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A$AP Rocky Fan

'He Slapped The HELL Outta Me!'

9/6/2013 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A$AP Rocky hasn't had the decency to call the woman he allegedly slapped during a concert  ... and she tells TMZ she wants to nail him in criminal court.

Lisa Wade --a self-described fan of A$AP -- called in to "TMZ Live" and gave the blow-by-blow ... which she says was a brutal, unprovoked attack.

Wade says A$AP was walking through a surging crowd of people when he hauled off and smacked her ... HARD.

A$AP's been charged with criminal battery.

It's unclear if he intended to hit Wade.  Listen and judge for yourself.


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I never trust a hoe who takes a photo "duck facing" and "chuckin deuces"....bitch can't be original in a photo, let alone her statements.

415 days ago


Thirsty ass biotch wanting some attention. Good, he smacked her!

415 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

you guys talk about smacking a woman. Your trash, he's trash. And to smack is such a girlie bltch thing to do. Be a man.. go toe to toe with a man and swing face to face. Stop being punks.
Where I come from you don't hit women. And if you see a man hit a woman you give that man a beatin. Ive seen friend beat down another friend over hitting a woman. You don't do it.

415 days ago



415 days ago


Call George Zimmerman.

415 days ago

Knock Biebers Face In. lil Puke    

Hang them both and move on. "F'ing problems" solved for the world. See what I just did there?

I wonder if she is related to D Wade? She looks a little black in that picture.

She is suing as all she was trying to do is get close enough to give him a BJ, and he slapped her. Usually she gets slapped after the BJ.

Sorry TMZ I already have a day job.

415 days ago

baby eli    

She is a liar. ..all she wants is money. .she is a fake...try to be all gangster here

415 days ago


You sue him sweetheart. You take that useless no talent thug for as much as you can. Since you appear to have no skills or talent of your own you better save every dime for the lack of future you are going to have. Ahh the American path off success..sue someone ...make the bloodsucking lawyers richer....

415 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Now I see why and I really can't be mad at the rapper.
He no doubt was frightened to hell by her ugggggly ass face. Add in the fuqued up lips and idiot hand crap and I can see why he would want to get away from A$AP.

415 days ago


Throw signs and show duck face, yeah, you're gonna get slapped. I support A$AP.

415 days ago


I was about a foot from ASAP as he was walking through the crowd. He had a bunch of security and he seemed happy. He was trying to show his fans love since he was late. Why choose to walk directly through the middle of the 2 Chainz crowd with a bunch of security if he knew he could get aggressive? As he was walking through the crowd he was talking/saying hi to fans. He had plenty of security to protect him, why would he of slapped her on purpose, or even "shooed" her away. Someone else in the crowd probably slapped her. I almost got into about 10 fights during that festival because of young, belligerent young adults like her.

415 days ago


She sounds believable. Put the thug in jail.

415 days ago


Another thirsty white chick trying to get her 15 minutes of Fame! Like all the scary movies the dumb blonde always runs towards chaos and confusion! Hundreds or people pushing and pulling on him and you go towards him! Stupid A$$ Lisa Wade you have been called out on Bull Shid!

415 days ago


She's a BMD what did she expect?

415 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I'm with Robin comment #1. Bitch looks a little long in the tooth to be doing that adolescent puff lips two finger sign picture, thinking she's all cool and young looking. Bitch you're blonde. Take a good look at that boy. That's the draw, girl. He slapped you because that's how he feels about you. Take a hint.

415 days ago
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