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Casey Kasem

His Mind Is Gone

10/17/2013 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Kasem
is in terrible shape ... his mind is almost gone and he's unable to function -- this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

The document outlines the mental state of the legendary founder of "America's Top 40" radio program.  According to the examining physician, Casey has

-- major impairment to short term, long term and immediate recall memory

-- major impairment to verbally communicate

-- major impairment to perform simple calculations, plan simple tasks and reason logically.

-- severe disorganized thinking

-- moderate hallucinations

The document was filed by Julie, one of Casey's daughters who is trying to become conservator.  Casey's wife of 33 years, Jean, is fighting the move to take control away from her.

The doctor says Casey has been sliding downhill for the last 3 to 4 years.  He's suffering from advanced Parkinson's and dementia.



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Oh and I'm penning my latest joint for when Julian comes out:

"Jean Changed The Locks So The Kids Can't Come In."

Name of my new band?


Love em!

Have one in my own family!

268 days ago


**** you TMZ for reporting this. This is not news, it's personal ****ing knowledge. Disgusting.

268 days ago


I dunno something tells me the children are just being very greedy. Didn't care about their father all these years. Now they're back to lay claim to him. The timing of this, as the Enquirer wrote this past week, is quite odd I'm just sayin'.

268 days ago


Isn't this private health information? Leave the man some dignity. I'd like to wish him well and hope he is comfortable.

268 days ago


Jean, let his children see him!

268 days ago


My prayers for his family. His condition will get worse and it will be very stressful for all parties concerned. Alziemers and dementia does not belong in a civilization that is able to put a remote controlled robot on the surface of another planet.

268 days ago

debbie chappell    

Sorry to hear that Casey Kasem is in bad health. Prayers are with his family.

268 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Those symptoms sound like a typical Saturday night for me. Leave him alone, he's fine....

268 days ago


sorry to hear about his situation. gotta be a tough way to go. gotta be tough on his kids too.

268 days ago


His money will be too, after that crazy bitch gets her hands on it.

268 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

HE CUT THOSE KIDS OUT OF HIS WILL YEARS AGO. DOESNT THAT TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM? He may have told Jean to not let them within a hundred yards of him. And she knows it's nobody's effing business but the family's as to why she won't let them see him.

268 days ago


Recently casey kasem family took his Younger Wife to court. They accused her, 59-year-old Jean Kasem, of keeping him locked up in the house.
Source :

267 days ago


Obama has those same exact symptons so there is hope for Casey.

267 days ago


Recently casey kasem family took his Younger Wife to court. They accused 59-year-old Jean Kasem, of keeping him locked up in the house.
Source :

267 days ago


Yeah the not so funny side of Parkinson's. The medication taken ove the years eventually eats away at your brain and you develop dementia. You have a choice for a while to decrease the medication to maintain a status quo and slow the process down. Unfortunately this restricts movement further. I hope jean is getting support from somewhere.

267 days ago
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