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David Tutera's Ex

It's David's Fault

We Split the Twins

9/13/2013 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Tutera
's ex is pointing the finger at the "My Fair Wedding" host, claiming it's Tutera's fault they're splitting up their twins after a nasty breakup.

Ryan Jurica called in to "TMZ Live" this morning, claiming David made a unilateral decision to separate the children at birth when their 10-year relationship blew up.

Ryan and David had fraternal twins through a surrogate in July, and the births triggered a bitter custody battle. The complication stems from the fact that each man fertilized an egg from the same woman ... that was then implanted in the same surrogate, who gave birth to the two babies at the same time ... meaning Ryan is the biological dad of one child, and David of the other.

Despite David's decision, Ryan tells us he'd rather keep the kids together. He insists splitting the kids up is just a temporary measure until a final custody arrangement has been reached ... but that could take a while.



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Twins have a special relationship. Separating would affect their bonding as brother and sister and that's a union that will last forever.

384 days ago


Absolutely disgusting.... Those children are going to hate them both including the woman who used her egg and body like a machine. The world is coming to an end. This is why this shouldn't happen. No mom now a single dad and split from your sibling. SAD act against nature, so what did they think that donating sperm to 2 eggs would make the kids be both of theirs. 2 men cant create a baby sick.

384 days ago


You NEVER separate siblings and twins. Obviously these men are selfish and more concerned about themselves than the twin babies. Neither are qualified to be fathers if they can't even make their own relationship work. We need laws for surrogacy like we have for adoption.......a course requirement to determine if the adult qualifies to be a parent !

384 days ago


Selfish and disgusting. theyre treating these kids like property not humans with feelings. Twins should be together they have a strong intuative bond. theyll hate you when they grow up for separating them.

384 days ago


gay people problems.

384 days ago


I am ashamed with their decision of splitting up these babies that have lived intrauterine for nine months. How selfish these two are, makes me furious.

384 days ago


Ms. Surrogate, go get your babies. They broke the contract. Think about the life they will have.

384 days ago


Keeping them together would be ideal, but the kids are so young that separating them now isn't that big of a deal.

384 days ago


#1 rule of having twins is to never split them up

384 days ago


Those guys SUCK !

384 days ago


What is wrong with you people?!?! This has nothing to do with being gay or being straight...this is about a PARENT not doing what is best for their child. All of this anti-gay crap is so stupid. Welcome to the 21st century where people of all races, religions, and sexual preference have children. If you dont like it go ahead and lock yourself in your house, disconnect your cable and internet and drift on back to the 40's where being so close minded is welcomed.

384 days ago


Sick people.

384 days ago


Ryan is any idiot! Why keep them together in a broken situation where it would never be peaceful and the kids shuffled back and forth is not healthy for any child! These kid don't know each other right now they're half siblings and can get to know each other later if the choose. No need to start off in bad place, have you read the doc between these two dummies?

384 days ago


sad that david and ryan while they finalize they end of their relationship can't work out a deal where the twins get to grow up together as sibs should instead of just visits and maybe holidays or skyping and pictures.they should really work out something for the best interest of the kids.

384 days ago


This is by far one of the worst things I have heard so far. These men are so selfish and have not one bit of commonsense in their body. It repulsed me to think that Mr. Tigers thinks this is a solution.

384 days ago
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