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Kanye West

Paid Millions to Perform

In Borat Land

9/1/2013 12:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901_kanye_Kazakhstan_gettyKanye West raked in MILLIONS of dollars this weekend to play a gig in ... wait for it ... waaaaait for it ... KAZAKHSTAN!!! Very nice.

Our Central Asian sources tell us ... Kanye was invited by President Nursultan Nazarbayev to perform at his grandson's wedding Saturday night in Almaty at the Hotel Royal Tulip. Very nice.

We're told Kanye was paid a hefty sum -- in the neighborhood of $3 mil -- to perform his big hits, including "Can't Tell Me Nothing". One of the wedding guests posted this video of KW on stage.

FYI -- Kazakhstan's prez is reportedly worth billions, and is considered by some to be an ardent dictator who rigs elections. In 2011, Sting backed out of a paid gig for Nazarbayev due to alleged mistreatment of oil workers in the country. Not so nice.

OTHER FACTS ABOUT KAZAKHSTAN: Sacha Baron Cohen did NOT invent it for "Borat." It was once part of the Soviet Union. Its currency is a Tenge. Oil and livestock are a pretty big deal.


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Well now he can buy kim 4 more gold toilets valued at 850k each so she can have golden bowel movements like sadam hussien did with his gold and marble toilets.
i swear if knaye didnt have the money he has.. i bet my life on it she would have never got pregnant by him and would have waited for any other man with that kind of money to impregnate her..

388 days ago


kris jenners talk show was cancelled friday..

387 days ago


good thing he made three million dollars cus god forbid tmz post the new news that kris jenners talk show was cancelled.. why wont tmz post kris jenner failed and her show got cancelled. ?

387 days ago


Performers will sing and preform for anyone, anywhere to make a million. But Kayne is not much better than this dictator.

387 days ago


and soooo funny how on wednesday it was known kris jenners show will be cancelled and will be announced on friday. and just as its being announced that her show cancelled.. a new post comes out that kris and her husband made a sex tape?? like si everyone suppose to be interested in a husband and wife pushing 6o years old having asex in a video.. we all wanna hear kris jenner got cancelled and axed so we dont have to listen to any of her garbage crap she spins. like really who the hell wants to look at a woman near ^60... having sex with that old man. kris do anything to stay in media but thats sick to try to use a sex tape now of an old grandma battle axe whose show got cancelled friday you wont post but post lamar in a cab lamar in blockbuster .. give it up kriss jenner sucks and as soon as u disasociate you self from her business the more sponsors you will get to support tmz and its fees with ads.

and you are still selling baby kimye tshirts on tmz store. who the hell is buying that and who is keeping or getting money from those kimye shirts you are asking people to buy?

387 days ago


Did anyone really expect Kanye to have morals and refuse a paycheck because humanitarian concerns?

387 days ago


He's probably so happy to get as many gigs as far away as he can possibly be on the planet from the the K's and Knorth. He is such a loose cannon I can't imagine what he'd do if they tried to do to him what they're doing to Lamar Odom. He'd probably murder them all.

387 days ago


To Quiet- When no talent exists - sex tape time🚽😝. Paychogranny and tan mom should do a three way w the biebs! I hear Ching$$$ Ching! Love love love that you brought up those ludricous kimye shirts- who would be sporting those around LA nite life- oh wait !..Halloween is around the corner!

387 days ago


So he dances like an idiot in front of a his buddies

387 days ago


The Jenner's have an enormous estate. Very interesting that when his mother came to visit,
they stuck her in a local hotel. Speaks volumes,
doesn't it?

387 days ago

*_* JUST A FRIEND *_*     

...Kanye-Kardashian is just another plutocratic-elitist,with no sense of morality...!!! TESTIFY !!! SHINE FOREVER !!!

387 days ago

Robert Thor    

Why doesn't more people care about this. Actually the Prez had murdered thousands of people. Yet TMZ you are harder on Lamar Odom than Kanye. seriously, this is messed up!! all these artists play for these mass murderers. And then the next week, you praise them on their yachts and with their bags of cash. Nice message for youth. no ethics, just money. USA USA USA! for once, call them out to their face! nothing funny about this.

387 days ago


Maybe we'll be lucky & they will keep his dumb ass over there...

387 days ago


Kanye, ... all about fighting the power!!! Way to stand up for those less fortunate. Kanye, nothing more than a PIG in pearls.

387 days ago


For the right payday, this guy would preform at a clan rally.

387 days ago
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