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Famous Ex-Scientologists

Leah Remini's A Hero

8/10/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leah Remini
is the new QUEEN of the ex-Scientologists -- according to two famous defectors ... because she had the iron gonads to stand up to the Church.

As you know ... Leah filed a missing person's report with the LAPD ... claiming Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige ... hadn't been seen for 6 years.  Detectives found Shelly and determined she's fine.

Marc and Claire Headley -- two outspoken, former high-ranking Scientologists are praising Leah for her testicular fortitude. Claire tells us, "Shelly was seen for the first time in 7 years. At least we know she's alive."

Claire is skeptical that Shelly is exercising free will, and believes the outreach by Leah will show Shelly that people care about her "on the outside."

Marc believes Shelly was "trotted out" to LAPD officers by Scientology handlers, but a source connected to the Church tells TMZ that's ridiculous.  The LAPD also tells TMZ ... they have concluded Shelly is not being held against her will.


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ABSOLUTELY! I admire Leah in a way I didn't before, for speaking up and caring beyond her own PR situation. MAJOR props to her. I'd still love to hear the investigating officer's personal assesment of the woman they "found" and if things really are "normal" (which I'm sure they are not.). Lots of respect for Leah though. Lots.

439 days ago


But still waiting for TMZ to address Lamar's cheating on the Big Boned Khloe Kartrashian, and how he was caught with multiple women and Khloe is going nuts causing scenes at hotels and stuff. Why is this not one of the stories TMZ? How much DOES Kris pay you guys?!

439 days ago


good for her standing up and speaking out.........
we need more women like her...girl power!!

439 days ago


About time!!! LEAHHHH!! Go... stand up to this horrid cult.. so proud.. She is a hero..Good for U!! Hopefully now all the others can stand up and band together.

439 days ago


Who disappears from her only circle of friends for 7 years, at will? This should be investigated more deeply.

439 days ago


The Co$ attacks on Remini are proof that there is nothing normal about Shelley's disappearance for several years. There is no guarantee that the woman the police say they saw was her. If it was, there is no guarantee that she was sure it was safe to talk freely or that she was in any condition to have free will. If they want to prove everything is fine, let her spend a few weeks with Remini... She must be due for a vacation by now.
The Co$ attempt to make it seem there is no reason for a missing person report is just ridiculous. A woman suddenly vanishes, with no contact with friends or family, for a period of several years, while her husband is acting quite single and erupting at anyone who asks where his wife is -- and we're supposed to believe this isn't suspicious? Remini wouldn't have pursued this if she just got a phone call or handwritten notes from the woman, anything to convince her that the decision to go into hiding was a free choice. Instead, she was blasted for asking the obvious question and hauled in for more "auditing". What really needs investigating now is the LAPD, because all of this screams "Scientology payoff". Who exactly talked with the alleged Mrs. Miscavige? What are their ties to Scientology? Where is their report? Did they take pictures? Videos? Any suspicious deposits in their bank accounts? Did the alleged investigator have any training in domestic abuse/cult cases?

439 days ago


Leah, now that's one strong woman. Scientology protests & threatens former members so much that there has to be so much more they are covering up. If there was nothing to cover up they wouldn't protest & bad mouth former members. They would keep quiet.

439 days ago


A Hero indeed. This lady knew that if he spoke out she would be attacked viciously. Knowing this she still spoke out not to help herself but to help another.

The cult of scientology showing their true evil nasty selves again.

439 days ago


Where do people get off thinking Scientology is some vicious cult? What have the done to anybody? Do they go door to door recruiting people? I don't think there are any Scientologists outside of California. Just another religion, like Christianity, trying to get money from people and line the pockets of other people.

439 days ago


derp .... LAPD is infested with Scientology... Bocca anyone? Since Leah filed the report, the LAPD should show HER the "proof" of Shelly's wellbeing. LAPD is a circus of clowns and have no idea who Shelly is... the Scilons could have trotted Minnie Mouse out as Shelly and LAPD would take their word for it. Der der derp...

439 days ago


Detectives found Shelly and determined she's fine.

439 days ago


Maybe Shelly should've cleared this up YEARS ago when all the conspiracy reports started. Instead of waiting til the police looked into it.

439 days ago

Robert Eckert    

It remains highly suspicious that not one person from LAPD will speak on the record to confirm any contact with Shelly. Anonymous leaks will not do in a case like this.

439 days ago


So what's taken TMZ this long to cover this story?

439 days ago


TRUTH, it's a LIE, the LAPD hasn't investigated and HAS NOT talked to Shelly.

439 days ago
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