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Gia Allemand

Boyfriend Said 'I Don't Love You Anymore'

8/20/2013 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bachelor" contestant Gia Allemand had a fight with her boyfriend hours before she killed herself, and he told her "I don't love you anymore."

Gia had accused NBA basketball player Ryan Anderson of being unfaithful during lunch the day she died.  During the ride back to her house -- where they stopped at a Walgreens to get her NyQuil --  Gia told Ryan she still loved him but then he dropped the bombshell about his feelings.

We broke the story ... Gia hanged herself in her New Orleans home.  According to official docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Gia used a vacuum cleaner cord to end her life.  It was tied to the center section of her spiral staircase and tied to the handrail on the second floor.

It appears Gia was on the phone with her mom when she hanged herself.  Her mom told cops during the call the phone "had gone silent" and the mother tried in vain to communicate with her for 10 minutes.

Ryan went back to the house to check on Gia, and found her sitting on the stairs with the cord "wrapped around her neck many times."  She had been without oxygen for 30-40 minutes.

Gia left a suicide note on the dining room table and in it left all of her property to her mother.



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BB not bb    

I think this was a toxic relationship. He sounds emotionally abusive. I don't think he handled her feelings well at all. Maybe he couldn't care less how she felt, because it was all about him.

He went back to check on her so he must have given her the impression that he cared. That confusion could have driven her out of her mind. She didn't know whether to love him or hate him.

Maybe he liked having her pine away for him because he derived a sense of power from it. I don't think it is right to just blurt out that you don't love someone. Give them time to get over you.

428 days ago


First and foremost, love yourself, don't be depend upon another for validation....and yes it is ok to step back at times and just be sad RIP

428 days ago


I have a hard time being sympathetic. I've had bad breakups too... one guy I thought I really had feelings for. I'm still here, I'm strong and I have value in myself. If you kill yourself... and put your family through an unending hell... all over a man, when men come and go... I'm sorry it's hard to feel bad about it. Suicide is selfish, I know there will be people who are like... "OH YOU MEAN PERSON". Well I'm sorry. What's harder... ending your life or dealing with it, working through the pain and coming out a stronger person? And what about your family? can you imagine how her mom must feel right now - however the only person she thought about was herself. again... selfish and cowardly. If she suffered from depression, there are counselors, medications, there are lots of options that can help on the journey through getting out of depression. I've seen it happen. I suffered from depression for years due to OCD. But I'm still here, I'm still fighting, and I'm in the best place I have been ever. it's not always easy... but its what life dealt me and I'm willing to face it head on for my sake, and the sake of those who love me. Screw the guys who treat me like crap. there are millions of men across the world. One of them is the right one. Why settle for an a$$hole

428 days ago


Where was that MATCH.COM guy when she need him

428 days ago


Really selfish. It's bad enough to kill yourself, but with your mom on the phone? Over a guy? Seems like her mom might have leaked this story to shift blame to him.

428 days ago


All time low TMZ....

428 days ago


I bet she's feeling a bit silly right now.

428 days ago


Ones loves, be they a husband or wife or wonderful partner, often change over time. This young lady was of the impression that she was the center of the universe and when she found out that was not true she either wanted to commit suicide or an attempted suicide, where she would be saved in the nick-of-time, which went wrong. In either case she was not the center of any universe and she needed psychological help.

428 days ago

BB not bb    

She had like no self esteem. Not only did she go to lunch with him when she knew he was cheating, she said that she didn't care and still loved him. Then he had the nerve to say he didn't love her. He should have at least respected her feelings. Obviously he meant more to her than life itself.

I don't know what she was trying to prove or if she was just that miserable and scared to face the world alone. I bet she is sorry now though. Killing yourself over a person who doesn't even care much about you is the ultimate waste of life.

If she was alive and suffering, she would have hurt him more. If she was alive and came out stronger, she would show him up. If she was alive and just didn't care any more, then he would have no power over her.

It is very dangerous to give your power to another person. You should always retain your sense of self no matter who you are with.

428 days ago


So according to the note she left , the mother gets the vacuum cleaner ????

428 days ago


I hate to say it but I think this sums up the contestants on those bachelor and bachelorette shows. If you have to go a show to find "true love" you have issues. I know a guy that was on one of those shows who killed himself. He was LOADED but obviously had issues inside. All these girls watch thinking its the dream.... nightmare is a better description. She was beautiful. Damn shame.

428 days ago

go home!    

What a stupid, selfish BITCH to do that to her mother. Eff her. I feel bad for the mother, not this idiot Gia.

428 days ago


Damn girl he wasnt even that cute. She could have found better or someone who wanted her. She was very pretty.

428 days ago


You can't rationalize and logically explain why and how a person goes that much off the deep end. Obv, it was a desperate action from someone going through a nervous breakdown. I doubt, with all that is said about her, she planned it, he told her he didn't love her, she went off of the deepend. Plus, it's a human interest media story that both have been in the media before. Everyone wants answers to why? .. Well, sometimes there are no answers,. Sometimes a person just can't take the chaos anymore..suicide is just a fact of life.

428 days ago


I wonder if this suicide was ONLY about her being heartbroken and feeling like an unlovable loser, etc. This happens to just about everyone at some time or another.

I wonder if a woman like Gia kills herself because she's not going to get all the $$$$$$$$$$$$ she expects to get by marrying a rich guy like an NBA star. Was she depressed thinking ... "oh my God I might have to get a job as a checkout lady at the mall and be a non-famous average woman!".

Gia was a good looking woman. She certainly could find another guy. Maybe not a multi-millionaire that could guarantee a luxury lifestyle where she wouldn't have to work for the rest of her life.

Being middle class or poor isn't THAT horrible you know. It's not worth killing yourself over! Maybe she was as sick as Amanda Bynes. What a waste.

428 days ago
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