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Paula Deen

Wins Racial Lawsuit

That Destroyed Her

8/12/2013 1:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0628_paula_deen_article_tmz_1In one of the most supremely ironic court decisions in a long time, a judge just threw out the racial discrimination claim filed against Paula Deen -- the very lawsuit that destroyed the famous chef.

A judge just ruled ... Lisa Jackson had no right to claim racial discrimination, BECAUSE SHE'S WHITE!  Any comments that Deen or her cohorts may have made had no legal consequence to her, because she's simply not the right color.

Jackson made a tenuous argument that someone in her family was bi-racial -- something that may not be true at all.  But the judge said even if it were true, she was at best an "accidental victim."

Short story -- Jackson ruined Paula with a bogus claim. 

The case goes on, because Jackson also claims sexual discrimination, and so far there's not basis to doubt that she's a woman.



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Who cares

336 days ago


Wait The stupid Chick that was sueing over the use of the N-word WAS White Are you F**king kidding me.That ditzy BI**H Ruined some one life and Career in nothing more then a money grab Scam. Are you F**King for Real?

336 days ago


Hopefully now maybe her career can get back on track. I just love her and congrats to here win in court

336 days ago


One racist's life destroyed. A billion more to go.

336 days ago


Maybe Now she will stop whinning and crying. Croc tears and boo hooing.

336 days ago


Way to go Paula. I would sue the sponsors, etc... for breach of contract and defamation of character.

336 days ago


I believe the very person that tried to destroy her, should pay her back all the money she lost due to the other woman's stupidity. We all have made comments about someone in our past before we do not go out and sue everyone we knew that did it- If this is the case, than I believe everyone would be suing everyone. Lets get Paula back what she deserves and move on. Life is too short to worry about what someone said to someone else.

336 days ago


Paula should now sue Ms. Jackson for extortion. Even if Ms. Jackson were black --- she would have still lost the case. I guess Ms. Jackson thought she'd come away with big MONEY!!!! Hopefully, she'll never find another job - and Paula's career will eventually be resurrected.

336 days ago


HIP HIP HOORRAY,MY stomach turns with the guttless ''Food Network"and the stores that wanted to run with the 'Political right thing to do"LOVE PAULA DEEN,and sure do LOVE her cooking.her personality.Maybe the bedbug can crawl under the rock she came from.

336 days ago


Paula innocence I knew it!! She don't care what color you are!!!

336 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

With all the many stories TMZ ran about Paula Deen why didn't I know the plaintiff was white? What is TMZ's agenda by not mentioning that?

336 days ago


She ought to sue the Food Network, her cookbook publisher, and all others who dropped her as she had to be guilty until proven innocent.

Paula has helped many black people in their cooking careers. She is a very gracious southern woman. Most southern women would never do anything to hurt another person. Especially not southern women from her generation. Most of us would never even say a curse word much less an adjective that would hurt another person.

336 days ago


No one should get to say the word not even rappers if its really that bad

336 days ago


This whole thing is beyond stupid. Last time I checked 'racists' don't hire people outside of their own race for their companies, pay them, and spend a considerable amount of time with them. Also, last time I checked the WORD that destroyed her career means a trashy uncouth individual, with zero mention of ANY race in its definition. I really wish more african americans would speak out on how ridiculous this is, because we all know it is. The fact that people get so hung up on a word when a WHITE woman says it, but grammys are awarded to BLACK men that say it, is racist and ridiculous in itsself.

336 days ago


This was posted as a reply elsewhere. Maybe it should stand on its own.

Sherry, Ms. Jackson didn't ruin Paula Deen? Are you kidding? Who do you think released this to the press. Who do you think sent a demand letter for MONEY, before filing this lawsuit?

What's left is the sexual harassment by that dumb brother of Paula's, and because Paula is the deep pocket, she will probably end up paying.

Still, it's a money grab - - If you're unhappy in the workplace - - leave. Ms. Jackson stayed - - for FIVE years. So, what year did it start to bother Ms. Jackson? Year 1? Year 2? Year 3? Give us a number so we can gauge her trauma.

336 days ago
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