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Lamar Odom

He Really Did Tweet

About Kardashians

9/26/2013 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom did indeed tweet his support of the Kardashian family earlier this week -- contrary to what his friends are saying.

An angry tweet -- purportedly from Lamar -- went out a few days ago, in response to his father claiming the Kardashians are the reason he's fallen into a deep, dark hole.

The tweet trashes his dad, and then praises the Kardashians -- "He disrespecting the ONLY FAMILY that has loved me without expecting anything in return," adding, "They are the ONLY ones that have been here consistently 4 me during this dark time."

A source close to the Kardashian family tells TMZ  ... just before pressing the button, Lamar called the family, saying he was about to tweet the message. 

And we're told ... when Lamar called he was on speaker, so Khloe, KimKourtney, Kris and others heard Lamar say he was tweeting his message.


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LO did not send the text everyone knows that. Here is the deal, LO is no longer making money, making him expendable to the Kardashian's. This whole drug abuse thing is just an excuse for a divorce. The Kardashian's have shown that they are willing to exploit people for their advantage (Kim's ex). LO's father had it just about right with his take on the Kardashian's. Ryan Seacrest and E! are responsible for this path of personal destruction LO and CH should sue the hell out of Seacrest and E!

394 days ago


Want to get rid of the Kardashian news ? This is how you do it and I promise it will work but everyone has to do it together.. When you see a story/post about the Kardashians, DON"T click on it, DON'T read it and DON'T comment on it. BECAUSE - Here is how internet journalism works, every time someone reads their article it gets a "page view" and "comment #", it does NOT matter if the comments are bad ! Each comment represents ONE person who is reading about them. Journalists are like children in a since that even bad attention, is STILL ATTENTION ! They don't look at something they wrote and say "Look my article got 500 BAD comments!" They say "Look my article got 500 comments !" I don't care if they hate it, they STILL READ IT and thats all that matters !! So all you people writing saying sh*t like "Who Cares", Well thats 1 page view and comment, thank you..You people hating them and being so sick of hearing about them, are actually HELPING KEEP them HERE !!! If your truely want them gone then you will just STOP giving them the page views cause THAT is how they will see you are really done reading about this family. Think people, if they wrote something and NO ONE read it, do you think they would keep writing about them ?? NO THEY WOULDN'T. MORE than half of you won't take this advice because you just want somewhere to put your hate. You want somewhere to say nasty **** and not be accountable.. and thats fine, if thats what keeps you from being cruel to people in "real life" do it..but KNOW, YOU ARE THE REASON THEY KEEP WRITING ABOUT THEM. Keep giving page views to **** you don't care about...

394 days ago


So the only people who heard it was the Kardashian scamming low life family members but a "source close to them" is the one reporting it ? Just how stup!d do you have to be to believe this ?

394 days ago


Oooops! TMZ forgot to label this a "SPORTS EXCLUSIVE"
I do not think even "TMZ Sports" will save TMZ
it is on par with "THE STAR" & "GLOBE" 100% fabricated BS

394 days ago


I'm confused... Didn't they say he DIDN'T make those tweets?

394 days ago

sum dum jerq    

"According to the Kardashians he was totally telling the truth, you guys." - TMZ

394 days ago


This is really starting to turn into a 3 ring circus, I swear. How much money is this family or Ryan Seacrest Productions paying you guys? Sheesh, here's a tip...get all of your ducks lined up in order before you throw out a story. You guys (TMZ) are starting to look as pathetic as the Kardashians. Oh, and God forbid Kanye decides to leave Kim mark my word he will have some kind of coke and anger problem. This is just awful

394 days ago


When you do a conference call first it really makes it look like a ploy to stay in the good graces of the Kardashians more than a real expression of feeling.

394 days ago


LMAO at him being on speaker.......kardashian chicks are psycho

394 days ago


It's so nice of Harvey to carry out Kris Jenner's agenda!

394 days ago


What about his children?the Kartrashians are more important?

394 days ago


So disappointed for the first time in years reading and watching TMZ. I woke up to read ,NO the letter was not from Lamar, to coming home from the office to say YES it was. I LOVE HARVEY and on TMZ Live he did this brilliant pitch, as if he were on Shark Tank, and it was wonderful. Except he said the essence of the show was factual news. (Sorry) I hate to say this but it felt back and forth and TMZ has not been like this in the past.

Still love you Harvey and you are animated and very engaging.


394 days ago


Bull. He's got kids, aren't they more important then these fools. They said he tweeted it, good enough for TMZ.

394 days ago


Does he have to consult with the Kardashians when he chooses to tweet something kind about them? How odd! The only thing he could do to show his love and appreciation for the Kardashians is get help. Watch, all this talk of him having a drug problem is probably just him taking care of a dying relative.

394 days ago


Haha! Of course they're standing by that story...they're the ones who sent the tweet, after all.

394 days ago
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