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Justin Bieber

Lighting Up

In Possible Weed Smoking Pics

10/7/2013 11:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Justin Bieber may have been photographed smoking at a party again -- only this time Biebs got snapped sitting next to a celeb he was reportedly banging.

The photo has been all over social media today ... showing Bieber sitting next to a girl that looks a helluva lot like Ariana Grande -- and he appears to be holding a long joint.

As you may recall, Bieber was photographed similarly back in January ... when he was seen holding what looked like a joint at a Newport Beach party.

Sources close to both singers say the girl in the photo is NOT Ariana Grande -- and the pic was photoshopped to look like Bieber was lighting up.

However our crack art department begs to differ -- saying the light source seems consistent ... and any indicators of a doctored photo are non-existent.

Keep in mind ... our art department also made this.



No Avatar


You know that is a Doctored Picture I have never herd of a prison with porcelain toilets, on all the reality shows that show real life jails the toilets are stainless steel with a water fountain.

359 days ago


that pic is clearly photo shopped Bieber has a non disclosure for anyone he parties with or meets anyway. He wont get caught again lol management isnt having that lol

359 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

The biebs is a goof but who cares if he smokes refer, don't all 20 year olds smoke a little weed.

359 days ago


It's already been proven as fake but say it wasn't, who cares And better a little bud than alcohol

359 days ago


Hes prob also snorting crack and topic Jbieber is gonna be another one of those celebs who die young from drugs/partying--moving on

359 days ago


dont bang no body kk and you look cute but stop ooooooright :(

359 days ago

Belieber Troll    

Oh my god, shut up about Justin Bieber, leave the kid alone. Jeez, if he wants to smoke weed, let him, but if you are going to judge him, judge everyone who is doing it. And if the source says it's photo-shopped then listen to the source. He is smoking weed. Jeez I don't like the kid at all, but it's like every other day it's all about Justin. I don't want this douche all up in my email.

359 days ago


Who Cares. Maybe he should tour with Willy Nelson. He is no different than any other young adult. I'm no Bieber fan but come on people. Is your life in the Sh_t Tank because you smoked a few Joints.

359 days ago


Does no one realize at the end of the article it says, "Keep in mind ... our art department also made this."?

359 days ago

Thats ridic    

That is not ariana grande 100% NOT her. If youve seen ariana grande you would know. wtff

359 days ago


Come on. Is there anyone shocked that Dweeber smokes weed and drinks alcohol? Most 19 and 20 year olds do the same thing. I'm not a fan, but posting stories like this seem pretty pointless. Dweeber will be a has been soon enough. Then we can all enjoy stories about his squandered wealth and mourn his inevitable and early demise.

359 days ago


you IDIOTS, OBVIOUSLY did not read the article where it CLEARLY states that the Picture is PHOTOSHOPPED. know your facts before u talk smack

359 days ago

Just Sayin     

I'm grateful to this little punk kid for showing my kids how not to behave.

359 days ago


That is not WEED THERE'S NO SMOKE!!! It's a Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencil!!!! and it says Sources close to singer say that the pic was photoshopped to look like Bieber was lighting up.

359 days ago


That is definitely not Ariana.
BULL****! Just some wannabe hanging with him.
He is going to over the edge with his stupid attitude and bad decisions.

359 days ago
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