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Jane Lynch

Delivers Warts & All Tribute to Cory

Klugman's Son Be Damned

9/23/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jane Lynch just delivered a powerful tribute at the Emmys for her "Glee" costar Cory Monteith ... that definitely won't make Jack Klugman's son feel any better.

Jane pulled no punches during the speech ... reminding the audience Cory "wasn't perfect" -- and referred to his death as a reminder of the dangers of addiction.

Klugman's son felt the Emmys dissed his father by choosing to pay special tribute to Cory ... whose death he called a "self-induced tragedy."

Klugman's death was acknowledged later in the show during a montage.


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394 days ago


Bryan Cranston Woooo! :)

394 days ago


Seems to me that the choice of who got a tribute is as much about which celebrities were available to tribute. I suspect there were no celebrities of large enough note available to tribute Jack Klugman or Larry Hagman. Why do people always think the worst?

394 days ago


Who cares? America shouldnt celebrate jews and their complete control of Hollywood. Ever notice how most of the people in Hollywood are jews? Sad to admit, depressing to see people celebrate this $hit.

394 days ago


I can't help but feel Jack Klugman deserved better than being replaced by a young guy with 3 season's on one show who had never even won an emmy. To top it off the guy died from drug and alcohol abuse. Such a sad sad statement to make about a true tv icon. Sorry Jack, you ain't **** we got to honor the addict cause he was pretty.

394 days ago


Jane Lynch just delivered a powerful tribute at the Emmys for her "Glee" costar Cory Monteith...............LEZZZ BE HONEST, THAT'S MESSED UP!

394 days ago


Cory Monteith was never nominated for an Emmy. It makes no sense for him to be getting a unique tribute in the program regardless of who else is snubbed or not.

394 days ago


I am blown away by the fact that Jane Lynch would dare to suggest that Cory Monteith had more talent was was more deserving of the tribute than Jack Klugman. Why is it the stars with the biggest names are usually the addicts. Elvis, Whitney, Michael, Anna Nicole, Amy Winehouse, etc etc etc I guess if Jack had died from an overdose or something he might have be given the tribute he did deserve as a true tv icon. I am so deeply disappointed in Jayne.

394 days ago


This is why most of the award shows don't single out one celebrity who has died but instead do something that mentions everyone equally. Somebody always gets pissed off. I am not a Glee fan but felt it was OK for the Emmys to acknowledge a young man's tragic and untimely death and his fans' grief over it. Good for Jane Lynch for giving a sensitive and tactful tribute to Corey.

394 days ago


Did she address that drug users are law breakers and criminals and should be in prison? No? They never do. They are not addicted before they take that first pill or shot or whatever. That's the moment they break the law, our society's laws. So who cares if they mess up their lives after that? Most of us know to avoid breaking the law, even if it "feels good."

This drug culture is a disgrace, and I don't believe that celebrating this guy's self-induced death will prevent anyone from following his path. None of the past deaths from drug overdoses has helped anyone at all. In fact, you continue to glorify them. I never even heard of this Cory, because I don't watch Glee, and suddenly he's some kind of saint who must have accidentally been trapped by some evil drugs. Surely he didn't pick them up with his own hand and shove them in his own self-indulgent mouth, did he?

Here's the real lesson young Hollywood needs to learn. No matter what good you do in your life, as soon as you are dead, you are gone and forgotten, like Jack Klugman and all the rest. Nobody will ever remember your names.

394 days ago


one less junkie to worry about.

394 days ago


In my opinion he didnt deserve to have a special tribute with the likes of great talent such as Jean Stapleton. It was in poor taste to have him included with this special group of multi talented actors. Yes it is sad that he died at a young age, but he threw a promising talented career away to live a life of addiction...

394 days ago


Klugman's son was right. This kid was no television icon, and his death was due to his own idiotic behavior. Nothing tribute worthy.

394 days ago


Bonnie Franklin's family is pissed too.

394 days ago


Next year they are planning a very special "lifetime achievement award" for Lindsay. After all no other celeb has gotten the "get out of jail" free card as many times. It's no secert she is both a drug addict and alcoholic. If she goes to far and ends up offing herself like Cory, Michael, Whitney, Elviis and many others have done I am sure the entire show will revolve around Lindsay's great contribution to the industry.

I am never going to get over Jayne Lynch's suggestion that Jack Klugman did not deserve the honor over Cory. I will never watch Glee or any other program she is on again. It's people like Jayne who glorify such deaths that are clearly sending the message that drugs and alcohol are cool.

394 days ago
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