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Emmy B.S.

Honor a Drug Addict

Diss a TV Legend

9/22/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The suits who run the Emmys had to make a hard choice in deciding which dead actor to honor-- a TV icon who has won multiple Emmys, or a young actor with no Emmys who is now as famous for being a drug addict as a TV star.  They chose door number 2.

It's interesting.  We've spoken with several people who have won Emmys who are upset with the decision to give a special honor to Cory Monteith but not Jack Klugman, and they're all too scared to speak out ... for fear of some sort of retaliation.

Jack Klugman -- who has won 3 Emmys and starred in TV classics -- "The Odd Couple" and "Quincy M.E." -- has been overlooked and disrespected for special mention during tonight's ceremony.  Instead ... Cory Monteith gets the honor.  Jack's son thinks it's ridiculous and disrespectful, and he's right.

The Emmys are honoring 5 TV types who died in the last year -- 4 of whom have earned their stripes ... Jonathan Winters, Jean Stapleton, James Gandolfini, Gary David Goldberg -- and then there's Cory.

BTW ... Larry Hagman was also overlooked. 

One TV type who has won multiple Emmys but wanted to remain anonymous scoffed and told TMZ, "Awards are like  hemorrhoids.  Eventually every asshole gets one."


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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Let's face it, this is a drug addicted country. And if they're famous for being a drug addict then by god, let's honor them when they OD for opening up a job position for the next person.

360 days ago

Mick Kahler    

To the stars who are afraid to 'speak up' on behalf of Jack Klugman and Larry Hagman, you need to step up and grow a pair! Nobody in the young demographics will be watching tonight's Emmys so you have nothing to lose by SPEAKING UP! And besides all that, it IS the right thing to do!

360 days ago


Absolutely ridiculous.!

360 days ago


ridiculous sham! If TV is going to honor people they must include Oscar Madison & JR Ewing. or don't honor anyone. What are they thinking?

360 days ago

All Heart    

WTF? The Emmy broadcast will go on for hours and they can't find the time to honor someone like Klugman or Hagman?

More people have seen Klugman and Hagman - on TV, on Broadway and in movies - than ever will see little Cory Overdose.

Another reason these award shows are just formal handjobs.

360 days ago


The Emmy Awards pandering, plain and simple. SMH

360 days ago


I have no idea who the dead loser Cory is but am very pleased about the fact. Maybe this will be the last time anyone ever hears of him- unlike the other two legends.

360 days ago

Fred Farkel    

And you act like your average OBAMA VOTER can sort through this??? The fools who voted for the "cool guy" are the same fools that won't acknowledge the true ICONS of Hollywood???

Oh and BTW to all you OBAMA VOTERS... how is that FREE healthcare coming along?? huh??

360 days ago


These nerdy TV execs figure nobody remembers Klugman......Its about viewers and keeping it relevant. You belong to a industry thats about the now, not the then.

360 days ago

Lauren E    

No one should be given a special tribute beyond what they normally produce for the Emmy's, especially not someone, no matter how young and nice, whose decisions to do drugs and/or alcohol caused their early demise. They also should have woven his hidden drug problem into the Glee episode where they deal with his no longer being on the show. A teachable moment.

360 days ago


WTF? FFS! Guess I won't be watching the Emmys, eh?

What exactly does this say about their values?

360 days ago


I'd bet anything that the producers chose Cory to attract a younger audience and more desirable ratings for the show. I'd also bet that this year will be the first and last year that they single a few people out like this.

360 days ago


These stars like to tell us what to eat, what to drive and who to vote for, but they don't stand up for what they think is wrong? Only in Hollywood.

360 days ago


Shame on the Emmy's, no wonder I don't watch them anymore. No substance at all. All gear for what is popular now, not what the decease had worked for to better the lives of others.

I remember he had campaign for the Orphan Drug Act that helped many people who inflicted with rare illnesses where there aren't enough pharmaceutical companies developing drugs to help them. He was one of early celebrities to use their star power help give voice to people who need it.

OMG- The Emmy honoring a drug addict? Go ahead, you other star addicts-OD and you will receive honor from the Emmys.

This just seal it for me that the awards are joke.

360 days ago


I know they can't honor everyone but this is so disrespectful. what exactly did his 3 years on Glee change television. It's sad at he died but really, who's gonna remember him 20 years from now.

360 days ago
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