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Simon Cowell's Baby Mama

I Didn't Cheat

My Hubby Knew Everything

8/3/2013 6:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  We got an email from Lauren's lawyer, saying "Many of the statements [in our story] are simply inaccurate," though he does not specify which.  He adds the parties are trying to settle the case confidentially, on a "private basis." 
Lauren Silverman
 -- the woman who is pregnant with Simon Cowell's baby -- is telling close friends she is outraged at her estranged husband's "shock" that Simon was banging her ... because she says he knew what was going on the whole time and he was doing the same thing. 

Sources close to Lauren tell TMZ ... Lauren is bitching that she hooked up with Simon partly because her estranged husband Andrew Silverman was cavorting around the world and partying with girls on various continents. 

What's more ... Lauren is telling her friends her relationship with Simon evolved right in front of Andrew and he never said he had a problem with it -- it was a tacit mutual understanding. 

Lauren is saying she would speak to Simon several times a day on the telephone and Andrew knew they were talking. 

Lauren says she visited Simon in England several times and Andrew had no problem with the trips -- and it was obvious what was going on. 

Lauren is beyond pissed that Andrew is now feigning shock, because she says he knew everything from the get go. 

As for their divorce, Lauren is telling friends, there are no real money issues. The real sticking point is their 7-year-old son. Andrew wants full custody but Lauren is saying no way in hell will he get that. 

In fact ... Lauren says she wants primary custody and will fight tooth and nail to get it. Although she admits that she sometimes travels, she says he is away much more than her and she is the better parent.


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Jay W.     

With the kind of purchasing power these people have it's one big orgy.

453 days ago


feel sorry for her 7 year old..poor kid has a whore for a mom

453 days ago


lets break ts down so you people understand it.
number one she likes guys with extra hairy chest ewwwwww yuc. number tow her husband is a douche bag who pays woman to ahng out with him hes a skank maganet. 3 her husband well get his way and get the kidd unless simon mans up.
simon is a little light in his loafers.
one of her estranged husbands sugar babys should come forward and simon can pay her big bukcs to speak the truth mybe then douche bag well back off. Its not good for her to go around pissed off her baby well come out madd at the world. siomn said his child would want for nothing not ture that kidd well allways just wish for PEACE!!

453 days ago




453 days ago


Hmmmmmm. Here's a thought [[insert light bulb]]. How about parents traveling with their children? How about staying home with your child until school lets out and then planning on traveling the ENTIRE SUMMER with YOUR CHILD. Call me old fashioned, but I don't ever want my child to leave my side. When I do plan trips, they are both with me! Selfish parents!

453 days ago


I am sure her huzband knew about it but he has more pride and he's smarter than her. She is just a trush.

453 days ago


Double wowee my friend Tyrone just married a woman named heather he met at an interracial swingers party

453 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

I'll apologize ahead of time for being judgmental but, does that make it better that her husband knew "EVERYTHING" hahahaha! Let me get this right, If I have a friend which I do married to a lovely woman whos attractive, its ok if I not only date her but, then have unprotected sex with her and she gets pregnant? Wow, who knew morally we had gotten so twisted that this was ok, as long as my friend knew I wanted to have sex with his woman once they parted ways. Excuse me but Simon is sick, I just see more and more that some, not all successful people are just evil its not the money that has ever been the root of all evil, its evil people who attain money that are evil. Plenty of good decent humans are wealthy like Simon but, they wouldnt do as he did to as friend. Friedns wifes are of limits, no excuses, Reminds me of Jermaine Jackson messing with his brothers ex wife, lost all respect for Jermaine as a person when he did that and now, I lost it for Simon. Whats sad is Simon nor her ex sees shes a gold digger?

453 days ago


Their both Piged eye'd sack's of S#IT. NO>

452 days ago


I highly doubt any in this triangle are making statements to the press. A so called 'friend' said, means nothing and it's all hear say. These people are high rollers, they're going to keep what's going on close to the vest. Nice try though, TMZ.

452 days ago


Her mother wants Simone to do the right thing and marry her!! It's a little late for that!

452 days ago


Oh, You're not cheating?Correct if I'm wrong but I believe you are screwing someone that is NOT your husband.There for your cheating.

452 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Oh, so he knew it, so it makes it ok? So, he gave you his blessing, did he? Hard to believe that one. How ever you want to sugar coat that, to make yourself look better in other people's eye, cheating is cheating, and you wasn't divorced yet.

452 days ago


Sad thing is I actually believe her... He probably knew that they were screwing and simon probably let him get with multiple women but his ego probably got checked when he realized she wanted sex/a relationships from Simon way more than him.. When you treat your woman like a whore you can't get mad when she actually shows you how REAL whores act..

452 days ago


These people are just trailer trash with money. All of them. Period.

452 days ago
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