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Scott Disick

I Wipe My Ass With $100 Bills

... Here's Proof

9/16/2013 7:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scott Disick hates poor people. 

He also hates the middle class ... and also the barely rich.

In fact, Scott hates all un-super rich people so much ... he posted a bunch of photos this weekend in what appeared to be a blitzkreig to mock them ... starting with the wads of $100 bills he uses to wipe his ass.

He posted pics of diamond jewelry, expensive watches and wads of cash ... along with captions like, "Hello, peasant's is that u?" He included the hash tag, "f**ku."

Another caption read, "I can't help myself tonight #fu"

Sure it's tasteless. Sure it's crass ... but it's also kind of awesome. 

So, we gotta ask ...



No Avatar


He's an a s s hole just like the rest of the kartrashians! They don't deserve anything they have!

372 days ago


With so many unfortunate people in this world Scott Dicc-sick wipes his a*s with his money. Stupid Low-life

372 days ago


With so many people without in this world Scott Dicc-sick feels the need to wipe his a*s with his money. Stupid Low-life

372 days ago


With so many starving homeless people in this world Scott *****ick feels the need to wipe his a*s with his money. Stupid low-life

372 days ago


Just rub it in that most of the United States is made up of middle and low class citizens barely scrapping by day to day. So glad my husband makes next to nothing serving our country so lord douche bag can wipe his ass with hundreds, and have more luxuries than are even necessary. Makes me sick. You tried to look like a good person by visiting the lady with cancer and giving her your watch but you are just a jerk!

372 days ago

The Zombie    

Never heard of him.

372 days ago

Iris Myandowski    

He's like a school after a tornado class and a LOTTA damage

372 days ago

Stupid ppl    

Who is this tool

372 days ago


It's crazy because he has admitted that he doesn't like to work. All of that money for someone who doesn't work or deserve it. Pretty ridiculous. Meanwhile, I just paid my car payment and only have 100 bucks to grocery shop and get gas.

372 days ago


Scott was mocking this douche bag based out of San Francisco that was going on Kourtney's IG account trashing her.... This kid is always flashing money, expensive s*** etc saying he is richer that all these celebrities and calling people peasants...

372 days ago


It makes sense, I've heard politicians pay very well for *******s given by scrawny boys. He's just been saving it all, I see.

372 days ago


Anyone who tries this hard is just very insecure. This guy has never and will never grow up. Too bad for his kids, they did not choose him for a father nor Kourtney as their mother.

372 days ago


It cracks me may have lots of money but you have ZERO class, morals or integrity. See money can't buy everything.

372 days ago


Homeless people , pimps , prostitutes and drug users have more class than him. So does my cat's dumpp.
What a loser who never works living off mommy and daddy and now Kourtney. I have more respect for those working minimum wage than he could ever dream of....yes we might respond to this loser, no class family it doesn't make me like them more.
Just goes to show how narcisstic and shallow they really are and can't function without ANY type of feedback....all losers who sold their souls to the devil.

372 days ago


He was making fun of @itslavishbitch !!
That kid is a complete tool and posts stuff like that all the time. If you guys had taken the time to read the instagram posts, you guys would've seen that he was CLEARLY joking.

372 days ago
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