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Debbie Rowe To Testify

MJ Abused Propofol

12 Years Before Death

8/14/2013 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was not only addicted to powerful drugs 12 years before he died ... at least twice in the late 90s doctors misused a drug similar to Propofol so MJ could sleep through the night ... and we've learned that's exactly what MJ's former wife Debbie Rowe will tell the jury today.

Sources familiar with Debbie Rowe's testimony tell TMZ ... Rowe -- who will be called to the stand by AEG Live -- views herself as a hostile witness, because she feels AEG is largely responsible for MJ's death.

We've learned Rowe will testify ... in 1997 doctors administered Diprivan (a form of Propofol) to Michael in a Munich, Germany hotel room.  We're told Rowe will say the drug was administered specifically so Michael could sleep.  There was a full medical staff present and MJ slept under the influence of the drug for 8 hours.  This occurred on 2 days, either consecutive or 1 day apart.

The testimony is significant because AEG is trying to show MJ was the master of his own fate and had misused Propofol for years.

But we've learned Rowe will also say while she was married to MJ she never saw him as a raging drug addict.  She will testify he was addicted to Demerol ... which he used to deal with the pain and anxiety from scalp surgeries after being horribly burned.  She says when she left Michael in July, 1997, he was not an out-of-control addict.  In fact, he had gone to rehab and was open about it.

As TMZ first reported, Rowe injected Michael in the buttocks with Demerol and Vistaril several times while she worked for Dr. Arnold Klein -- MJ's closest doctor and confidante.  Rowe had no idea in the last months of MJ's life Klein injected the singer with Demerol scores of times.

We've learned if asked ... Rowe will say she was horrified when she saw a TMZ video of Michael looking totally out of it as he left Dr. Klein's office days before he died.  The day MJ passed, Rowe will testify she called Klein and said, "You killed him.  What did you give him?" 

We're told Rowe wants to tell the jury ... when the "This Is It" tour was announced and she heard the breakneck concert schedule, she told her shrink, "They're [AEG] gonna kill him."



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Slim Whitman    

Wow. Never read more controversial posts about an individual on TMZ. Head spinning after reading the various postings here. Granted, Michael was a very strange character but talented. No doubt that life as in death his biography will be extremely controversial. Will we ever know the real Michael Jackson?

437 days ago


When will all these people stop making excuses for MJ's choices?
Nearly every adult encounters numerous problems and significant stress in their lives - but most people manage to do so WITHOUT infusing themselves with drugs just so they can escape to a fantasy world like MJ did ... instead they choose to face life courageously by functioning in the real world without the hazy rose colored drug induced fog MJ chose to live in..

437 days ago

R. Hall    

Because of MJ's fame and talent, people want to believe he was a victim. In reality, he was a master manipulator, like most addicts. Plus, he had the money to manipulate people. You can buy your way out of anything if you have enough money. IMO, this is the way MJ lived his life.

437 days ago


Jackson left his estate to people he trusted and his family was not it. Jackson didn't leave a penny to his family. His mom got the house and 78k per month for the kids. Jackson had a very simple will and they still can't break it so they have to sue AEG for money.

Jackson couldn't do a single concert let alone a tour so how the hell did the Jacksons come up with he would have made millions and millions of dollars if he was still alive?

Guess blaming Murray wasn't enough. Then again they can't get money from him so it's AEGs.

The only mistake AEG made was trusting Michael Jackson.

437 days ago


Whatever happened to the standard "milk and cookie" method to go to sleep? Now, we have CrNA's on stand-by with needles and propofal.

437 days ago


Debbie Rowe's testimony should be interesting since I believe she will tell the truth. As for those who say she should have done something or tell the police, MJ had lawyers, security people & his money hungry family who would have all said Debbie was lying about his abusing drugs. Now that he died of overdose of drugs, people will believe what she will testify to.
Will be interesting what Katherine & her handlers aka children will say after Debbie testifies. Since they don't like Debbie as it is & think that she might try & get custody of Paris, would love to hear the conservation at the family meeting after her testimony. Katherine & her clan are so worried Debbie might try & get custody & that would mean that cut of child support would go to Debbie. The Jackson clan shouldn't have talked Katherine into suing AEG because it stands to reason AEG would subpoena Debbie. Jacksons can blame themselves for opening this can of worms.

