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Justin Bieber

Attacked at Nightclub

9/1/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber was bum rushed in a Canadian nightclub by an over eager partier who tried in vain to tackle him -- and TMZ has the pics.

It all went down at 3 am today at a Toronto nightclub. Sources on scene tell us JB left his safe VIP section to mingle with the regular folk -- and that's when a male clubgoer charged at him, got hold of his shirt (which he was wearing) and attempted to take him down, but failed.

Which makes sense ... have you seen Bieber's abs? Of course you have.

In the pics ... you can see security rushed in stat (below) and managed to pull the guy off Bieber -- successfully taking him to the ground. In the midst of the chaos we're told JB was seen trying to defend himself, unleashing a fury of kicks.  

The attacker was escorted out of the club. Police were never called.

JB and his crew also made a hasty retreat.


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A twelve year old girl could kick beavers ass.hes built like a stick figure

419 days ago


Uh, he wasn't "defending" himself...he was kicking a guy who was already the cowardly wigger thug he has become.

419 days ago


I'm no Bieber fan (perish the thought) but bum rushing the dude seems like too much.

And while Bieber is in Canada he should stay there (sorry Canadians)!

419 days ago


Is Jystin Bieber even old enough to be in a bar? Their liquor license should be revoked! Justin Bieber is a f$cktard!

419 days ago


I'm sure Justine didn't attempt to kick the guy till he knows we his bodyguards had a strong hold on him. At least he got tackled. What a great thing to happen for Americans on this labor day weekend.

419 days ago


Fury of kicks? Hahaha!

419 days ago


Is the attacker accepting donations? Because I wanna donate my house to this saint!

419 days ago


TOLD YOU GUYS.......people keep saying "deport him back to Canada"...I keep saying no ...guys here don't put up with little punk wannabes. .......and look at what he's wearing...a freakin HAT a club....on backwards like he's trying to look "cool". Betcha he was wearing sunglasses too at one point. You know you're a tool when you have the same style as The Situation...LOL.

419 days ago


Good the little freak will never be able to mingle like a normal person in this world. Everyone will want to kick his ass every time he leaves the "VIP" area.
Some day he will get his big time!

419 days ago


DAMN I got so excited when I read that headline. Why do you have to tease us TMZ. Seriously I thought he was really attacked but sadly nothing serious happened to him. Now don't get me wrong I don't want him like INJURED no but a little beating, bitch slap well that he deserves. Picture Cher in Moonstruck but a lot harder and a few more times LOL "Snap outta of it!" Yup that's what JB needs hee hee

419 days ago


Instant Karma!

419 days ago


Was his fudge packing boyfriends lil twisted or tyler the queerbater therr to protect him??

419 days ago


I'm just surprised he didn't spit on him.

419 days ago

The Zombie    

I'm sure the little puss was saved by his body guards.

419 days ago


I saw this coming a long time ago. When you wear your pants so low how the heck do you figure you can defend yourself...and when you live your life being rude and crude to people, you better know you will offend some ppl and they'll take you on. I'm Canadian and I can tell you we don't love him or make excuses for him at all, so need to apologize to us for calling him what he is. He will need to grow up, or fall down..up to him.

419 days ago
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