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Emmy B.S.

Honor a Drug Addict

Diss a TV Legend

9/22/2013 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The suits who run the Emmys had to make a hard choice in deciding which dead actor to honor-- a TV icon who has won multiple Emmys, or a young actor with no Emmys who is now as famous for being a drug addict as a TV star.  They chose door number 2.

It's interesting.  We've spoken with several people who have won Emmys who are upset with the decision to give a special honor to Cory Monteith but not Jack Klugman, and they're all too scared to speak out ... for fear of some sort of retaliation.

Jack Klugman -- who has won 3 Emmys and starred in TV classics -- "The Odd Couple" and "Quincy M.E." -- has been overlooked and disrespected for special mention during tonight's ceremony.  Instead ... Cory Monteith gets the honor.  Jack's son thinks it's ridiculous and disrespectful, and he's right.

The Emmys are honoring 5 TV types who died in the last year -- 4 of whom have earned their stripes ... Jonathan Winters, Jean Stapleton, James Gandolfini, Gary David Goldberg -- and then there's Cory.

BTW ... Larry Hagman was also overlooked. 

One TV type who has won multiple Emmys but wanted to remain anonymous scoffed and told TMZ, "Awards are like  hemorrhoids.  Eventually every asshole gets one."


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"The Odd Couple" and "Quincy M.E." ....iconic shows.....J.R. of the most iconic TV villains ever....and not a nod to either Klugman or Hagman.....what did Cory Monteith do? If you are not familiar with Glee, you probably don't even know who he is....his tribute reel is going to just be filled with Glee shots...this is just a lame attempt by Emmy organizers to gain younger viewers and it's lame and disrespectful to two real legends.

343 days ago


Award shows are just plain stupid. It's never about who's the best at their craft. Many get left out for other questionable (read: popular which now means cable) nominees. For example: Jonny Lee Miller is outstanding at Sherlock Holmes.

The only time they are interesting is for any song and dance routine (that isn't Snow White) and to really honor the legends who've passed.

Shame on the Academy.

343 days ago


I wouldn't expect any less from whoever is running this show. I think they did the same thing with Farrah Fawcett after she died. I don't believe they acknowledged her. It's all about ratings for them and this junkie's death was the latest and will evoke tears and more emotion. It's pathetic how they've milked his death- funny thing is, his off-screen relationship with Lea Michelle was ALL FAKE and created just like Kristen Stewart and RPatz's was. Viewers of the show (as well as Twilight) are very passionate and just love thinking that their on-screen romance developed into something more. It's no coincidence that many celebrity "couples" like Steward/RPatz break up after they are done filming. Lea Michelle was on vacation with another dude she was seeing (who she called her 'driver') the week after Cory's death and she was doing coke at a party also. They were friends but she was not mourning like she lost the love of her life. It was all for show and to increase ratings on Glee.

343 days ago



343 days ago


the glee target audience, i'm pretty sure, doesn't give a flying fluck about the emmys... larry hagman not honoured? fricking j.r.?? are you kidding me?!

i think it was the oscars, who snubbed brad renfro and corey haim because of their troubled, drug-fueled past and demise.... but, cory gets a pass now, because....why? his "image" was more "clean"???

343 days ago


Including Monteith in the same piece as James Gandolfini is an insult, too

Gandolfini, Klugman and Hagman are steps WAY above Monteith.

343 days ago


I had never heard of this young man until he ODed and passed away.I mean does he even have a body of work to speak of or will there simply be clips of various appearances on shows that all actors do trying to break into the business.. A year or two on one show does not seem to be something that should supersede someone such as LH or JK.

343 days ago

Pepsi Chick    

oh sweet baby jesus, wouldn't it be absolutely perfect if when jane lynch (the one honoring corey) got up there to commemorate him, every single celeb in there started booing?? (not booing at her, I love her, just at the whole corey debacle) that would be epic!

343 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Odd.. the poll's results equal 101%.
F***ing Insulting : 95%
I'm Down With It : 6%
Total Votes: 18,760...

343 days ago


Next they'll be honoring Kim Kardashian over Dame Maggie Smith. And to think TMZ you help make it all happen.

343 days ago


It is absolutely ridiculous that the Emmys are so desperate to get that coveted 18-30 demographic that they disrespect the very people who made television the success it is. What a shame.

343 days ago


This does not surprise me at all. Typical Hollywood BS!

343 days ago


People who experiment with drugs don't expect to get addicted and die. Its a living hell for them. Nobody calls a cigarette smoker a loser when they die from cancer or the homo who dies from AIDS. Show some sympathy and give credit where credit is due

343 days ago


Larry Hagman should be honored over all of them! This man has been in the business for how long? I Dream Of Jeanie, Dallas.... come on these are classics! I feel bad Cory died but this man threw his life away when people like Larry and Jack fought to live. This is honestly a total crock of ****. I won't be watching the Emmy's.

343 days ago


If they really think they have to honor Cory in order to bring in the younger demographic (they don't btw) then why not just expand the number of people honored to include him as well as Klugman and Hagman?

343 days ago
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