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Lamar Odom

Buys Popular Ingredient for

Homemade Crack Pipes

9/11/2013 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0910-lamar-odom-akmOminous sign for Lamar Odom's battle with drug addiction -- he scooped up a household cleaning product that doubles as a vital part of homemade crack pipes ... and TMZ has the photos.

Lamar and his driver walked out of a San Fernando Valley pharmacy on Tuesday with a bag full of items ... most notably ... Chore Boy copper scrubbing pads.

0910-lamar-chore-akmHow commonly are the pads used for drug abuse? Type it into Google ... and "crack" is the first auto-fill topic besides the product name. Also, Forbes magazine wrote an article about its use as a filter in makeshift crack pipes.

Oh, and Urban Dictionary defines it like this: "Brand name of scouring pad used also by people smoking crack to retain some of the cocaine vapors."

According to the photo agency that snapped the pics ... Lamar made the conspicuous purchase shortly after meeting Khloe Kardashian's assistant to pick up some clothes. We're told the pharmacy is near the house where he used to live with Khloe.

As TMZ first told you, multiple people in Lamar's life -- like his estranged wife -- are saying he desperately needs to get in to rehab for many addictions, especially crack.

So, it's possible the NBA star had some kitchen cleaning to do, but we gotta ask ...


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No Avatar


The "photo agency" that snapped this damning shot of Lamar, was it Kris or Khloe behind the camera? Just wondering...

371 days ago

l a n e l     

hahah we all know lamar does not clean. he wont lift a finger. he was *itching a *itch fit on khloe and lamar. he was making mess after mess as hood rat drug addict does and even told khloe "to get to cleaning!" he refused to help and told her so. HAHAH LAMAR U TRASH DRUGGIE DEAD BEAT. HAHAHAH

371 days ago


Then there must be allot of people who are meth users and crack heads in the united states, according to your theory

371 days ago


man he had so much going for him...why on earth would he turn to crack....and please dont say the Kardashians are the cause....of all drugs too do, CRACK? man....so disappointed.....you have a few kids to think of....eff your wife and her family....focus on those kids......man they are always the ones to suffer in the end...such a selfish person

371 days ago

cryptic rascal    

that family is one big trainwreck. talentless at best. Maybe thats how klooeeeey lost all that wieght.

371 days ago


The Kartrashians and Harvey are really desperate to destroy this man's life. You make up false stories about this man being addicted to crack every single day. It seems to me that someone at TMZ is a scorned wife.

371 days ago


It's put into the end the pipe to make sure the dope doesn't slip down the pipe while you smoke it. So, essentially, unless you have chore boy, you cannot smoke crack.

371 days ago


This is getting a bit comical. Pix above doesn't look like a crackhead. And, that photo of him hunkered down in the car with the hoodie he seemed to almost be laughing. Hate to say this because I like Lamar but wonder if this isn't some sort of outrageous move to generate publicity for a new show or to bring back Khloe and Lamar. Wouldn't put it past Kris Jenner but can't imagine Lamar risking his career this way. Does seem to me though that he's playing TMZ and getting a kick out of it.

371 days ago


You are all funny to think that Lamar is Cleaning. Really do you think he cleans anything?

371 days ago


He probably did it to give TMZ something to talk about.

371 days ago


Nobody wakes up and says 'I wanna smoke crack' it happens by accident and you're hooked by your second rock. It's absolutely, devastatingly addictive. So please do not look down on this man, he is going through his own personal hell right now, and it's so sad that it's happening in front of the world.

371 days ago


WTF!! I am never buying buying scouring pads again. Thanks tmz for ruining my cleaning habits. A holes!

371 days ago


Lamar was a huge drug user for many years. The MN Timberwolves were going to trade & sign for him years ago, but his drug use (it was well known then and reported on) was a factor in it not happening. Blame the addict, not the Kardashians. Lamar is a junkie, and has been, for many many years. Only he can help himself now.

371 days ago


maybe he was told even comet wont wash off what he has so he wants to scrub it clean lol

371 days ago


Did you actually LOOK at your poll? 91% say it's for a crack pipe and 10% say no? That's 101%....

371 days ago
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