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'Homeland' Star Damian Lewis


... Code Pale

8/19/2013 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Homeland" star Damian Lewis hit the beach with his family in Ibiza, Spain this week ... which inspired a couple of bad terrorist-themed jokes at the office. Here's what we came up with ...

-- Abu Nazir would be proud ... 'cause that body's tha bomb, yo!
-- Waterboard? More like water excited!
-- The Shore on Terror
-- HomeSand
-- Al-Tide-a
-- Homeland Sea-curitry
-- Seahaad
-- Code: Pale anyone?
-- Sui-tide Bomber
-- U.S. Marina Corps

We could go on, but they're only gonna get worse ...



No Avatar


Can't wait for crazy eyes and this mumbler to be back next month. Love that show.

439 days ago


Seriously, you guys. This is just WRONG. Since when did it become okay again to make fun of the color of a person's skin??? Ohhh, yeeeahh, I remember, since it was decided it was only wrong to make fun of the color of skin of a black person. Oh yyeah..., that's right. How could I forget.? Very classy guys.

Why don't you guys go one better, and tell him to get a tan to look...."normal", or even better still, tell him he'd look way better if he were black.

439 days ago


you realize that's racist right?
Do you know how many people suicide over stupid comments like that about ones color?

439 days ago

Suzy Q     

Damian Lewis is an extraordinary actor who is a natural redhead (burns, no tan) who doesn't "do' the fake spray tan.

Go make fun of someone that deserves it. Like Lindsay Lohan.

Real talent is off limits, TMZ.

439 days ago


You don't have to tan to be here.

439 days ago


It's all here... except the one thing that isn't here...

439 days ago


Never saw homeland security but I sure loved Life.

439 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

I don't care what color he is, he is gorgeous!

439 days ago


I'm as white as a bottle of milk because I just don't tan! (And in Ireland it's not very sunny) but some people just don't want to wear fake tan why should they have too, is there something wrong with me because I'm pale? ......also random point that girl in the blue bikini looks like she has really broad shoulders but its just cause she has her arms up, optical illusion, and I wonder what book that is :) love Homeland.

438 days ago


Do you also ridicule blacks on the beach who are "too black"? Why can't we each just be the color we were born with? Everybody's beautiful in their own way.

438 days ago


So it's okay to pick on redheads? What's wrong with being pale? Who gives a crap? God made him that way so he's fine. I'm a black female, and I'm fine too. He's probably got on a lot of sun block, which would be a very smart thing to do.

438 days ago


He got a nice bod though...

438 days ago


A big "f*ck you" to whoever came up with "Code Pale". If a person of a dark complexion were in the photo, instead, would you call it "Code Black" or "Code Brown"? No, because you'd get all sorts of backlash over it being a racist comment.

I'm sick of people who are pale being shamed into either damaging their skin through harmful UV rays or spraying themselves with orange sh*t that rubs off on clothing, and has also raised respiratory-related concerns, in recent years. NO ONE, be they white, black, brown, green, purple... no one should feel like they have to change their skin colour to fit in with society... and no one who makes such stupid-ass comments about someone's skin colour should be tolerated for it. Shame on you, TMZ.

438 days ago


Seriously it's crazy that people can't be pale without getting some comment about it. Pale looks good. All he needs is a good sunscreen & to have fun with his family. Loved him in Forsyth saga.

438 days ago


Why do the people at TMZ continue to ridicule white people without a suntan as freaks? I don't ever recall a reference to a light skinned black person being referred to as being not black enough or an Asian as not having the "proper" skin tone. Being a white woman who has damaged her skin from 50+ years of "sun bathing" I find this highly insulting. Keep up the good work TMZ, I am seriously considering leaving this racist site forever!

438 days ago
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