437 days ago


This whole thing about MJ not being able to sleep is a lie. You DIE if you don't sleep. It's impossible to be incapable of sleeping. This man was a drug addict and he had many enablers because he had so much money that he could pay them whatever they wanted.

MJ was a drug addict, but far worse, he was abusing children and his money allowed him to do both things. His family disgusts me with their audacity to sue AIG when they KNEW MJ was a drug addict and had known it for years. The nerve of these people.

437 days ago


This whole Debbie Rowe marriage was a farce and arranged so Jackson could appear normal and most of all to spin away from all his child molestation accusations and charges. Right down to having kids.

Jackson paid Rowe to give up all parental rights and stay out of their lives. She kept up her end of the bargin until recently.

Legally the kids are Jacksons. Biologically is anyones guess. As much as Jackson bleached his skin all his plastic surgery he's still black and I just don't see any of those traits in the kids.

Granted he was still their father, but this whole Debbie Rowe marriage was just a sham. Same thing with Lisa Marie Presley only no kids.

437 days ago


I love Michael! Say what you want, but but the man was talented.

437 days ago


If she helped in inject him on multiple occasions, she was an enabler. She's partyly to blame as well.

437 days ago


Even in 1993, Jackson was in debt $30 million.
It's no surprise that he made someone else pay $15 million to Evan Chandler in 1993.

In 2001, he spent $20 million even though he earned less than half that amount.

Jackson's Hayvenhurst house was being foreclosed on June 26, 2009 because he spent over $30 million in 2008 despite having only the Beatles catalog money to help
pay for the kids' food & shelter.

. Loaners refused to lend him more money in 2007 & 2008 because he didn't make enough money. He missed house payments from March through June 2009 . He didn't pay his bodyguard from 2007 through 2008.
The bodyguard also hid the fact that the kids called 911 in 2001 when Jackson collapsed on the floor and
didn't mention that Jackson made phone calls to him at night but he was too drugged to communicate clearly. He picked his friendly employees just like he picked his sycophant baby mama. They let him kill himself with Propofol as long as they got paid later on.

437 days ago

mj fan forever    

Didn't she claim that she was not going to testify for anyone in the first place?!?! Of course another lie. Then she cannot say if doctors misused or not anything because she was not so close to him as he did not allow her to be that even if she was there. She was only Klein's assistant and after a surrogate mother who opportunely offered to have Michael Jackson's children in order to get millions, then continued to blackmail him every time she needed more money. And if Michael Jackson felt "out of it" NOT "totally looking" as she loves to emphasize, after leaving Klein's office it was just due to the side effects of demerol NOT because he was abusing anything, and the Coroner widely confirmed that, stating that he found absolutely NO sign of drug abuse. Now she would want to play the apprehensive and caring role, completely out of place, she is just another money-grubber, not at all better than AEG or anyone else and has NOTHING to reveal that the whole world already didn't know. She is just another leech who does and says anything for the love of money!!!

437 days ago


Diprivan (R) IS propofol. This was the trade name given to propofol by the first company that brought it to market.

437 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

MJ burned his scalp in what year?
Yes, burns are terribly painful for a long time but that long? Especially where money is no object. Other people are horribly burned, suffer terribly, but 10-15-20-25 years later?
This is just another excuse that doesn't make sense with MJ.

437 days ago


MJ was sick and talking strange during rehearsal on June 19, 2009. AEG Live & Kenny Oretga met with MJ & Murray on June 20, 2009 to find out what was going on. MJ told everyone he was fine. Everyone walked away. The Jacksons had 10 interventions with MJ from 2002 to 2007, MJ told them he was fine and they all walked away. If the Jackson’s were unable to help MJ in 10 tries, why was AEG Live expected to do it in 1 try?

Why is AEG Live being being accused of being responsible for MJ’s death and not helping MJ, when Katherine only attended 1 intervention in 2002, refused to believe MJ had a drug problem, she was in denial per Randy Jackson and she closed her ears to negative things per her own testimony.

It’s time to stop blaming everyone else for MJ’s death. MJ could have eaten 10 times a day, weighed 200 lbs, stressed out everyday, but as long as he continued to use propofol nightly he would have died anyway. Murray made it sooner than later.

437 days ago
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