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Tommy Morrison

Death Certificate

No Mention Of AIDS

9/5/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905-tommy-morrison-certificate-doc-tmzBoxing champ Tommy Morrison -- who starred in "Rocky 5" -- died from a blood infection ... so says his death certificate which contains no mentions of either HIV or AIDS, TMZ has learned.

According to his death certificate, filed in Nebraska, the 44-year-old died from cardiac arrest ... stemming from a blood infection known as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Septicemia.

FYI -- back in 1996, Morrison announced he had contracted the HIV virus ... but later recanted and questioned if the disease even existed in the first place.

According to the death certificate, Morrison's body was cremated. An autopsy was not performed.

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413 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

I never knew he was a real boxer. Just thought he was a bad actor in the movie but now makes a little more sense. Probably because I don't watch boxing. UFC!!! Now if he was a URC fighter I'd known him. To bad he croaked guess he wasn't a bad guy, wasn't all over the news doing stupid crap I've seen.

413 days ago


Omfg, you idiots at TMZ... No one actually dies from AIDS, its usually Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Septicemia that takes someone... ****ing read a book

413 days ago


The title of this article is stupid. I guess that's what happens when you hire idiots as "journalists"

413 days ago


Without his T Cell count and viral load count, we will never know the truth. However, the fact that he died of this "blood infection" confirms it to me that it's a great possibility that he died of AIDS because this is very common in HIV/AIDS patients.

413 days ago

Mick Kahler    

Hey pinheads! You don't die from AIDS. You die from what the virus does to the immune system. When your body cannot fend off infections due to HIV, then you can die from those infections.

413 days ago


i suspect whoever wrote this article will die of stupidity.

413 days ago


Sad, 44 is much too young. Also, sad he had HIV or AIDS, its a very tough way to go out so I have read. Awful story all the way around.

413 days ago


I just googled him and some say he died Monday, and his wife said it's a lie, that he is still alive! WTF! Is he dead or not?

413 days ago

King Anton    

So not one racist comment on this matter? Oh come on u racist f*** lets hear you're crap now (hand to the ear)!!!

413 days ago


HIV/AIDS most certainly would be listed on the death certificate if that was the contributing cause of death. Everyone who is up in arms about AIDS not being the primary cause of death is correct - it is generally the diseases AIDS patients contract and cannot fight off that is fatal. There's nothing weird about him not having an autopsy because he died in a hospital, presumably, under a doctor's care. Unless the doctors had no idea why he was ill, an autopsy isn't needed. The fact that there's no mention of HIV or AIDS on his death certificate doesn't mean Morrison didn't have it. A coroner is often an elected official, not a medical doctor. In some cases they simply ask the attending doctor what the cause of death was and call it a day. People would be surprised how un-CSI like and unthorough death investigations are, especially in small towns.

413 days ago


I would treat this information with a bit of skepticism. Most of the reports refrained from declaring this a "died of AIDS" scenario -- which means they're on the run, not able to claim what they had been prepared to claim. So to avoid reporting that it was an induced coma, and two days later he died of respiratory, metabolic and organ failure, they are spreading this rumor about "septicemia" or some such nonsense. A death certificate is not an autopsy, and by the way, an autopsy may well have been performed. These things are often misreported. Keep checking for information. The truth refuses to die.

413 days ago


He didn't look Haitian.

413 days ago


There are numerous side-effects and co-morbid conditions that go alongside with HIV/AIDS. Too numerous to list. Very often the cause of death is listed as such.

413 days ago


Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Septicemia is a very common reason for death for those who have AIDS. It is a common complication for those that are immune suppressed, so unless this guy had cancer and was undergoing chemo, he died of AIDS related complications.

412 days ago
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