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Lamar Odom

Buys Popular Ingredient for

Homemade Crack Pipes

9/11/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0910-lamar-odom-akmOminous sign for Lamar Odom's battle with drug addiction -- he scooped up a household cleaning product that doubles as a vital part of homemade crack pipes ... and TMZ has the photos.

Lamar and his driver walked out of a San Fernando Valley pharmacy on Tuesday with a bag full of items ... most notably ... Chore Boy copper scrubbing pads.

0910-lamar-chore-akmHow commonly are the pads used for drug abuse? Type it into Google ... and "crack" is the first auto-fill topic besides the product name. Also, Forbes magazine wrote an article about its use as a filter in makeshift crack pipes.

Oh, and Urban Dictionary defines it like this: "Brand name of scouring pad used also by people smoking crack to retain some of the cocaine vapors."

According to the photo agency that snapped the pics ... Lamar made the conspicuous purchase shortly after meeting Khloe Kardashian's assistant to pick up some clothes. We're told the pharmacy is near the house where he used to live with Khloe.

As TMZ first told you, multiple people in Lamar's life -- like his estranged wife -- are saying he desperately needs to get in to rehab for many addictions, especially crack.

So, it's possible the NBA star had some kitchen cleaning to do, but we gotta ask ...


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Crack all the way baby. I used to work 3rd shift in a Kroger grocery store years ago on a bad side of town and you would see people coming in there at 2-3 o'clock in the morning buying Chore boy. Always loved it when they also bought a single cu***ber! Good night planned;)

374 days ago


I think you've gone too far with the story.

374 days ago


Anyone who's ever been around crack knows chore boy is a dead giveaway. All the crackheads use it. I feel for Lamar, crack is a hell of a drug, i hope he can get the help he needs and maybe even make a return to the league. As a laker fan i'll always be rooting for you Lamar.

374 days ago


This guy needs to go home and smoke some weed. The gateway drug will ignite his desire to smoke some crack. Then he can go back to his cracker wife.

374 days ago


Just cuz you are rich doesn't mean you don't like to clean or can't buy something used in your home. But if your a crackhead I guess you can't shop at a crack-mart either.

374 days ago


Look, I personally don't care if he hangs out with bobby brown and dmx, he married a cow who knew she could break his pockets and this is what happened. Let that be a lesson to the rest of the idiots who just want to be famous by association..

374 days ago


Tmz enough already..leave him alone and get out of that nasty mom's ass with all of these incessant stories. Cover some real celebrities!

374 days ago

BB not bb    

He's got the Chore Boy in there and what is the other thing, a bottle of some kind of soda? It isn't like he was stocking up on cleaning supplies. Do you think he suddenly had an epiphany that he ran out of scouring pads for the kitchen, so he sent his driver in to buy him more? I don't.

374 days ago


I buy them all the time, does that mean people are to assume am on crack? Get the f**k outta here. What a stupid s**t to say. There are millions of people who use them to clean every day. And are you calling that white guy Lamar now? Because I see a white guy who looks nothing like lamar holding a bag with some scrubbers which he probably went into a store to buy for his wife or himself. What a bunch of. A holes you are. Am beginning to think the person who writes these stories have to be high on some serious s**t because this is so crazy. And what's so sad is you guys can do this and get away with it. Go suck on a d**k TMZ.

374 days ago


Oh Hell, if this convicts a man as being a crack head then Lord, I don't want your boys taking a photo of me as I'ma coming out of Winn Dixie ...You'll have all the TMZ proof you need that I have my own Meth Lab !!!
Give it up Mikey ! No body believes you and more importantly NOBODY CARES !
If he is a crack head SO WHAT ! IT'S HIS LIFE AND HIS BUSINESS NOT YOURS ....How about going after your SWEET MAX he admits to doing crack on national TV shouldn't you be hounding him so you can "save" him.......
NO ! of course , no money in it for YOU or the Kardashions.......KHLOE WANTS HER MONEY AND SHE WANTS IT NOW !
Nasty despicable mean assed women all of them are....
And that video tweet or keek or what ever shows you just what idiots they really are....4 grown assed adult posing and primping in a car singing like a bunch of teenagers while driving down the road.......Why isn't that what normal every day adults do in the car......and believe me Khloe at 26 was the youngest one in that car.....so don't say "Oh they are young and having fun"
Enough ......coffee time.........
By the way folks that was a pure 'kiss my ass to the public from the K Klan cause poor little sissy got slammed for doing just that..... Idiots....about as cute as dropping a boulder size piece of ice in a glass....

374 days ago

Barry Soetoro    

Go to hell Harvey.

374 days ago


Did he buy one of those little roses in a glass tube too?

374 days ago

Loves you    

Hmmmm maybe he needed to do the dishes

374 days ago


Can we, meaning TMZ, ROL and any other gossip site that perpetuates all this, please leave him alone? Khloe, get a divorce, move on and let it go. He obviously doesn't want to be with you. Lamar, the same advice goes for your, get the divorce, move on and let it go. You don't want to be with Khloe so let it go. And both of you need to sort out your lives.

374 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Every time you think TMZ couldn't possibly get any lower with their "reporting", they bring out a shovel and go a few feet deeper.

374 days ago
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