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Tameka Raymond

Usher's Decision Almost

Killed Our Kid

8/7/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, has filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in which she blames the singer for the near-death pool accident that landed their 5-year-old in ICU.

In the docs, Tameka claims Usher Raymond V was left unsupervised in the swimming pool when his arm got stuck in the drain.  Tameka says Usher delegated his supervisory responsibilities to his aunt ... who she believes was not on the ball.

Tameka, who is asking for temporary primary custody of their two children, says it's typical that Usher delegates responsibility for their kids ... because he's out of town 85% of the time every month.

What's more, she says Usher had fired every caregiver who was on staff when he was awarded primary custody ... and she's clearly saying the replacements are not up to snuff.

In the documents, which were filed Tuesday -- the day after the pool accident -- Tameka wants decision-making power over the children's education, healthcare, religion and extracurricular activities.

The hearing has been set for Friday at 2pm ET.



No Avatar


How does she expect him to earn a living if she expects him to be tethered to his kids. Just because she wants to sit on her ass all day collecting a check doesn't make her a good parent. It just makes her a gold digger. Usher, you should have listened to your mother!

450 days ago


I don't think either parent is fit to have the kids. They need to be taken and given to a family that will love them. If Usher is so concerned about his kids he would be home more. Neither Usher or Tameka are fit to raise the kids.

450 days ago

Ozzie X    

It can be negligence on Ushers part for placing his kid under the supervision of someone incapable. Or it could have just been a simple accident. It's left to the judge to decide now.

450 days ago


the judge should ask her, "if *you* cared so much about your son, why were you are the courthouse filing papers the day after, instead of sitting by his side in ICU?"
i know he loves his boys, but everyday usher must be kicking himself for not listening to his mother about that gold digging vulture....

450 days ago


Let this go through the legal process. Shes already lost one child, I think its okay to Just let her overreact, I'd say Its well deserved, if she gets custody she does, of things stay the same well they do...

450 days ago


And AGAIN DUDE!!! You weren't with your 11 year old when he died!! She is an idiot!!

450 days ago


Usher needs to undergo a mental health exam at a minimum before being allowed near those kids. Tameka has a right to be fearful of her child's safety. Someone please protect this child from this maniac!

450 days ago


She is bitter over loosing custody of the children, so she jump to the opportunity, she just kicked him when his down. oh Usher you should of listen to your mama !

450 days ago


So I guess she caused her other son to die by her inactions???????? Disgusting money grabbing biiiiitch.

450 days ago


I am offended by ushers picture if him and his kids dressed like stereotype Mexicans!!! It is extremely racist! Why is it only ok for blacks to be racist? If it were someone dressed like a black person it'd be all over the news! Ok, so I'm totally not offended by it as a Latina but I'm just trying to make a point. Hope u all get it.

450 days ago


Usher is like a gay man in an orgy who sucks his own penis.

450 days ago


Doesn't seem like anyone really watches these kids. We always stayed right with the kids and/or pets anywhere near the pool and had swim vests on them, preventing them from going under...animals too...we had little doggie vests.

450 days ago

PR Spin    

While this was a horrible accident, it was a preventable accident and should serve as a wake up call to people celebrities of residential pools to check and replace old, unsafe pool drains. In 2008 the President Signed into law the Baker Pool and Safety Act. The law mandated all new pool drains be manufactured where no child hair, hand, toy ... Could be caught and every public pool by law had to replace these unsafe drains. The law also instructed residential owners during the last 5 years to replace these old drains (new safe drains are only $30) and the government has sent yearly notices to every pool man/weekly pool service company instructing their clients to upgrade their drains - for 5 years now. Parents be sure to act on this because Usher and his pool man do not do what they should have done too keep those kids safe. I know it was a terrible accident, but a preventable accident none the less.

450 days ago


Usher gets dressed like a Mexican Bandido is not racist

450 days ago


Gold digger ....

450 days ago
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