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Lamar Odom

Buys Popular Ingredient for

Homemade Crack Pipes

9/11/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0910-lamar-odom-akmOminous sign for Lamar Odom's battle with drug addiction -- he scooped up a household cleaning product that doubles as a vital part of homemade crack pipes ... and TMZ has the photos.

Lamar and his driver walked out of a San Fernando Valley pharmacy on Tuesday with a bag full of items ... most notably ... Chore Boy copper scrubbing pads.

0910-lamar-chore-akmHow commonly are the pads used for drug abuse? Type it into Google ... and "crack" is the first auto-fill topic besides the product name. Also, Forbes magazine wrote an article about its use as a filter in makeshift crack pipes.

Oh, and Urban Dictionary defines it like this: "Brand name of scouring pad used also by people smoking crack to retain some of the cocaine vapors."

According to the photo agency that snapped the pics ... Lamar made the conspicuous purchase shortly after meeting Khloe Kardashian's assistant to pick up some clothes. We're told the pharmacy is near the house where he used to live with Khloe.

As TMZ first told you, multiple people in Lamar's life -- like his estranged wife -- are saying he desperately needs to get in to rehab for many addictions, especially crack.

So, it's possible the NBA star had some kitchen cleaning to do, but we gotta ask ...


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No Avatar


Where's NORF? Kanye presented a pic of a 6 month old on the now CANCELED Kris Jenner show. Kim claimed the world was anxious to see her "baby" - yet all we "get" is ONE pic (and it's not even a 2 month old).

372 days ago


Crack or no, Mr. Odom needs to break off from the Kardashians, because they have the power/publicity to completely ruin his name. Crack or no. He needs to cut them loose. I'm sure they served him well as a psychologist for the initial period of his dating and marrying the girl, but once the pixie dust wore off and he began to love his self, he probably started feeling claustrophobic with that family. Similar to a culture shock, I'd imagine. The hemmed-in feeling could drive a person to drink or smoke, or even suicide, because there's no freedom to be himself. Living in the public's eye like the Kardashians does not seem healthy. My heart goes out to Lamar Odom. But then, he has to learn to deal with the consequences of his own actions. Crack or no, the home-life seems to be the root of the problem. This is just my observation from a great distance.

372 days ago


Norf.. The imaginary child. Like Santa from the Norf Pole.

372 days ago


What is wrong with the Kardashian baby? Are they so ashamed of her?? Anyone else would proudly show their child. One wonders if there even is a baby.
The K.s are superior at sham & deceit.

372 days ago


Hmm TMZ grabbing at nothing again

372 days ago


The real reason KIM moved in with mommy? Because KANYE is gone, gone, gone!! Neither of them has acknowledged their child in public.

372 days ago


TMZ has finally LOST it ..

372 days ago

Elaine in London, On. Canada    

Khloe is a devoted wife who will not give up easily on Lamar. I think Kris is the type to distance the family from him because she doesn't want negative publicity, especially with her talk show. Khloe and Lamar have been under a lot of pressure trying to have a baby and the only one who seemed to understand was Kourtney. I understand Lamar has a DUI.....can the system not sentence him to rehab rather than jail. I know it's only his first DUI but press for the maximum possible. In their show, Khloe used to show us their pantry and Lamar had so many sweets to munch on it looked like a store. His weight loss is so dramatic it's very scarey. Let's keep Lamar and Khloe in our prayers.

372 days ago


Clearly, everyone is sick to death of. talking about Lamar Odom!! Why is Harvey Levin protecting KIM KARDASHIAN?? Why the ferocious focus on a bb player? The Kardashian's are trying to deflect the attention off of Kim/ Kanye/ NewYork stylist/ invisible baby etc.

372 days ago


In the next few weeks we'll see " Lamar Odom, 34, DEAD of alleged crack cocaine overdose!" He's in a spiral headed for a tragic ending! Khloe should just go ahead and divorce this guy because she's going to be the butt of all late night jokes! Khloe the krackhead lover! Krazy khloe the koo koo Krazy krackhead loving wife! I can keep going but I'll stop....

372 days ago


Lamar Odom is living next door to Crack Alley. Showing up with a bag full of chore boy is a sign that Lamar isn't even thinking straight.

372 days ago


How much is Kris paying you guys to post these?

372 days ago


TMZ and the rest of the media outlets are failing to mention and report on the obvious 1. He's been hanging out and videoed/photographed with the same crack head friend for days 2. They appear to be switching/sharing track outfits 3. Can someone please figure out who this other crackhead is???

372 days ago


Whatever! I Googled the pads and nothing about "crack" came up like you said. So now everyone who purchases these pads are crack addicts? And maybe they aren't even for Lamar. His driver has them.

372 days ago


If this man wants to smoke a pipe ..let him .. he needs help..****! Now if he was receiving crack from factories over in Syria I might be interested...

372 days ago
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