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K-Fed To Britney:

Our Kid's No Circus Monkey

9/24/2013 6:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline
is crapping on Britney Spears' bright idea ... to put one of their sons on stage during her Las Vegas show, essentially saying, "Over my dead body."

When Brit announced her Vegas extravaganza she said 8-year-old Sean Preston would "probably be on stage" ... making surprise appearances from time to time.

Apparently K-Fed was not consulted ... and he made it pretty clear to us yesterday he's not keen on the idea.  BTW, his opinion matters, since they share joint custody.

As for checking out Britney's show in Vegas ... K-Fed says he'll take a pass, because he's got better things to do in Sin City.



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Dead account Delete at will    

Guess little Kmart has to take up argument with britneys mommy since after all she still is in charge.
Please have video there to capture that moment for us all to share

403 days ago


He actually has more on the ball than Britney does, which is surprising. But maybe not, perhaps. He has a LOT of kids so he probably knows how to handle them better. When she went nuts, he stepped in and actually helped her and her family out. i don't know why he got a bad rap. i would have hooked up with Brit, too, since from all info back then she did not seem crazy. I guess that was all well hidden. But when he actually lived with her 24/7, he soon discovered how nuts she was and what a pain in the ass she was to live with.

403 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Yeah! Dats my man! K-Fed! Popozao in yo face, Shltney! No seriously, it's bad enough that they think people want to pay to watch the brain-dead psycho lip-syncher. I'm telling you: NO ONE wants to see a semi-retarded FAS victim on stage when they're trying to have a fun time. OMG this thing is going to be a massive flop ha ha ha!

403 days ago


Have to agree with Kevin

403 days ago


K-Fed. K-Fat. K-Jobless. K-Loser. K-Slob. I honestly think Britney went crazy because he pissed her off with his inability to actually WORK (himself) along with finding out that he intended to have her support his fat ass for the rest of his natural life. Why ANYONE would want to be with his lardazz I have no idea. He's the biggest loser -- and I'm not talking about his weight -- there is. Think about it: THE GUY DOES NOT DO A SINGLE THING TO EARN HIS OWN WAY THROUGH LIFE. He's content to live off of Britney Spears. Total and complete loser, period.

403 days ago


They don't have equal custody. KEVIN has primary physical custody. Britney can have the children at anytime when another adult is present.

403 days ago


Over-Fed will change his mind, IF THE PRICE I$ RIGHT!

403 days ago


So baby just make like K-FED and let yourself go!

403 days ago


her ticket sales are bombing

403 days ago


Was someone loaded on alcohol or maybe drugs when they thought this show was a good idea? There aren't many people out there who will go to Vegas to see Britney Spears.

403 days ago


How does he pay for all of his kids? Two by Britney, two by the black actress and one by his current love interest. That is five children. How does he earn money?

403 days ago


He got HOT

403 days ago


the kid is a circus monkey because he has an ass clown for a father.

403 days ago


He's a fing butt monkey. It's ok that he uses them as cash cows. And I don't think she means her son will be part of the show he will prob just be allowed to go on stage to say goodnight to his mommy or some crap

403 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Ya, Kay Kay just wants more money from Britney. That's all this is. Kay Kay don't give a flying turd if his kids go on stage. He just found a way to get more money.

403 days ago
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