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Tommy Morrison

Death Certificate

No Mention Of AIDS

9/5/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905-tommy-morrison-certificate-doc-tmzBoxing champ Tommy Morrison -- who starred in "Rocky 5" -- died from a blood infection ... so says his death certificate which contains no mentions of either HIV or AIDS, TMZ has learned.

According to his death certificate, filed in Nebraska, the 44-year-old died from cardiac arrest ... stemming from a blood infection known as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Septicemia.

FYI -- back in 1996, Morrison announced he had contracted the HIV virus ... but later recanted and questioned if the disease even existed in the first place.

According to the death certificate, Morrison's body was cremated. An autopsy was not performed.

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331 days ago


I was incarcerated with Morrison in Texarkana, Arkansas for a year and I can promise you two things. 1. He most certainly had HIV. 2. He was a complete narcissistic whack job.

310 days ago


Who Cares??

197 days ago


Well magic johnson alive he takes beta gluten and herbal products,,even morrison wife say he had no aids also he has sons not listed in his wikkipedia and imdb...he was on carson daily while back...he did fight overseas they confirmed he had no aids...also his wife confirmed he had some type of rare illness known as greys adison disease,,he said magic might had it,,see this kind not contagoius ya..magic johnson seems cured his wife has no aids and also his kids plus all the women thy have no aids,,morrison kids dont have aids nore do his wife...also magic johnson played basketball with the illness ,,this was not fair to tommy morrison he should of been able to fight either way...aids has been cured in mississippi and california in babies cases...also overseas been cures with bone marrow transplants and new stuff there was guy that had it in the uk he dont have it anymore...also aids can be cured with a rare plant in africa a shaman stated at the united nations its so rare he says illness was wiped out long ago...he says the plant so rare...magic johnson use to promote immutol beta gluten its a type of cure used overseas with other herbal stuff he took...you can notice ryan white died of it,,michael jackson and elton john spent millions to get him cured he got it from a blood transfusion...freddy mercury they claim died of aids but all the folks with him had no aids,,he dated princess diana,also the woman he gave everything to got tested she has no aids,,also all his gay lovers had no aids,,one of his gay lover died at age of 90 in ireland he said before he died that freddy mercury had no aids was something else,,he claims he did not get it...maybe its the kind you cant spread it somewhat like cause magic johnson his wife and kids has no aids nore the women he been with...he procaim to been cured also but he still take the pills with his herbal stuff,,,if you look no one has outlived magic johnson....you have be careful on blood transfusions and transplants....its said that white pure race women in ireland and scotland cant get it cause they not mixed there cells are different its like 10% in the world immune to it...apes-monkeys are immune to aids it cant hurt them...i member pat robertson the preacher on tv said long ago on tv that the government made aids it was a germ warfare illness created...well you can look it up on rare illnesses and also its medicines overseas they are testing out not in the usa....tommy morrison got tested in japan did not have it also fought in other places before he died...his son now going fight in the ring now to honor his dad,,tommy agent trying to help him he said going take fights and wins to get title shots....he has a book 2 of them and a third not out yet i believe his wife will release soon...he was owed 40 million i read had a contract seem he was setted up if he had kept his title and beated that guy then took lenox lewis on when he had the wba title he would of unified the title i bet they would never said he had aids it might been mistake like hollifield they thought he had heart trouble he did not and benny hinn acted like he healed him and gave money..the doctors rechecked hollifield said hollifield was ok had not heart trouble was a mistake...las vegas told morrison they would of checked him again to confirm a mistake he should of got it done,,but he told carson daily he was tested 5 times by some boxing agency they said he had no aids or hiv....look at youtube carson daily interview tommy morrison i think on there...well he took herbs and stuff ...way he died he might had cancer cause ya notice how patrick swayze died was strange....i member in nba players did not want to play ball with magic johnson big stars back then in the late 80s no one knew what it was...too me the media and government seem not care on a cure for it they want make money on treatments,,they got the science to cure anything with the human genom they could make a vaccine even end death ,,they mark the strand and blott it out,,,we would keep on living,,they could increase our immune system and we could regenerate like sponges do they never die...trees live long...its science overseas that say they can increase life to 150 yrs they say in few years to 300 yrs then later on to 1000 yrs they have vaccine you take it cost money to get the guy was on late night with leno a few years ago...human genom the genom is unlocked its the key to everything like a book of life look on youtube on it this only thing that bill clinton did that was good....well bringers of dawn claims they 7000 times advance and have cures for everything and that god hatton is the lord and the robotoids are the big head aliens like fallen angels...god has hosts and angels and armies see book of enoch on youtube and bringers of dawn on youtube...God is at war with the robotoids,,god has over 200 allies,,,robotoids have some allies but they in war with other beings....enoch vision proves life on moon and mars and other places...There people on earth that can heal folks and make illness vanish like voodoo,santeria,shamans,witch doctors and seers-others that have the gift of healings.....Ya seen folks out grow illness like asthma,allkinds of stuff....just like valerie harper shes seem cured the doctors full of **** but they sure stole her money she use be worth 260... million now she barely got 25 million left wtf....in japan and china they have new treatments they use western and eastern together with yin and yang they have new stuff there,,in germany there a vaccine that kills allkinds of germs...its cures they say in india and other places not told on usa media...in uk they say cir***cised mens cant get aids its mandotory to have it done there they dont tell folks in the usa of this...they have public baths overseas also ....also i read rice electromagnet healing cures many illness the scientologists uses this type to heal there people of allkinds of illnesses....vitamin o seems to cure and heal many people its patent,,,collidial silver,collidial gold kills aids viruses in high doses there proof these antobotics use to be used in old days before penicillians its in the government health records...youtube and internet like web md and stuff you can look stuff up also there holy sites overseas that people claim are cured like loudres,france 1 in 70 are healed by the waters...

114 days ago
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