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Kanye and Kim

Avoid LAX

Fly San Fran to Paris

9/27/2013 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just arrived at San Francisco International Airport, en route to Paris ... and they did exactly what we said they would do ... avoid the paparazzi at LAX.

Kim and Kanye took off from the Van Nuys Airport a few hours ago and landed at SFO.  They're transferring to a commercial flight that will take them nonstop to Paris.

As we first reported, Kanye has been advised by his reps NOT to fly out of LAX, because they don't want another confrontation with photogs while his criminal battery case is pending.

Problem is ... the reps didn't bank on photogs showing up at his house early this AM ... resulting in yet another confrontation.

The paparrazzi at SFO -- not ours -- also shot video of Kanye and Kim, and much like this morning ... they're clearly getting under Kanye's skin.

Also, note to all paps -- if nothing else, pronounce the guy's name right. It's KAHN-YAY.



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And baby isn't with them? How long will they be away from her? I still don't know how she can stand him, but then, she's just like him, Self Centered, and thinks the world revolves around them.. Poor baby, shouldn't one of them give up traveling and stay home with their child? I'm just sayin'......

399 days ago


Are they so hard up o for cash they have to fly with the peasants? I'll throw them a few bucks so they can hire a private jet. They need it more than I do and I'm poor!

399 days ago


If they don't want to be seen by papz, then why are they flying commercial? BOTH of them have enough money, so if not being seen was really important, take your girl on a private plane to Paris. He's the one that wanted to be a cleb, he sings in public, makes music video's that are in the public domain, and she signed on the dotted line to be a reality star. Fans and ATTENTION is part of it. That's like saying...I want get high, but without inhaling. They intrigue me because they act so stupid.

399 days ago


Well there goes her beloved Motherhood. Her baby is barely, 3 months old and she's leaving it behind in the States? to travel with control freak to Paris?? Why not take the baby? I don't even understand a Mother leaving her newborn child behind in another country for any reason at such a young age. The only way I'd leave my child would have been a dire emergency. I can't believe they left that little child at home while they take off to Paris together. That is so terrible. I'm speechless. They said this child would be raised by nanny's. I suppose it's going to end up being total truth! Anyone calling this narcissistic trash and porn star American Royalty really needs to lay down the crack pipe and walk away from the computer. FYI- Kris Jenner reads TMZ several times a day and takes on hater's. That is FACT people..All I can say is, planes crash all of the time.. :) BIG SMILE!

399 days ago


If in fact West is in Paris, not to worry, he will make a fool out of himself in that country. Only a different language. Yo.

399 days ago


Beyonce takes Blue Ivy everywhere she goes... Real question is, what's wrong with the compass baby?

399 days ago


lol Bye "CanYo" -- Kanye should take anger management & psychology courses to learn how to deal with life. He's doing everything wrong. -- He will need it to be a good parent.

399 days ago


Wonder how early he has to get up to pick out the clothes she will wear? Control freak. He's got her looking like a K Mart shopper most of the time. The nice coat covers it up today. Wonder how many addl. Seats they buy on the plane to keep people from sitting near them? Caus they're so special.

399 days ago


She looks huge

399 days ago


Paparazzi in the Bay??? Please go back to LA. Tacky tacky tacky. Fair warning the locals not very tolerant of camera hounds. Place for everything paparazzi SF is NOT your place.

399 days ago

Trooper Tom    

It must be killing the ho Kim to be missing out on photo ops its all she has, but then again she probably called them for the 4 am BS. When they get to Paris no one gives a rip they are ignored and that's what should happen here

399 days ago


Here's hoping their plane plummets from 20k ft. Yay!!

399 days ago


Maybe they're getting out of town because of the latest breaking news...Miley Cyrus And Kanye West Cheating on Kim Kardashian: Having an Affair? Now didn't they say Kanyedick wouldn't leave Nori for no more than 3 days at a time??? We'll see..lame ass parents already!

399 days ago


There's always some moron talkin about get your money. Correction Kanye is getting your money. He isn't getting a cent of mine.

399 days ago


wtf? wheres the baby? who the hell leaves their newborn? disgraceful..she doesnt need to go,he can go do whatever it is he does for a job ,but she needs to stay with her baby..what a horrible mother..

399 days ago
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