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Justin Bieber

Lil Twist on Chopping Block After Battery Allegation

8/2/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
's manager Scooter Braun is sick and tired of Lil Twist bringing Bieber down -- in fact, he wants Bieber to sever ties with the rapper entirely once and for all ... but Bieber is STILL fighting to keep him around.

As we reported, Twist has been accused of battering some girl at Bieber's Calabasas mansion Thursday morning -- but it's only the latest example of Twist's reckless behavior ... a list that includes smoking pot, driving like a lunatic, and getting a DUI.

Bieber has refused to turn his back on Twist once already -- but Scooter has had enough, telling Bieber the battery allegations are the last straw.

We're told Scooter is putting his foot down, insisting Twist is nothing but a parasite sucking Bieber dry -- and the singer needs to drop him like a hot potato stat ... before he does any more damage.

But stupidly, Bieber is still sticking by his buddy -- in fact, we're told he and Scooter had a blowout fight on Thursday when Scooter said Twist had to go.

Which means Twist's days are numbered -- because in a fight between Scooter and Twist, Bieber will almost certainly side with his trusted manager. He'd be dumb not to. Then again, dumb has kinda been Bieber's M.O. recently.



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The BIEB n TWIST must be having some serious BROMANCE.. I like to call this type of event: " homos " They're on the bandwagon.

426 days ago

Scott Levy    

I think they're lovers. It seems obvious.

426 days ago


little twink can take public transportation to his night shift job at McDonald's...

426 days ago


Scooter, the only person being Justin down is JUSTIN. He chooses these people, he is the center of all his own drama. He chooses to enable Twist, whose behavior he also makes the choice to mirror. Or it might even be Twist mirroring him. It doesn't matter. Justin is a grown up and it's time to stop blaming "bad influences" and all other assorted excuses.

426 days ago


And Bieber chooses....DUMB.

426 days ago


Wake up and smell the coffee, Scooter. The only one

426 days ago


Bieber is a talentless **** and needs these people around him to give him a bad boy image. Milk this for all you can Scooter. You'll be unemployed soon.

426 days ago


Wake up and smell the coffee, Scooter. The only one Creating problems for Justin is JUSTIN. He is a little punk ass all on his own and it's way too late to put the toothpaste back in the tube. How do we know it's not Bieber being the bad influence on Twist? That Twist isn't simply mirroring and copying all that spitting, reckless driving, pissing in buckets, and all othet assorted behaviors that we have seen JUSTIN doing? Justin is an adult and this his behavior and choices. Blaming anyone else just delays the inevitable crashing and burning that has already started.

426 days ago


Just read review of lil boy pants thursday concert on huffington post. Lackluster...bad lip syncing...unable to keep up with dancers...phoned it in...

426 days ago


Oh, and he entered from the ceiling dressed all in white with strap-on angel wings.

426 days ago


Hey TMZ can't you monitor what gets posted better? What's up with the pathetic posts for dating sites. Desperate people looking for desperate ways to find someone.

426 days ago


Where is Zimmerman when we really need him.

426 days ago


Why would he get rid of his bum buddy?

426 days ago


Breaking News: lil twist got into a car that was NOT his and drove off after the incident.

426 days ago


The little canadian eunuch wants to keep his "posse" around. He paid good money for hem and he does so enjoy servicing all those nice young men ....

426 days ago
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