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Justin Bieber

He's a Sleeve

To His Fans

8/2/2013 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber came out smelling -- and looking -- like a rose in NYC after hitting up a tattoo parlor for fresh ink last night.

Justin's left arm is one step closer to a full sleeve today ... after getting a blooming rose on his elbow to fill in an awkward bare spot.

The Biebs was even nice enough to pose for pics with some fans waiting outside the ink shop.

Still ... we gotta give him 3 douche points for the sunglasses at night.



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Listen here ****heads - yes you TMZ. You guys have nothing else than bashing on Justin?! You only want to ruin him. Guess what? There now are so many people out there who hate your guts because you have no reason for hating on him. So shut the **** up! And just to tell you - if you're idiotic brains haven't noticed - Justin wears sunglasses because of paparazzi flashes.
Adios, bitches.

410 days ago


He looks stoned. His next tat should be a big L on his forehead.

410 days ago


Geeze! Is that an EYEBALL in the center oposite his elbow? Like he see's all...Or is all knowing? Hahahahaha

409 days ago


Was this before or after he personally gave his fans hot chocolate, pizza and unreleasead music? Or was this after he came back from the Make-A-Wish charity?? I am confused?

408 days ago


A tatted ***** is still a *****.

408 days ago


Why don't you ***gots shut up and leave the kid alone. Everybody hates you ****ing page!

407 days ago


So what if he gets these tattoo so what?! **** you bastards, leave the boy alone, he's font nothing to you mother****ers

401 days ago


TMZ is so sleazy. Justin will always be loved by his loyal fans, and hated by ignorant followers. Justin deserves every ounce of fame and money he gets, he worked for it. Some people are just so ridiculous wishing death and pain on somone especially someone they don't even know. I just wish more people were open minded, but uneducated trash reproduces and well yeah that explains most of the commenters on here hating on Justin. I have so much respect for Justin for staying strong and caring so much about his fans it's crazy. He's the only celeb that has his fans as their header on Twitter. He is the only celeb that tweets his fans back and keeps them updated daily. And people actually believe he'd spit on his fans *SMH* so sad. Justin smoked weed, was late to a few of his concerts, pissed in a mop bucket so that makes him a "douche bag" right? No it makes him human because we've all made immature mistakes. Everyone's like make the world a better place yet they're sending hate to a guy who is successful and living his dream and they would rather see him fail. It's just depressing how cruel people can be. Justin was poor and couldn't afford anything before so he has to adjust. Stop expecting him to be this sweet guy who prays and gives all his money to charity it's not how it works so get over it. All though he gives back a lot people still see him as a "douche bag" . I wish I could tell Justin just to stay him self and show up the haters in a positive way. How I know Justin is doing it right is that the "haters" don't have any legit reason to dislike him they say he spat on his fans which is clearly false or he sags (well where's Eminem's hate then?) or his music is terrible(5 #1 platinum albums along with a diamond award) or all his songs about love/meaningless lyrics(Born To Be Somebody, Pray, Never Say Never, Down To Earth, Believe-believe reduced suicide over 10%-) Btw he wrote them as well. He is selfish? The first thing he did when he got enough $ was bought his mom a house, he donates a dollar from every to ticket he makes from his concerts/tours to p.o.p which helps build schools for the needy. I always see comments saying oh he looks like a chick or wow he's skinny or he has no muscle. Shallow much huh? Looks aren't everything remember. Justin has a gorgeous face, manly jaw line, can grow facial hair, has a nice 6 pack, and sexy tattoos. The gay comments to it just makes u look homophobic which is pathetic. If Justin likes diçk then he likes it, but clearly he loves women he is total flirt, his celeb crush has always been Beyonce. I'm going to laugh at the ppl who called him gay and made gay jokes constantly when ends up marrying a beautiful woman and has flawless kids.

382 days ago


Justin is a lesbian but his sleeve does look good! His sleeve is probably the only thing I like about this turd! I hate being his grandma!

281 days ago
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