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Kylie Jenner

Back on the Road

In Fresh New Benz

8/30/2013 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's only been 2 days since 16-year-old Kylie Jenner smashed her black Mercedes SUV into another car -- resulting in a 3-car chain collision -- but the little princess is already back on the road ... in a fresh new ride.

Whereas most girls her age would have to ride their bikes after totaling the only car they have, Kylie had a backup Benz ready to roll in L.A. today ... except this one is white. (Understandable. Gotta mix things up a little.)

The "69" t-shirt and super edgy weed socks were a nice touch.



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Her friend must be a SUPER idiot. Because I SURE AS HECK wouldn't get back in a car with a 16 who can't drive and just got in a wreck a few days ago!

416 days ago


Im pretty sure i seen a pic of khloe standing on that and kylies black g wAgon.. Its prob khloes car..

416 days ago


That's Lamar's car.....

416 days ago


Actually, that's Kris' G63, which Lamar happened to be driving at the time of the DUI, I guess...

416 days ago


In all seriousness, this family is disgusting...and is not worthy of any further press coverage. They are slimy parasites with nothing to offer to society.

They have had two patriarchs - the first who made his living getting criminals set free, including one who abused his wife for years until he murdered her and another innocent victim, and the second who, after achieving greatness as a young man, spent the rest of his life doing nothing...except transforming himself into a bitter lesbian. Way to show the kids a work ethic pops!

Add to that sh!tpile a golddigging wh0re of a mother who fathered one of them by cheating on her husband with a hairdresser...and who will whore out her daughters at any cost...and there you go - a clan of walking human garbage.

Your fame is fading Kim. The younger K wh0res are getting the limelight now...and you are fat. Time to suck some more D on camera and let it "slip out".

416 days ago


I'm just glad her parents are teaching her the value of taking care of her things. *Pfft*

416 days ago


In CA when you get your license under 18 it is provisional fir the first 12 months. That means you're only allowed to have siblings or adults over 25 as your passengers. So who is the blondie in the front seat? She is not a sinking and she doesn't look 25. Breaking the law again!

416 days ago


69 shirt? *7th graders giggling in the distance*

416 days ago


Put this 16 year old in a 1995 Honda Accord!

416 days ago


These people are trash.

416 days ago


They are rich and no morals

414 days ago


These girls whose family is 'really NOT THAT RICH' are developing BIG expensive tastes so they need to marry well or get creative with the sex tapes BECAUSE even the old folks are getting into the LUCRATIVE BUISNESS

414 days ago


& the kingdom shall fall.... This empire Kris has been building will start to crumble as the younger less fake kids show what really happens by living under the house of a narcissistic, manipulative mother.

413 days ago


What a stuck up little bitch brat! That's probably around 350,000 dollars she spent in a year for two vehicles. Disgusting! How about she writes that for a check to a childrens hospital! People with this type of money who spend it like water down the drain while people are dying of hunger. Disgusting the whole family are a bunch of lames who have absolutely no talent. Complaining about waking up early just to have people apply make up to you, and wear clothes that cost more than one would make in a week, and pose! Oh imagine the horror! **** these ugly slut bitches who spread there legs to everyone, including there queen slut mom with her affair and her sluttier spawn kim k. All there projects are ****! Who would buy a 60 shirt from sears? and that skank Kendall Jenner cant even do high fashion modeling only for her ex half brothers girlfriend, Avril Lavigne. How about you pay my college tuition bitches!

411 days ago

Rev. Patrick    

While i understand the frustration of seeing a 16 year old driving an automobile worth in excess of 125 thousand dollars, How can WE judge her parents when We have not been put in their shoes? We as outsiders see that the family is spinning out of control and that this young lady could be next to do so. So instead of bantering back and forth with sometimes smarmy comments why don't we all look away? If we all look away the fame they now have will fade and the family may be salvaged.
And one note here in direct defense of this 16 year old child who was in a wreck days after getting her DL..... How many of us know someone who wrecked any car at all within days or even months of getting that first taste of freedom? Lord knows i did. Granted it was a 1980 Dodge Colt that I bought myself for 500 bucks I made mowing lawns... but its the same thing folks. It was the car i had. And when my daughter turns 16 this December she will be handed the keys to a secret project I have been working on for her for two years... A Pink 1996 mitsubishi eclipse with brand new everything. im giving her that because its what i can afford, and if she wrecks it, as long as everyone is ok...its just a life lesson for her.
But thats just it... its what you can afford. I can afford the maybe 15 thousand in parts and my labor but Kris and Bruce can afford the 125 grand. Lets not hate. She is just a kid people.

411 days ago
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