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'Big Rich Texas' Star

to Aaryn Gries

Texans Are NOT Racist

8/31/2013 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


"Big Brother" star Aaryn Gries embarrassed the entire Lone Star state last night when she blamed her racist remarks from the show on growing up in Texas ... this according to "Big Rich Texas" star Bon Blossman.

In case you missed ... Aaryn was evicted from the "Big Brother" house Thursday night ... and told Julie Chen she's NOT a bigot, despite mocking Asians, putting down black people and calling a gay housemate "queer" during her stint inside the BB house.

Aaryn explained, "In Texas, we say things. Sometimes we joke and we don't mean it."

But according to Bon, Aaryn is talking out of her nicely-toned racist ass -- telling TMZ, "This is NOT how we were raised in Texas."

"I watched 'Big Brother' this season, and was embarrassed that [Aaryn] brought such negative attention to one of the most friendly, welcoming states in the United States."

She added ... "Aaryn's comments were an outrage," and ... "This type of behavior is not tolerated by anybody that I know ... and I was born and raised in Texas." 

Bon thinks what Aaryn really needs is some tough love, saying ... "We can't ignore behavior like that or she won't learn."

Since Aaryn made it to the "Big Brother" jury house, she's still sequestered from the outside world and doesn't know how big of a villain she's become. But it seems she's in for a rude awakening. 



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I dropped some FB friends from Texas because they were racist rednecks. After the Treyvon Martin case one posted a story about some black guy killing a white guy, and she gave a thumbs up to someone who commented "time to kill a ni**er". Then she tells everyone she's not racist. I know not all Texans are like that, but it's more prevalent than they'll admit. Aaryn's behavior is not an isolated incident.

427 days ago



427 days ago


She is lying

427 days ago


People need to leave this girl alone. Now comes some celebrirt who nobody cares about trying to get her free publicity from it. Young people who are not exposed to gays and other races probably DO often joke about what they are not heavily exposed to. Get over it! Aaryn is YOUNG. Yet this double standard goes on and on in the world where others are given a pass! Opportunistic nobody. Shut up. The girl is having a hard enough time. This public lynching is BULL****! Nobody who is pointing fingers is without fault in this world!

427 days ago


thruth is, the south is still very racist and segregated. sure in public, everyone is super nice to eachother, but behind closed doors its a different story. in the n.e., racism may be equally as bad, but ppl know where they stand. its out in the open.

427 days ago


some of her statements were wrong but calling a gay guy Queer? Heck they have tv shows with Queer in the name.

427 days ago


The black girl who was in the house was antagonistic as hell! Let's not give her a free pass either. She said PLENTY of nasty remarks. Double standards! Candice acted like a straight up narcissist the way she talked about herself! People get frustrated. Aaryn isn't the only one in the house who said nasty things. In his season Evel Dick told a girl he was going to rape her and burned another with a cigarette. Who complained then? Amanda said she wanted to hit somebody in the face with brass knuckles. Those things are WORSE!! Everybody in that house got annoyed and said improper things at some point! The gay guy as apologizing to the camera about using a slur last night! We live in a overly politically correct, judgmental society. Trayvon Martin was caught with burglary tools and a large stash of stolen women's jewelry and we all know he used racial slurs, but he is the hero and poster boy of the Liberals. Nobody is without sin. People fire back in heated moments and none of you are perfect. Far worse things like robbing homes go on but Libs choose to overlook it when they so choose.

427 days ago


To be fair, I don't think Aryan was saying if you're from Texas you're racist. I think she was saying if you're from Texas, you're just stupid.

427 days ago


Aaryn is really racist. She was saying racist things up until her eviction.. In fact hours before her eviction she said her favorite quip during her run in the house was saying about Helen "Go make me some rice" then denied ever saying it to Julie Chen. But the sad fact of the matter is and she said this herself, her parents will hire image consultants to make over her racist image and she herself will never see all these comments about her because she "has people" who will filter what she sees on the internet.. She'll never learn from this.. Now for those saying Gina Marie is just as bad I'll counter this.. Yes Gina Marie has said awful things and she has lost her job over this and her life will now be forever changed unless she wins but from what I've seen on the live feed of these 2 girls is that Aaryn is a truly hateful person and a true racist while Gina Marie is racist because she's ignorant and didn't have good role models in her life. Girl has never even read a book all the way through.. Still doesn't excuse her behavior at all but I believe she will learn from this experience and become a better person because of it.

427 days ago


The problem with being a "celebrity" is you're judged by every thought, every action, every joke and every comment. Anyone who claims to never have made a joke about Asians or blacks or gays is full of **** lying. Doesn't mean she's racist but it doesn't mean she's clever either. If you're on television, you can not be yourself which is why so many celebrities prefer to stay out of the limelight so they can be who they are behind closed doors.

427 days ago


Not only are they racist, though in fairness, so are a LOT of people and states, but the b.s. about Texas being one of the most welcoming states? OMG that is SO not true! I moved (am back out fortunately) there from a state north of them (aren't they ALL) and they call anyone who does not claim to be BORN there a 'yankee' and tell them to go home. These people are as far from welcoming as it gets!!

427 days ago


Being prejudice against any race, sex, sexual orientation, or even geographical demographic is narrow minded and ignorant.
If these stereotypical Texan comments are true--ALL Texans are racists except those of course who post at tmz--then they will welcome this woman home with open arms. So odd that those lumping all Texans or all southerners into ONE negative category are doing the exact same thing as a racist does against a race different from theirs.

427 days ago


Saying Texans aren't racist is just as dumb as saying Texans are racist. Racism exists in all states. Its individual people, not a geographic location. I've lived in different states (liberal and conservative) and have encountered racism and bigotry in all, but I'd never classify a whole state as such. Stupid.

427 days ago


She's yummy.

427 days ago


I found there to be more racism in Nevada then in Texas. Texas is a conservative state but most people are extremely polite. I see a lot of interracial couples here. As long as you work and pull your own weight there isn't much of a problem.

427 days ago
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