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Simon Cowell

Marriage Talk

Makes Me LMAO

9/10/2013 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090913_simon_cowell_launch_v3Simon Cowell might be over the shock of becoming a father, at 53, but his reaction to possibly getting married on top of that is down right hysterical -- as in ... "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Simon called in to "TMZ Live" to discuss a possible marriage to baby mama Lauren Silverman -- and his feelings about creating his own little Mini-Me.

Simon boasted ... "If it's a boy, then there will be another me on this earth for many, many more years to come."

As for his reaction to the news he'd knocked up Lauren ... "Gulp!"

But you gotta see Simon's response to the marriage question. Classic ... bachelor.



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This could be one for Maury, "Simon you are Not the Father"

353 days ago


HE Will Marry HER and SHE Will Divorce HIM and Start Collecting...............$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

353 days ago


Him and those tight tshirts are ridiculous. The guy is so self absorbed its really not healthy.

353 days ago


Simon we all know you won't can't do the right thing....guttersnipe.

353 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

when in reality this lame asz loser is probably only missing hot sweaty sex with that young stud david archuletta right now... they hide it so well, the noble british, don't they?

353 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

just wait for the sextapes to start releasing. then mr 'american idol's going to be looking real wasted and washed up. no more million dollar haircut. lol xDD

353 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

lol, probably one of the creepy asz sex maniacs. hiding behind this cloak of 'prudery' when in reality, he probably looks worse than dennis rodman. xD total prude display freak show in the bedroom, whips and chains and straps and leather, 50 shades of gray pale in comparison. really, you probably do not want to even imagine what this freak is like in reality. very coiffed in the media, but a 'zoo's in town' freakshow behind closed doors. really, one of them creepy english freaks, big time. they are the royals of the entertainment industry. we shall all bow down to the royal kings and lords of the global entertainment industry. funny thing is tho, it was INVENTED BY AMERICANS. what makes these lame ass losers think they have one up on AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY HAVE A NOBLE ROYAL ENGLISH/BRITISH ACCENT??? lol. too funny. now they are 'doing us a favour' by 'designating for us our 'american idol' because we US americans are their degenerate cousins who are unevolved and require the guidance of the royal noble englishman. lol. okey then freakazoid. go crawl back into your bucked toothed caveman cave already.

353 days ago


Man he talks and acts like he has way to much sugar in his blood (gay)

353 days ago


so does being a loyal friend eh?

353 days ago


Oh please, a 53 year old man and a 36 year old woman don't ACCIDENTALY get pregnant. He is going to marry her.

353 days ago


No, there won't be another you on this earth, but another person who you will try to make into another you. And Simon's only interest in marriage is other people's wives.

352 days ago


Simon Cowell needs dangerous sex to get off because he is so rich and powerful, now that Silverman is available, baby or not, she is not exciting. She needs to collect the cash for the next 18 years, and go away quietly. He has to have dangerous sex, next one please step forward. Disgusting both of them.

336 days ago

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