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Dave Chappelle

Hartford Crowd Was Evil, White

I Wanted to Pull a 'Reverse Kramer'

9/4/2013 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0904_dave_chappelle_article_tmzDave Chappelle is lashing out about the people who heckled him in Hartford, CT last week ... calling the crowd a bunch of "young, white alcoholics" and saying he wanted to pull a "reverse Kramer."

Chappelle took the stage at a show in Chicago last night ... and immediately went off on Hartford -- where he engaged in a nasty stand-off with the crowd after several loudmouthed fans heckled him during his set.

"I don't want anything bad to happen to the United States," Chappelle said ... "but if North Korea ever drops a nuclear bomb on this country, I swear to God I hope it lands in Hartford, Connecticut."

Chappelle then called the crowd "evil" ... and described them as a bunch of "young, white alcoholics."

"I wanted to pull a reverse Kramer and call them all crackers or something crazy like that."

Chappelle was obviously referring to the TMZ footage of Michael Richards during his insane N-bomb tirade at the Laugh Factory back in 2006.

In the end, Dave says the crowd in Hartford was lucky to see him "freak out" that night -- explaining, "That s**t's like being at a f**king tiger show the night Sigfried and Roy got their throats bit out by the tiger ... you don't go to see somebody be safe."



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Now Chappelle is playing the race card. Maybe he should take responsibility for the fact that he wasn't funny. I'm curious what he would've said if the hecklers had been Black. Besides, if I wanted to pay to see someone stand on stage and say stupid sh*t and expect laughs from the lowest common denominator audience, I would see Katt Williams tired unfunny performance.

383 days ago


Why was the color of their skin relevant?

383 days ago


Dear Chappell

STFU then FU then go to...h..e..double hockey sticks. If this is what you think stop taking their money!

By the way Chappell that is not funny and I hope someone that was stuck in your **** tunnel sues your ass wouldn't that be a giggle!

383 days ago

Double Bubble    

Look at all you retards jumping on the racist bandwagon now just because of something a comedian said..Dave Chappelle is without a doubt the funniest comedian out there, He makes fun of EVERYONE of any color.. Its a sad fkn day when Dave Chappelle cant be himself and say whats on his mind.. He's about the only one left who still has a sense of humor about things and can turn something bad into something funny.

383 days ago


White people always get sensitive when they get called out for all the bull **** they do. Did anyone else complain during the tour? I'm from Connecticut and we had riots at DMB shows a few years back. Some white dudes get to rowdy tailgating and **** and do stupid ****. It is what it is. It's hard doing stand up as it is let alone when you got drunk ****s shouting old Rick James jokes at you

383 days ago


I'm pretty sure the man who wrote most of Chapelle's material is a white man. I have also read that Chapelle isn't that natually funny, and needs a writer and some structure to be funny. Chapelle show was hilarious. His standup isn't even close. You are the man on stage, own the place, or let someone better qualified take your job. Letting the audience rule you is a sign of a bad comedian.

383 days ago

South Beach    

Daves never been the same since he snapped and jumped on the crazy train. Looks like it's official. He's done.

383 days ago


Dude looks and talks like he has been hitting the crack pipe too much. Such a talent-such a waste.

383 days ago


All these ignorant racist douchebags on here... White and black. Nice to know that MLK died for nothing.

383 days ago


Chappelle is just driving nails into his own coffin. I hope he hasn't spent all of his old shows money.

383 days ago


So it's okay for an african american guy to call white people "crackers". People needs to stop looking at people's skin color and judging them by it. It really is sad to see it in the media all the time.

383 days ago


Disgusting, very racist comments. He wasn't joking here.

383 days ago


thats racist lets tar and feather him like aaryn

383 days ago

Scott Levy    

Wow, such a racist slimeball.

383 days ago


Soooo you use one man's racist comments as an excuse to let your racist comments come out......... Just a racist black man .....

383 days ago
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