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Day Above Ground

'Asian Girlz' Going Down

Due to Threats

8/2/2013 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The band behind the controversial song "Asian Girlz"  ... is getting bullied into censorship -- telling us they're yanking the video because the backlash has gone from playful to threatening.

Day Above Ground Skyped into TMZ Live to respond to the outrage ... saying, "It’s a real thing and we didn’t expect it to be such a backlash."

Drew Drumm, Joe Anselm, and Mike Tourage told us they're pulling the video from the Internet on Saturday ... "for the safety of ourselves and for everybody we know. We don’t want anybody to get hurt."

They hinted some of the models in the video were receiving threats ... along with the band members.

If you haven't seen it ... the lyrics to "Asian Girlz" are laced with stereotypes, like ... "I love your creamy yellow thighs" -- and, "Ooh your slanted eyes."

The guys insist the song was intended to be "satire" -- but check out their faces during "TMZ Live" ... they're taking the whole matter very seriously now. And now here's the music video:

***WARNING: Explicit Lyrics ***


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umm if this was intended to be humorous...well then check again. CLEARLY, this was done to get publicity. honestly, who in their right mind would THINK that saying slanted eyes and creamy thighs would friggin be okay. they KNOW they are pushing it, and people would talk about it. which they freaking are. im not offended, i just think they're stupid as f*ck

385 days ago


I get satire and off-color humor, but this video is just stupid. It's a pretty good way to camouflage the fact that the song, and more importantly the band, really sucks. I guess even they knew this is about the only way they could get people to pay any attention to them. I can't wait to see what they come up with next, "Coon Hunting"?

385 days ago


Didnt Steel Panther already do this ?

385 days ago


Ok lets make a funny Trayvon Martin song. OHHHHH not so funny now huh.....just what I thought...
I bet these clowns are scared to go to Chinatown in SF or LA ever...

385 days ago


Finally asian people stand up for themselves.But they better get ready for the ****storm of white people and self-hating asians who are gonna tell them to "pipe down and stop being so sensitive". I thought asian chicks felt honored white girls looked at them as a fetish.

385 days ago


Am dating an Asian chick right now lol dis ain't fascist its funny asf and I love it had it on replay for days,,,

385 days ago


I loved the video. The asian girl is gorgeous and the lyrics are hysterical. Come on people lighten up. Not once did they mention what a bad driver she was or that she played a violin while maintaining a 4.0. If the group was a bunch of asian guys would that be better? Instead it is big dumb white guys which makes it even funnier.

385 days ago


Geez, the song is not offensive, it is just stupid, repetitive and annoying as hell.

385 days ago


Day Above Ground, was one day too long...YOU GUYS SUCK !!!!

385 days ago


you know whats funny, three 6 mafia talk about ****ing an asian girl and ask....uh i mean AX if that pu55y really sideways? i guess since its some black guys sterotyping its hip, and cool. and all the white guilt liberals don't see a problem with that. hypocrites

385 days ago

double d    

i like the butt ****ing all night. i dnt see how this is a horrible song. she had nice nails and ****.

385 days ago


TMZ runs a video with the FLUCK word in it uncensored, but censors the F-word in comments. Fluck them! I'd fluck that fake-titty Asian in the ass too!

385 days ago


whats the big ****n deal? they like that **** long time!

385 days ago


Anyone who cannot figure out that this song is totally tongue and cheek and is meant to be satirical is a freaking moron. This is not racist or anything is it bad taste ABSOLUTELY, would I buy or listen to it NOPE not my cup of tea but for them to be getting death threats is ridiculous. People grow the hell up and stop getting offended over a song that is rather dumb and get offended and pissed at what our govt is doing and getting away with. Stop nitpicking over these petty stuff and really educate yourself about the real issues!!! This is such a lame non story we have bigger things to worry about than this

385 days ago


I can't believe the over reaction to this video
There are dozens if not hundreds of more explicit rap videos and songs

385 days ago
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