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Lamar Odom

Calls Party Buddy

'Groupie, Junkie, Crack Head'

8/31/2013 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom went after his drug enabler with a vengeance, calling the woman a "groupie junkie" and "crack head" ... and he did it while Khole Kardashian was breathing down his neck.

TMZ has seen text messages between Lamar and Polina Polonsky, an attorney who Lamar stayed with during the last few months ... partying with him while he was doing crack.

We've learned on July 13, Khloe confronted Lamar at a downtown L.A. motel, where he was holed up with the woman and doing drugs.  In an effort to save her husband, Khloe practically manhandled him out of the room and back to their home.

Once home ... Lamar started texting Polina right in front of Khloe, telling Polina he had "f**ked up."  Polina responded by saying, "You're corny."  Lamar -- standing next to his furious wife -- then fired his salvo, texting Polina, "Groupie junkie ... crack head." 
Lamar went on, "U might want to b careful.  Narcs know.  They have footage, audio n pics."

Polina responded, "Stay in your lane."  He fired back, "4real  Know where u work  U live  Ur parents."

Although Khloe was aware for 2 years that Lamar was addicted to drugs ... our sources say Khloe became convinced on the day the texts were sent that crack was Lamar's overriding problem.

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Why aren't the texts posted?

421 days ago

(◉_◉) Brush Your Teeth (◉_◉)    

Lamar's Pu$$y whipped.

By Godzilla.

421 days ago

liberal racist    

why would sasquash want to stay with that goon?

421 days ago


pimp mamak threatening him his career his livelihood.that woman scarier than north korea's leader

421 days ago


why cant tmz keep who're sites off

421 days ago


I wonder how much TMZ is getting paid by Kris Jenner to ruin Lamar's life? The worst thing that Lamar could have done to himself was get involved with this family. I like Khloe but she will never break away from her mother, so Lamar needs to get himself together and move on.

421 days ago


Kris & Harvey go along way from back in da day . She's trying to ruin lamar since he hurt her daughter. Kris Jennee watch that evil eye #kARMA

421 days ago


So.....it's been none other than Ms. Polina feeding the public with Lamar and Khloe's marital issues! Beware of a scorned woman! Get over it Polina, he went back to his wife and dumped ur junkie self. You don't have to smear him like this.

421 days ago


Tmz is a joke

421 days ago


It's really sad that instead of trying to help their supposed "drug-addicted" family member, these people are more concerned with saving their brand. Not that I actually believe Lamar is a crack junkie, but if this is what being rich and famous does to people, I seriously hope to be poor and obscure for the rest of my life.

421 days ago

Mary P    

This story just unravels farther and farther the more TMZ posts. Worst of all, the fact they call Lamar a hardcore crack addict with not a single person on his team ever noticing and passing all his drugs tests during the time she claims he was "hardcore"... the team also administers their own testing as well as the MLB if they so choose. You think it's "coincidence" the LA Times "reporter" releases the pics, the same day Lamar gets arrested, gets a "visit from the NBA" drug helpers *and* these texts come to light?

Thou doth protest too much Kris - you overplayed your hand. Have fun with the fallout. All you managed to do is make people hate you guys more and pity Lamar.

421 days ago


Poor khloe

421 days ago


These stories are getting ridiculous by the minute...It's so very obvious that TMZ is working with KKK's PR..with these stupid lies... and they are our to ruin L.O.... Khloe is seriously scorned because L.O. cheated on her.. I do believe that happened..and everything else is the KKK's way of showing revenge... of course they're going to slander this girl also...next thing we're going to hear is that she's a drug dealer...better yet a prostitute pretending to be a lawyer... I think the KKK's have gone too far this time..and TMZ.. you guys are real douche bags for sucking up to these people - ruining someone's privacy.
Isn't it interesting these stories didn't break on TMZ until after KJ stupid show finished...interesting..
Pure BS!!! Lamar if I was your friend - I'd tell you to leave this family as soon as possible..you need do need help - but you're not going to get here in this envoirnment - especially not your privacy to handle your matters... You need real help man... and the revenge of the KKK's is stooping low..it's only gonna get worse - with these crazy stupid articles KMZ is going to display... and you call this TMZ sports... paleeze...

421 days ago


Fix this site!!!

421 days ago


Yeah right it sounds like ugly khloe was texting her husbands new girlfriend from his phone.. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out. KMZ just stop.. Nobody believes this stuff if their partially intelligent and khloe is obviously trying to ruin the man. She's bitter cause he left her for that cute girl who is an attorney. Khloe has no real career or talent and is a chunky ugly bitter person

421 days ago
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