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'Eastbound & Down'

to Lindsay Lohan

You're F**kin' In!

8/15/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They both experimented with drugs ... they both torpedoed their careers ... and now Lindsay Lohan and Kenny Powers are joining forces on "Eastbound and Down," TMZ has learned.

SPOILER ALERT: sources close to production tell us, Lindsay signed on to play the adult version of Kenny's illegitimate daughter on the HBO series finale ... and she's currently filming on set in North Carolina.

Makes sense Kenny's kid would become Lindsay Lohan. If you recall, Kenny stashed his bong and all sorts of sex toys in the room of his infant son's room at the end of last season.

It's a pretty big opportunity for Lindsay -- her first real acting gig since she left rehab -- because if she's funny, a spin-off could be in the cards. Crazier things have happened.

Now here's a clip of Kenny Powers dancing his face off on ecstasy.


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TMZ deleting's a re-post of Blo's latest selfie...looks like she's been hitting the "Water Bottle" again....

401 days ago



401 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Hey guys, thats not Gavin in that pic. She says she is with

timothy david 🍌 fitness, health and occasional poison

401 days ago


Been up since last night and only 297 hits....Boy ! TMZ is Lindsay slipping as the hit queen for you......or has your TD and creative deleting driven off all the repeat commentators ? Hmmm I would summarize its a combination of both facts......
People meaning the general comm enters on sites like this and TV viewers who inconstantly are your bread and butter customers are just plain feed up and tired of hearing all the Lohan Shyt Spin you are pumping other words its backfiring and instead of getting the public on her comeback train its running them completely over to the hate train....Even the presenters on Access and Extra can't mask their utter distaste every time they have to do a Lohan comeback tidbit...
Bad move on Lohan Inc part....!!! They need to back off but of course they won't ...LOL and it will give us 'haters" more playgrounds to throw their shyt spin right back in their faces.....
"Fool me once ....Shame on You !:
" Fool me twice ....Shame on Me "
and Momma didn't raise a Fool......LOL

401 days ago


Seriously? Go away Lindsay

401 days ago


Oh and ROL .....says Thank You ...Thank YOu .....Thank You ...and to keep up the good work cause pretty soon they will have all your commentors on their site....cause there hits have jumped 40 percent since you started you TD and creative deleting......

401 days ago


Thanks to LL for posting that pic. 3 words can sum it up: trailer park trash.

401 days ago


FFS, Nikki, I am eating brekky and I couldn't quite make out what your avi was, so I clicked on it for a better look!!!!!!!! LOL and EWWWWWW!!!!!!

401 days ago


Blo has a new website:

Who is posting comments as Nichole?? Too funny!!

401 days ago


For those who might have a moral objection from actually looking at the cookie-cutter Linds website, here's the "bio". From my perspective, it's clear that DUIna is now gacking Molly.

"Without question, Lindsay Lohan is one of the most-loved and most-talked about Hollywood stars of our time. An actress, model, singer, and icon, Lindsay broke into the industry at an early age after being discovered for her distinct look and presence behind the camera. Her breakout role as the rambunctious set of twins in the Disney motion picture classic, ‘The Parent Trap,’ validated Lindsay’s raw talent on-screen and positioned her as one of the brightest stars to watch.
Fresh-faced and ready for her close-up, a 16-year-old Lindsay continued her career as a disgruntled high-school teenager in ‘Freaky Friday’, opposite Jaime Lee Curtis. Her starring roles have run the gamut of modern-day cinema. From family-friendly favorites and romantic comedies (‘Herbie: Fully Loaded,’ ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen,’ and ‘Just My Luck’) to her critically acclaimed roles in more dramatic films (‘A Prairie Home Companion’, ‘Bobby,’ ‘Chapter 27,’ and ‘Georgia Rule’ ), Lindsay has proven her abilities as a top actress with range, versatility, and a commanding allure.
Grossing nearly $90 million in the US and becoming a bonafide fixture of popular culture, Tina Fey-penned ‘Mean Girls’ solidified Lindsay’s success and staying power. Her portrayal as the naïve-yet-good-hearted Cady Heron won over young and old audiences alike, growing the star’s obsessively passionate fan base. In addition to an extensive acting portfolio, Lindsay has also released two popular recording albums: her platinum debut, ‘Speak,’ which featured her hit single ‘Rumors,’ and a darker, more introspective follow-up effort, ‘A Little More Personal.’ Easily a quadruple threat, Lindsay added designer to her resume in 2009, releasing a luxury line of leggings and fashion wear called 6126.
The star has also graced the small screen multiple times, dishing her share of comedic punch for cameos in ‘Glee’ and ‘Ugly Betty’ and starring in TV films like ‘Labor Pains’ and more recently ‘Liz and Dick,’ in which Lindsay was chosen to play the coveted role of Elizabeth Taylor. In 2013, Lindsay returns to her first love as an actress with the premiere of the highly anticipated indie-drama, ‘The Canyons.’
With every cadence and nuance in Lindsay’s career, her capacity to keep the public on its toes, guessing, and intrigued has been a key ingredient to her one-of-a-kind journey and fame. Poised for an epic return to the spotlight, undoubtedly all eyes will be locked on Lindsay.


401 days ago

Suzy Q     

I earlier posted that I never heard of this show and someone called me an idiot and claimed it was one of the "most successful" HBO shows EVER so I looked it up and:

Season 1: 6 Episodes
Season 2: 7 Episodes
Season 3: 8 Episodes

hahahah....This show is a loser! No wonder she got a part! I bet she paid them to let her appear in the series finale.

401 days ago


Who's coming over to help me do a mountain of weeding in my front yard? All (Essentials for coping) with said task will be generously supplied by Moi!!!! :)

401 days ago


Ok. Which H8turd did this?? I'm so proud. Come on fess up. Bwhahahahaha!!!

Can’t wait to see if Oprah believes Lindsay’s same old lies!!
August 15 at 4:44pm / Log in to Reply

401 days ago

Suzy Q     

Here are the stats for Lindsay's web site per

Global rank 2,031,702 (down 877,182)

(over 2 million web sites get more traffic world wide)

Rank in United States: 335,759

(the traffic to this site is so low that they can't compare it to other sites. hahahha)

People spend approximately 1 minute there. (hahhaha)

And that's with 95 links on other sites like ROL and other gossip sites!


401 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

TMZ, you and your damn Technical Difficulties!!!! What happened, did the hamster fall off the wheel?
With the amount of money you generate with ad revenue, one would think you could afford to fix this shyt.

Look at this page. It's looks like the outfield wall in "Major League 2"!! Not an ad space to spare!!

401 days ago
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