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'Hell's Kitchen' Winner


8/23/2013 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Hell's Kitchen" champ Ja'Nel Witt tested positive for cocaine ... and that's why she wasn't allowed to accept the head-chef position at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Vegas ... TMZ has learned.

Talk about blowing a huge opportunity ...

Sources extremely familiar with the situation tell us ... Caesars Palace required Witt to submit to a drug test in order to take the job as head chef at the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, the position she earned after winning Season 11 of "Hell's Kitchen" earlier this year.

FYI -- Caesars has a notoriously strict drug policy ... and requires all employees to submit to drug testing.

But Witt bombed her test -- one source tells us she "failed miserably" -- and when Caesars found out ... they quickly kicked her ass to the curb. 

But there is a silver lining for Witt -- we're told she WILL receive the $250k salary ... despite the fact she won't spend a single day in the kitchen.

Fun Fact -- $250,000 can buy roughly 10 kilos of cocaine ... depending on the quality.

Attempts to reach Ja'Nel were not successful.


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You couldn't wait 1 week to not do coke? Damn, the runner up should take the prize. What a waste.

434 days ago


LOL KARMA..she never really deserved to win anyways...and she proved she didn't truly appreciate or respect what a ONCE IN A LIFETIME DREAM COME TRUE JOB she'd been given ! WHAT A DUMBA@@

433 days ago


Crack is whack!!!

433 days ago


Maybe she and Lamar were having a bit of fun together!!

433 days ago


Well, her career is over... nobody will hire her after they done the background check.

432 days ago


These comments are so stupid and without logic before ruining someone's reputation. If this was true, their is no way she would be able to keep all the 250K. Antoher reason this is false is because 250K is not the cash reward anyway. The total combine prize is worth 250K (cash + job). So, that is another false statement. Also, Hell's Kitchen requires all contestants to go through a drug and mental test before being able to compete on the show. This is not made public because their is no need. Lastly, all past winners have a choice to either take the job or not. The yearly contracts the winners have to sign before taking a position which can be different from company to company is very strict and limit their opportunties. It is often not made avaliable to them to see until after the winner has been announced and about to start.

432 days ago


And TMZ Is never wrong, are they? "Sources extremely familiar with the situation" That's a rumor, not proof. Shame we don't know the difference any more and rush to judgement.

432 days ago


that cocaine is a hell of a drug,

430 days ago


Another damn ass, what is up with all these celebrities using drugs SMH, I wish I had some of their lives, the last thing i would be doing is using drugs.

430 days ago


Loser, I she tried to make herself out better than all the rest! Why in hell she still gets the money. Well who cares, it will be gone in a week!

430 days ago


They do drug tests for kitchen staff now? That's going to narrow the field. She still rocks. Parlay that money into your future honey, don't let the bad press get you down. I hope you were just celebrating. No big. Move on! You've got this.

429 days ago


250K will buy you a lot of coke. Her career is over. Dumb Ass. Maybe hire Jon with his Roman Burger

428 days ago


Cocaine only stays in your system for a few days. She literally just got high and took a drug test at the most 3 days later. Talk about a major ****up.

416 days ago


If, THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, they are unable to accept the position that they won, then in accordance with the terms of the contestants' contracts with ITV, the winner will be paid the cash prize instead. We saw this happen with HK eason 8 winner Holli Ugdale who's work visa was denied by the for Savoy Grill in London. So, the fact that she is keeping (or believed to be) the cash prize should signal that this is NOT drug-related, as that WOULD be fault of her own. (Remember, no fault of your own means you couldn't have helped it. A driver running a red light at 70 mphand mowing you down in a crosswalk when you saw him at first 3 blocks away cannot be helped. Someone breaking into your house cannot be helped. A drunk driver running into your car cannot be helped. A nurse giving you the wrong medication cannot be helped. Homeland Security denying your passport for no good reason cannot be helped. Drinking and driving CAN be. Using drugs CAN be. Crossing in front of oncoming traffic on a green light CAN be.) All we know for sure is that Ja'Nel had personal problems, and that Chef Ramsay (note the correct spelling of the man's name, people!) wishes her his best and that his door remains open to her. This can mean almost anything at all. And Ms. Witt has done the right thing, as a celebrity now, and refused to answer it at all, as either way she would be screwed, affirming or denying it.  There is also the possibility it was not a drug test failed but an actual personal issue. Maybe she had a health issue. Maybe a family emergency. How would you all feel if it were something so tragic in her life and yet you jumped to irrelevant conclusions because of gossip tv?  Let us also remember TMZ, as much as I respect them, is not true journalism. They are paparazzi. They are akin to a televised form of your checkout magazines, just owned and run by an inactive attorney (no offense, Mr. Levin, but since you are now in entertainment it is true that your license is inactive status.)  All the other places and sites reporting this keep referencing TMZ as their source. And TMZ says that they have this secret special source that says she "failed miserably," yet provides no do***entation. In so many other instances of celebrities, they show us these super-secret, confidential do***ents, with multiple things blacked out of course, yet here, nothing.  Do you believe everything you see on Jerry Springer or Maury? Use your minds. Please. I have no personal interest in Ja'Mel Witt. I don't even know her. But I do know what happens when people jump to inaccurate conclusions, and the damage control that comes with it.

385 days ago


Shes going to start cooking that crack now.

374 days ago
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