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Church of Scientology


Over Missing Person Report

8/9/2013 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The Church of Scientology is spewing venom at Leah Remini for daring to file a report with the LAPD ... claiming the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige is missing.

A Church rep claims Leah cooked up the allegation "with unemployed, anti-religious zealots."

Leah -- who broke ties with Scientology last month -- was alarmed that Shelly Miscavige hasn't been seen publicly in 6 years.  The LAPD closed out its investigation last night, and as TMZ first reported, cops say they had a face to face with Shelly.  They did not indicate if they probed as to whether Shelly was being held against her will.

The Church rep calls Leah's actions "an inexcusable distraction for the LAPD." 

And the Church took this shot:  "Sadly, rather than move on with her life and career, Ms. Remini has aligned herself with a handful of untrustworthy, lunatic tabloid sources who obsessively harass the Church to advance their selfish agendas."

Someone is pissed.



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They LOVE everyone when they are followers and donating ALOT of money to gain "enlightenment", but once someone leaves the "church" they are batshrit crazy. Good for her! She said something out of concern, not be shady. Anyone that would get mad at her for that has something to hide.

408 days ago


If you haven't seen someones wife in six years, that's what you do is call the cops. The real question is, why did they wait six years to call the cops. Church of Scientology needs to be dismantled. It is a cult. People can't leave, because they have been brainwashed. Isn't theft of common sense a criminal offense? Welcome back to reality. Leah Remini. Maybe your next action should be to request a 5150 hold on David Miscavige.

408 days ago


Blast all ya want........crazy idiots!!!

408 days ago


One does not want to fuque with these Sci nuts. They have more money and power than God.

408 days ago


Seriously...the church of scientology CELEBRITY CENTER INTERNATIONAL? What kind of a church segregates the rich entertainers from the rest of the congregation? Hey, let's put all the rich celebrities in their own building, so we can better manipulate them and their wealth. Ya know, Americans are total miscreants.

408 days ago


Leah Remini is to be commended for her courage in pursuing the truth and standing up for the rights of the individual in an oppressive, conformist cult-like organization which is dictated over; in true fascist form.

By risking banishment from this elite group of Hollywood lemmings to pursue answers to burning questions she has, as well as to defend her rights to freedom of thought, expression and association...The Remini family are American heroes.

The Remini's fight the powers of greed, intimidation and oppression used 'in the interest of absolute confomity'. Absolute conformity needs to remove the power of the individual to fight back in any way.

Absolute conformity needs to destroy freedom to both secure and consolidate the power amassed.

This is an unusually important celebrity struggle! Leah Remini and her family...are fighting the good fight and they need our support TMZers!

God bless the land of the free, and the home of the brave! (Free & brave...2 things that SCREAM Leah Remini!)

Big Poppa

408 days ago


Good for Leah! More people should care, it is NOT normal for someone to be hidden for 6 years regardless of their religion.

408 days ago


If it was this easy for the LAPD to find Shelly Miscavige, then it should be just as easy for TMZ. That was way too quick. How did they even know it was really her. Did they run a DNA test. If someone hasn't been seen in 6 years they might look a little different. The police is very good at not investigating if someone is being held against their will--see Castro girls in Ohio.

408 days ago


This is shady. Either someone from the LAPD is linked to Scientology, or someone got death threats. The Church of Scientology is filled with super rich people, including actors... never underestimate a filthy rich organization

408 days ago

Been Bitten By The Coo Coo Bug     

Has anybody seen Xenu lately? He could probably help out with the investigation.

408 days ago


The guy that runs the LAPD is probably a CULT Member.

408 days ago

Been Bitten By The Coo Coo Bug     

Where's Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock when you need them.

408 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

"lol" i am sure law enforcement has clear and firm 'ass and ball scratch' orders for every 'missing persons report'.. ariel castro, anyone? i'm just saying. maybe some people think procreation 'naturally' happens differently than 'the ladies' expect it, like wining and dining and marriage and a wedding dress and a wedding ring and an expensive exorbitant honeymood vacation, etc. maybe there's a better way to all of this! a 'cheaper one' first and foremost xD males are cheap as fuq. they want to go out for a 'burrito at the taco truck' for dates. they don't want to take no btich out for a fancy french restaurant dinner. screw that. i bet they want things to change, and they want it now. but good that the po-po got on this rich and famous lady's 'missing person' case this quick.

408 days ago


She's really gotten under their skin--awesome!! Keep it up, Leah! Scientology always has to demean anyone that stands up to them--that is their only defense. It's simple--Miscavige---produce your wife to the public. Let her speak, let her answer questions. Why not? Leah isn't alone here--who the hell isn't wondering why you've hidden your wife for 7 years?

408 days ago


"unemployed, anti-religious zealots"

Yaaaawn! They always say this. The funny thing is that they're talking about renowned investigative journalists (Tony Ortega, Mark Bunker et al), Pulitzer Prize-winning authors (Lawrence Wright), David Miscavige's own neice (Jenna Miscavige Hill), ex-members who reached the highest levels of Scientology training (Karen de la Carriere etc), celebrities who have spent much of their life in CoS...basically, the most well-researched group of people on the planet in terms of Scientology. And none of whom are unemployed!

408 days ago
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