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'The Calling' Singer

911 Call

'He's Bleeding All Over the Place'

8/19/2013 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by "The Calling" singer Alex Band's manager after the singer was found bloodied and beaten on the side of the road in Lapeer, MI early Sunday morning.

During the call, Band's manager is calm but reports that Alex was abducted and kidnapped by unknown assailants.

When asked how he knew Band was abducted, the manager replied, "Because he's bleeding all over the place and I found him on the side of the road." The manager told the operator Band was breathing and conscious.

TMZ broke the story ... police are currently investigating the incident. Band was in town for a music festival. We're told the singer decided to walk from his hotel to a nearby mini mart around 4am Sunday morning when a van pulled up and snatched him off the street.


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I love how people jump to the conclusion that this was somehow a "drug" related incident, simply because the story is about a musician. I don't know Alex personally, but I've worked in the music industry for a long time, and I hear he's a nice dude. There's also several glaringly obvious possibilities here that many of you clearly haven't considered, so I'm going to educate you. 1- Alex Band is battling Parkinson's disease. It's public knowledge, look it up. He's not well. The only drugs he's on (at least these days) are prescribed. 2- IF a musician at Alex's level IS using drugs while touring, the roadies, crew, etc. are the ones picking up those drugs. The somewhat famous lead singer of a band isn't heading out at 4am to meet strange drug dealers in unfamiliar little hick towns. LOL. 3- If you've had any experience with bands or musicians at all, you'd know it's really hard for many performers to get to sleep right after a show (no, not because of drugs), but because of good old natural adrenaline. It often takes a few hours to come down from the adrenaline rush of a show. It's perfectly feasible that he was still up at 4am when his set ended around midnight. 4- Since there are only a few adequate hotels in that town, it's pretty easy to narrow down where he was staying. It was most likely the only hotel that also happens to be very near to the train tracks where Alex was dumped...and guess what? That particular hotel is ALSO right next door to a convenience store. So, it looks as though the "walk" he took was literally across a parking from his hotel to the convenience store next door (like you've never been hungry in the middle of the night? 24 hour room service isn't available at all hotels.) SO...before decide to publicly accuse a guy you know nothing about of making late-night drug transactions, consider the fact that you probably don't know wtf you're talking about. It's much more likely that this dude got nabbed because he's a small skinny, affluent (and somewhat effeminate) looking white guy, walking across a dark hotel parking lot at 4am. Can't put up much of a fight, looks like he probably has some money on him, coming from a hotel so most-likely not a local = easy robbery target. If Alex started screaming or did put up any sort of a fight, throwing him in the back of a van and brutally kicking his ass to make him stfu makes even more sense. See? Not hard to put the pieces together when a little brain power is actually involved.

397 days ago


Sounds a lot like gay bashing to me. See a cute young guy on the streets that early in the morning, either drugs or gay bashing.

397 days ago


Lesson of the Day: Don't walk anywhere by yourself after 12am.

397 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

He was probably stumbling drunk and fell down a couple times.

397 days ago
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