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Justin Bieber

Attacked at Nightclub

9/1/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber was bum rushed in a Canadian nightclub by an over eager partier who tried in vain to tackle him -- and TMZ has the pics.

It all went down at 3 am today at a Toronto nightclub. Sources on scene tell us JB left his safe VIP section to mingle with the regular folk -- and that's when a male clubgoer charged at him, got hold of his shirt (which he was wearing) and attempted to take him down, but failed.

Which makes sense ... have you seen Bieber's abs? Of course you have.

In the pics ... you can see security rushed in stat (below) and managed to pull the guy off Bieber -- successfully taking him to the ground. In the midst of the chaos we're told JB was seen trying to defend himself, unleashing a fury of kicks.  

The attacker was escorted out of the club. Police were never called.

JB and his crew also made a hasty retreat.


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Just My Opinion    

Is that Justin in the tighty whities ? Wow, talk about pants on the ground. What kind of club was that? LOL

232 days ago


Attacked at Nightclub ......................HAHAHAHAHA

232 days ago


You bet they scrammed. He is not old enough to be in a Toronto drinking establishment. And what is it with people who have to be jealous of Bieber. If you don't like him or his music, then don't, but putting your hands on anyone out of jealousy is weak and lame.

232 days ago


I hope he didn't breaka nail!!

232 days ago


Your own countrymen can't stand you, you little douche!

232 days ago

Baby pink    

"You're not suppose to hit/attack or lay a hand on a Woman"!!

232 days ago

Conspired BS    

Lololololololololololololololol awe man haahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaahaa

232 days ago


so the little puke is back in the news

232 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Pix1: Confirmed sissy. Wait's till the perp is subdued by bodyguard then goes in for the stomp while camera's flash. tsk tsk tsk

Pix2: Hits panic button app on iPhone with big scurdy eyes.

232 days ago


He's like a little kitten when it gets a fright. Tiny little fists or fingers all over the place. Which leads in to the story behind why his pants are usually low to indicate that he might want a creeper any creeper to play finger hockey in his little arse ring.

232 days ago


UGH! Justin Bieber! GO AWAY, PLEASE!!!!

232 days ago


Such a bunch of sad little haters on here.

232 days ago

John T.    

He is only brave as long as he has body guards beside him. Alone this bag of bones couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. Karma will get him sooner or later, one day he will be alone and someone will put this punks light out. My 15 yr old son has a better body he is built like a little girl. He is gut less.

232 days ago


all of you are a bunch of ****ing idiots i s2fg you have no valid reason to even dislike justin. Justin has done nothing to you sad individuals. 1. he didn't spit on anyone stop hearing it from your gullible little friends and stop believing TMZ. the picture was fake. 2. now im not gonna sit here and say you guys are hating justin because you're jealous like thats invalid you guys hate him because everyone else does. you wanna join the bandwagon or maybe because u hear about him so much its become an annoyance. YOU GUYS ONLY HEAR NEGATIVE FAKE **** ABOUT JUSTIN. YOU NEVER HEAR ALL THE GOOD HES DONE. HES MADE MORE MAKE A WISHES TO ANY OTHER CELEBRITY TO THIS DAY HES VISITED SICK CHILDREN IN THE HOSPITAL NUMEROUS TIMES HIS CONCERT EARNINGS GO TO ****IGN CHARITIES AND WHAT ABOUT YOU?? EXACTLY JUST SITTING HERE COMMENTING ABOUT A KID THATS DONE MORE AT HIS AGE THAN YOU EVER WILL AND IM NOT EVEN A ****IGN BELIEBER BUT I AM A FAN WHO KNOWS ALL THE POSITIVE THINGS HES DONE. now you can act like oh this girl is crazy defending this bieber kid she must be a belieber like i said im not but i really like him because he's done so much good no one even knows about because theyre so much focused on the negative **** and most of it isnt even legit like im so done. ****ing done. the media has officially destroyed the poor young man. yeah i said it YOUNG MAN. hes a ****ing adult now. when u hear justin bieber u hear "baby" and that high pitched voice ALL OF YOU MOTHER****ERS HAD BEFORE PUBERTY. done so long.

232 days ago


Whether you like him or not what is the point of the nasty comments some of you people make. And the sad part is most of you are grown.

232 days ago
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