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Amanda Bynes


8/1/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes
is doing remarkably better ... she's stabilized, not hearing voices and it's all because of a cocktail ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... doctors at the psychiatric hospital where she's being held have given her a combination of meds -- referred to as a cocktail -- to control what appears to be schizophrenia.

Our sources say Amanda responded quickly and dramatically.  We're told in the last 3 days, Amanda has stopped talking to herself and stopped insulting people. To the contrary, we're told she's become downright polite, even saying "please" and "thank you."  She has shown no signs of violence.

The progress is all the more stunning because these cocktails are notoriously difficult to gauge -- getting the right combination of meds with the right doses is something of a crap shoot.  Our sources say the meds take 7 to 10 days to fully kick in, so they're not declaring victory yet, but they're optimistic.

But there's an ironic twist.  Amanda is scheduled to have a court hearing today ... where she's trying to get out of the psych hospital. The fact that she's doing better can actually help her case, but we're told doctors are confident the judge will not let her out for several reasons.  First, it's unclear if the meds will work long-term.  Also, it's highly uncertain she'll voluntarily take the drugs.

One more thing.  There are reports Amanda's parents may back off the conservatorship if she does better in the psych ward.  Our sources say that is "absolutely untrue."  Amanda's parents feel it's essential for her to get long-term care and supervision.



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Knowing personally how schizophrenia can affect someone, all I have to say is that if they find a combo of meds that works, I hope someone is there to ALWAYS always make sure she stays on them. When a schizophrenic stops their meds, it can take only a matter of hours before their behavior can change. When that happens, it's usually much worse than it ever was. It can have serious consequences. I'm glad that they found something that is helping her.

392 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Good for her. Hopefully she can move past the unfortunate driveway incident.

392 days ago


Good! Sounds like this is definitly what she needed.

392 days ago


On RadarOnline one of her old New York friends said that Amanda is a VERY heavy pot smoker. I bet half the reason she's doing better is simply because she can't get her hands on her stash of weed.

Pot really can make SOME people half crazy. I bet some of these pot growers these days are able to make super strong. I'm sure that's the kind Amanda gets.
Amanda may be acting somewhat normal now, but you have to keep in mind that she is an ACTRESS and they are quite good at putting on an "act" for long periods of time when they need to.
Bottom line, Amanda should be in a long term rehab for at least 3 months like Lindsay Lohan has been doing. Preferably 6-9 months.

392 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

Leave this woman alone. She's fine by me.

392 days ago


Also, use of cannabis in adolescence at least DOUBLES the risk of developing a psychotic illness like schizophrenia. According to Harvard University, "In one recent study that followed nearly 2,000 teenagers as they Smoke rises from a marijuana cigarettebecame young adults, young people who smoked marijuana at least five times were twice as likely to have developed psychosis over the next 10 years as those who didn’t smoke pot.

Another new paper concluded that early marijuana use could actually hasten the onset of psychosis by three years. Those most at risk are youths who already have a mother, father, or sibling with schizophrenia or some other psychotic disorder.

Young people with a parent or sibling affected by psychosis have a roughly one in 10 chance of developing the condition themselves—even if they never smoke pot. Regular marijuana use, however, doubles their risk—to a one in five chance of becoming psychotic.

In comparison, youths in families unaffected by psychosis have a 7 in 1,000 chance of developing it. If they smoke pot regularly, the risk doubles, to 14 in 1,000.

For years, now, experts have been sounding the alarm about a possible link between marijuana use and psychosis. One of the best-known studies followed nearly 50,000 young Swedish soldiers for 15 years. Those who had smoked marijuana at least once were more than twice as likely to develop schizophrenia as those who had never smoked pot. The heaviest users (who said they used marijuana more than 50 times) were six times as likely to develop schizophrenia as the nonsmokers."

392 days ago


So glad this young woman is doing better! Best Wishes for a full recovery!

392 days ago


This is great news. The hardest part will be getting her to take her meds when she's out... schizophrenics are notorious for stopping their meds because they think they are ok and dont like the side effects of their drugs. I'm so happy to hear she is doing better though! I knew there was hope... she's not a bad person, just a sick person.

392 days ago


It takes awhile to tweak these meds to get them right, even more difficult if the patient has no "insight" into their illness. I had to take guardianship of my mother about 10 years ago, she had paranoid schizophrenia, and she had zero insight. She use to cheek her meds,
spit them out etc. Untill I looked into injectables, which helped out quite a bit.

392 days ago


I thought psychotropic medication took at least a month or two to kick in. Hers magically worked in a week? Maybe it's different for schitzos and the antipsycotics they give them.

392 days ago


I'm not trying to be negative or mean, but this came on quickly and now it might be fixed as quick. I just really hope this isn't some type of attention thing for her. I pray she's not really sick and if she is she does get well. But if this is for attention or to get meds or to feel relevant in the media, then I feel sorry for her either way. I hope she gets what she needs and makes her life better. Good luck Amanda.

392 days ago

BB not bb    

The ****tail is working . . It sounds like a Looney Tunes episode with the mad scientist in the lab mixing potions and forcing them on a victim. I also have a feeling that if they don't let Amanda out today, she will start flipping out.

392 days ago


She's the man!

392 days ago


It sounds great ...
HOWEVER, if the old lady in the next room finds her oxygen tank with a burning hospital smock flaming away on top of it ... it could mean those meds aren't working as well as they thought.

392 days ago


If she is TRULY doing better, she'll drop the bid to get out early.

392 days ago
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