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Kate Middleton

Post-Baby Bump, Set ...


10/18/2013 7:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1018-kate-middleton-rexusaKate Middleton allegedly had a baby 3 months ago -- but there is zero proof of that in these pics of the Duchess of Cambridge flashing her royal midriff all over a volleyball court.

Prince William's wife showed up for a public appearance in London yesterday, sporting wedge heels, and a banging bod that made everyone forget she was ever pregnant.

Kate gave birth on July 22 to Prince George ... and obviously hit the gym on July 23. 

Women ... begin hating. Guys ... continue wishing you were Prince William.



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L. Rosemond Kitching    

SHe looks fantastic and her happiness is genuinely shining and emanating through her. There is nothing to dislike or 'hate' about Kate Middleton! She is just simply lovely! The only person who is probably hating her right now is Kim K. Kim even gave birth BEFORE Kate did, and as we all know from the atrocious picture released yesterday, isn't making the greatest of progress in losing her post-pregnancy weight. It's humorous and ironic that someone as vain and preoccupied with their looks would have such a hard time losing post-partum weight. I just CANNOT picture her as a good mother. She is a pathetic escuse for a human being and obviously could learn a thing or two from the example Princess Kate is setting.

370 days ago


See that Kim. Cut the picture out and put in on your fridge.

370 days ago

Isaac Newton    

I want to jizz all over her royal belly

370 days ago


This is what happens when you take care of yourself. She didn't gain a ton during pregnancy, and looks like she exercises. (that and being a royal with a perfect body type doesn't hurt either)

370 days ago


Kate "allegedly" had a baby?

370 days ago


I'm hating.

370 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

What a lovely lady. I can't imagine any of the women who are TMZ commenters would get their hate on for such a lady. The timing of this picture could not be better as she is the polar opposite of that exhibitionistic sow Kim showing off her air-balloon sized ass in an obviously staged "selfie." The polar opposition between that sow and what a real lady is couldn't be more clear. Good for The Lovely Princess.

370 days ago


I do not think she hit the gym the next day after delivering....she has a naturally thin, really thin body so that''s help.
she might have hit the gym though....but not the next day!
i have friends like that also who gave birth and did not gain that much weight because of fast metabolism and got their bodies back quick.

370 days ago


I'll bet Kim Trashkanian's head damn near exploded when she saw this!
Kate has MORE CLASS then Khum kould ever HOPE to have. Kate dresses like and acts like a LADY...Khum dresses like and acts like a WHORE which is exactly how she is treated (you reap what you sow)
Khum seems to think that being trashed in the public BY THE PUBLIC is "flattering" and that people "do care"....well Kim, we don't care we just comment and LAUGH AT YOU.

370 days ago


Ugh so jealous

370 days ago


Kate rocks, Kim s u c k s!

370 days ago


funny how just about every comment bashes Kim Trashkanian.

370 days ago


before she got pregnant, she was EXTREMELY malnourished...not saying she didn't eat, but she was wayyyyyyyyy to thin. Now after the baby, she looks like a skinny girl (size 4 maybe) instaed of that junior size she was....I wonder if this will make KK sick to see that she probably didn't have to do anything to lose that weight...hahaha

370 days ago


didn't mean the flag, she looks great!

370 days ago


Why is she wearing that to play volleyball?

370 days ago
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