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Gospel Duo Mary Mary

Accused of Stiffing Manager

... Making God Sad

9/1/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What would Jesus say? Gospel duo Mary Mary enlisted a manager to revamp their careers, then screwed him over as soon as they made it big again ... at least according to a new lawsuit.

Maximum Artist Group  -- owned by manager Mitchell Solarek -- filed a federal lawsuit in Tennessee against Mary Mary, aka Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell.

In docs, Mitchell says he inked a deal with the duo in 2011 and helped "reignite" their career ... securing deals worth over $3 million, including their WeTV reality show.

In return, Mitchell says the Christian singers went all Judas on him -- publicly firing him on their TV show, and withholding more than $75,000 in commissions.

Mitchell is suing for all that dough, and the loss of future commissions from music, merchandising, books and sponsorships.

Now here's Mitch before the axe came down ...


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Man, dat's how we do it. Jesus our Father God wanted us be makin' dough. TMZ's hatin' cuz we makin' it rain. Praise to our Lord Jesus, we be stompin' on da haterz and keep been reigning'... make it rain baby, make it rain.

386 days ago


Mitchell the might

386 days ago

BB not bb    

They might have played him. The fact that they asked him to meet with them while they were getting their make-up done after he hopped a plane to see them, and then suddenly asking him to stay the day, was like they were testing him to see if he would just blindly trust them. You get that with so-called Christians a lot, they want you to think they are holy on face value, then they just treat you any way they feel like it or take advantage of you.

I don't know why they think they don't have to pay the guy what they owe him. He seems sincere like he was really working hard to help them. I really don't think they are even interesting enough on their own to make it without a good manager. Maybe their success went to their head.

He should have written the contracts so that he got paid first. They just wanted to see how far they could string him along. He trusted them maybe because they said they were Christian. People take advantage of that title all the time.

386 days ago

Not So Ignorant    

Oh man a lying Christian, I've never seen one of those before.

386 days ago


Gospel Duo Mary Mary
Accused of Stiffing Manager
... Making God Sad.....................MONEY TALKS

386 days ago


Since we really don't know what is really going on here between the three other than what we see on television I would just say that he seemed to be a bit of a pain to them. However, in my opinion he is a pain worth having because this man worked tirelessly on their behalf, he thoroughly understood them and the business they are in and was nothing but beneficial to them and their careers.

Why they would release him is really on them but at least pay the guy fair is fair they would not really have all they had right now without his know how. God gave us all common sense but it seems they are just using their Christianity while forgetting about the other rules of God like do unto to others as you would have them do unto you.

Just like God blessed them to make it to the top they could be right back down with nothing just look at one of them with the cheating spouse and one of her closest friends. God gives us challenges and we must trust in him and hold onto to our faith but we must do the work to receive his blessings, it seems they are doing the work just not for God because this is not how you treat people. It seems Mary Mary is turning into Scary Scary.

386 days ago


This is why a lot of people don't go to church. They do just what the so call sinners do, but they just will say its from GOD! They got the Tv show, Tight clothes,Make up,the cussing the wholt 9 yards all in Jesus Name. Just can't trust nothing or believe in nobody who always cover their madness with just saying In Jesus name. I'm not judging, but just saying...

386 days ago


I hope something can be worked out. Not a good look for the girls or Mitch.

386 days ago


Mary , Mary should take heed, What goes around, comes around. Pay the man and you go your way and he will go his.

Having all those kids will keep your pockets short but that does not give you the right to cheat people out of their hard earned $.

Last but not lease, close your legs to your cheating husbands and God does not like ugly.

Go Get It (Mitch's $)

386 days ago


I knew they was fake they put on a BIG front like they so holy when they are sneaky women

386 days ago


Most of the people I have met, that attend church regularly every Sunday, do it for ONE reason. And that is because they HAVE to...... You see, they spend the other 6.5 days a week ****ting on everybody left, right and center. Whenever I hear someone say "God Bless" on their answering machine or voice mail, I prepare myself to get royally screw*d!! They are the biggest thieves and liars ever! They go to church on Sunday to be exonerated (at lest they think they are) for all the stuff they do the rest of the week!

386 days ago


In all honesty, I have no idea who these women are. So, they ain't ballin yet! And the're already giving themselves a bad name in the industry, for cheating people out of they're hard earned money. And ladies, put down the Big Mac's and get on Jenny Craig or sumpin!

386 days ago


Mary Mary why you buggin?

386 days ago


I bet it was more Tina than Erica. For some reason, Tina thinks the world & everybody in it revolves around her & what she says goes. From what I saw on the show, Mitch had started calling her out & she couldn't handle it, therefore one of them had to go....unfortunately, it was the one who insured she got paid. I hope she knows God don't like ugly & he ain't fond of cute.

386 days ago


Do they think this is WJWD?

386 days ago
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