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Lamar Odom to Dad

I'm Done Paying Your Rent!

9/29/2013 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hit the road Joe ... and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more -- cause your son just stopped paying the rent.

Lamar Odom has had it with his dad and will no longer pay his rent ... and the clock is ticking before Joe is thrown out on the street.

Joe Odom tells TMZ ... Lamar called him earlier this week and went BALLISTIC over the comments Joe made about him and the Kardashians.

Joe claims Lamar has been paying his rent for 4 years -- a hefty tag of $2,900 per month -- but Lamar made it clear to Joe ... he's on his own now.

Joe tells us he can't afford the rent ... so he'll be out at the end of next month -- barring a reconciliation.

Don't hold your breath.


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Boy ! Mikey you passed up making the first big story and hits cause you just couldn't bring yourself to post those pictures of your idol Kim ...looking all the world like a beached whale in a black dress with the sleeves tearing out because they were just to tight....and her Humongous looking breasts trying their best to burst out into the open.....LOL ...You could have title it ...
'She's back to being Gorgeous " and you would have gotten at least 1000 comments from people calling you a fool....and they would all count....think about it.....first profitable story in months and you passed cause you are kissing Kardashian booty....LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL-

391 days ago


this site is lazy.....Kardashian news is no news

391 days ago


Wasn't it KHLOE who forced the reconciliation between LAMAR & JOE,so they could use it for a story line on their show?? As I recall,LAMAR was very uncomfortable about it. Is that why LAMAR
lost it?? Thanks to KHLOE interfering.

391 days ago


His dad is a bum, and Lamar is quickly turning into a carbon copy of him. Lamar will change his mind and start paying for it again, watch.

391 days ago


Joe spoke what America already knew and thought anyway, Lamar said the Kartrashians are the only family who ever loved him - please! He needs to realize they only took to him because he had money. The moment Kri$ learned he was squandering it away on crack, she exposed him t stop the bleeding of Khloe's half!.

391 days ago


Joe spoke what America already knew and thought anyway, Lamar said the Kartrashians are the only family who ever loved him - please! He needs to realize they only took to him because he had money. The moment Kris realized he was squandering it away on crack, she exposed him.

391 days ago


Whether his dad said something about the K Klan or about anything else he doesn't agree with, that's no way to treat his elderly father. Sure his father wasn't there for him when he was growing up, but obviously they developed some kind of relationship over the years. Lamar better remember that blood is thicker than water. He didn't say anything against Lamar, just against the people he felt were hurting his son. LOTS of people across America take care of there elderly parents. That doesn't mean his dad is a bum or should get a job. No one is going to hire that man at his age. It's not like I had a lot or respect for Lamar before, but I REALLY don't have any respect for what he is doing now. Shame on you Lamar! Then again, if all the drug stories are true, he probably just wants to use the money he's been paying in rent for more drugs...sad all the way around!

391 days ago


Kim go back to your natural hair color & get a haircut,for heavens sake. Long stringy hair, not flattering on you.

391 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

I wonder if Kris Jenner checks the comment box on stories about her goofy family.

391 days ago


Lamar has sold his soul to that family. When they tire of his antics and have drained all possible publicity from him, they will throw him out - just like dear ole dad.

391 days ago


I hardly think THAT has caused your present problems.

391 days ago


what a ton of bull****. his dad was trying to stick up for him....he'll pay his rent until he dies because he can.

391 days ago


You mf's believe anything tmz tells you; and I just love how Harvey continuouslly calls Lamar a crack head or mentions crack on their show. Its obvious they don't know **** about what's going on and wants to kill his character as much as possible.

391 days ago


Lamar could pay my rent at half the price, and I wouldn't talk to the media ever.

391 days ago


Putting an older man with a terrible disease on the street bc the son is effed-up on drugs now too? Lamar is a lowlife piece of s*** like that pit viper family he married into.

391 days ago
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