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MJ Producer Kenny Ortega

MJ Controlled His Life

And His Death

8/8/2013 1:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The man who skippered Michael Jackson's "This Is It" rehearsals blamed the pop star for the predicament that led to his death.

Kenny Ortega, the tour's director and producer, testified in the Michael Jackson wrongful death trial this morning that Michael called the shots, adding, "I don't think he was being very responsible."

Ortega -- who was called as a witness by AEG Live -- testified he was not responsible for MJ's health.  Ortega told the jury that Michael was squarely in charge, and made it clear that the singer and Conrad Murray called the shots when it came to MJ's well-being.

Ortega's testimony is critical, because Ortega is linked to AEG and had day-to-day contact with Jackson.  Katherine Jackson is trying to show AEG called the shots and hired Dr. Conrad Murray.  Ortega is clearly taking issue with Katherine.

In fact, Ortega came close to saying when it came to medical treatment, he was Michael's bitch, having to endure scoldings by Dr. Conrad Murray when the doc felt Ortega was contradicting him.


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Michael Jackson is dead because of the lifestyle he chose to live

412 days ago


Kenny Ortega should demanded a rehab stint for MIchael Jackson!

412 days ago


So true, MJ did control his life and death. NOBODY ELSE IS TO BLAME PERIOD.

412 days ago


The doctors are the ones who got MJ hooked by continually giving MJ drugs that MJ could not have gotten for himself.

412 days ago


Nobody forced or made MJ do anything he was an addict pure and simple if he had lived and didn't change his ways it would have happened another day.

412 days ago


This is what everyone seems to be forgetting! MJ was in control and would not let ANYONE tell him otherwise from what HE wanted. I think we ALL KNEW that he was not going to live to be old. Kathrine needs to give it up. She is hurting and family always tries to blame, but this lies squarely with MJ.

412 days ago

Fred Farkel    

We all make choices.

MJ made his choices.

412 days ago


MJ allowed Dr. Murray to inject him propofol every single night. MJ should have gone to rehab to treat his propofol addiction. If he had done that he would have still been alive today.

412 days ago


Michael was a very stubborn man and didn't want to give up the drug lifestyle; although in the final weeks of Michael's life I wonder if Kenny Ortega bothered to try to get Michael to a hospital with how sickly he was, before he died..

412 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I can tell you that Propofol is some good stuff. So is the pain medicine they give you for kidneystone issues.

I would love to have a lot more of that stuff myself...

412 days ago


Nobody tells someone like Michael Jackson to do anything, nobody. Abuse of alcohol and drugs lead to jails, institutions, and death. You can put the drug dealer in jail and guess what? There's a million who will take his place. People have to take responsibility for their own actions.

412 days ago

Fred Farkel    

As a little side note - do you kids remember seeing that cute blondie guitarist at MJ's last rehearsals??

Uncle Fred had the pleasure of meeting her a few weeks ago. Her name is Orianthi Panagaris and if I was about 30 years younger, I would have me a very HOT new g/f.

Thank you

412 days ago


Kenny Ortega was not responsible for getting MJ to another doctor or into rehab. Dr. Murray didn't start him on propofol, although he should have refused to continue. MJ had been in rehab, it did no good.
The real problem is Michael Jackson thought he could do no wrong and no one ever told him otherwise.

412 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I don't want to come across as holy-than-thou or whatever but I can't help but think if MJ ate his vegetables and drank some sleeptime tea before bed that he would be alive today.

Sometimes the solutions are so simple but if you have money - the solutions must be complicated.

412 days ago


If you want to know what is being said in court .read the tweets from
I notice as of lately , they have said very little about this trial, on TMZ
yesterday AEG had a disastrous day , so today Harvey and company are in spinning /damage control mode.
Must have gotten a phone call from a friend to help out alittle today..

412 days ago
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