB not bb

Dr. Thomas Szasz speaking on a Citizens Commission for Human Rights video. Thiis is one of the best speakers you will ever hear. He is not only intelligent, he speaks honestly and openly with integrity.

Part of what he is saying is that no behavior can be called a disease. A disease is a physical malfunctioning, but a behavior only exists in the mind.

392 days ago


This makes me happy. Im a huge fan of Amanda and would hate to see her lose control. I would still love to see her in movies. Hope she makes a great comeback. :)

392 days ago


Happy that she is getting better. But as a person with schizophrenia, I feel badly for her. Although the meds work wonders, they make you so drowsy and zombie-like that life will probably never be the same. It's VERY difficult to work and maintain a household while feeling like this all of the time. Good thing she has money, and her parents are well off. Praying for you Amanda!!

392 days ago


It's like a James Bond ****tail!

392 days ago


It's a horrible illness to have. I wish her well.

392 days ago
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