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Khloe and Lamar

Where There's a Will

There's a Fortune

10/19/2013 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
has been heroic in trying to save Lamar Odom, but there's a cold, hard fact ... there's a financial reason why she shouldn't divorce him just yet ...  because she's set to inherit millions if something terrible happens.

Numerous Kardashian family sources tell us ... Lamar has a will which leaves the lion's share of his assets to Khloe.  Lamar has made more than $100 million dollars over his13-year career, and unlike other players, we're told he hasn't blown through it.

We're also told he has a life insurance policy that makes Khloe the primary beneficiary.

As we have previously reported, Khloe is ready to file for divorce but hasn't done so because she fears it would push Lamar over the edge.

This is not to say Khloe is motivated by money.  Everything points to the fact she is NOT and she really cares about Lamar.  But reality is reality.


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She's a fatass whore, he's an idiot, and all this garbage is pr for their crappy fake reality show.

335 days ago


Rumors & speculation on TMZ's behalf from so called sources..... NO ONE knows what is in ANY will for certain with the exception of the attorney & the client which are never made public..... Everyone has a 'theory' on a will, however, again, it's NOT made public.
You just won't leave this man alone to going to the extent to print a trash story about him dying in speculation that Khole will get more money..... Enough is enough.....

335 days ago


If this is true...How much money does this family need...Lamar has children to take care...If I was his ex I would be in court making sure my children were protected from the money grabbing TRASH...

335 days ago


Oh please, she's not about the money. The Kardashians are ONLY about money..

335 days ago

princess ali baba    

KHLOE is a money hungry greedy byotch like her PIMP MOM and sisters. LAMAR you have 2 children that need to be taken care of, CHEWBACA isn't in need for money and if she was a decent person would make sure his children endure, not her. What a pig of a person.

335 days ago


She doesn't need his money. Can't someone just be so in love that they're trying to save their marriage in the eyes of being a celebrity? I believe that this is a huge emotional struggle for her, especially with that greedy famewhore of a mother who doesn't really seem to care about what's wrong or right for her children. Just so long as she can continue making money off of them.

335 days ago


DOESN'T HE HAVE TWO KIDS??????? WHY IS ALL HIS MONEY WILLED TO HER??? This sounds like another made up story!!!!!

335 days ago


People get married when things are great everyone involved are at their happiest it's time like now when you honor the vows said before God and in this case everyone that watched it...You have to stand by your husband as should a husband to his wife these trying times will not last and when they make it they will be that much stronger have faith pray and just know this to shall pass

335 days ago


We get it, TMZ.

Big pay-day if he eats it.

At an away game my soph year in college?

12 college basketball players had a hotel chugging contest.

You get money on who would first puke.

They puke - you rake in the cash.

So you'd have eleven players chanting "puke, puke, puke" at you while you doing your shots.

Khloe wants Lamar to puke - now we get it.

335 days ago


Jeez Harvey everyday you and this site sink to a new low. Why don't do you EVERYONE a HUGE favor and back your smack.
Ask your "source" to provide a COPY OF THE ACTUAL WILL and post it here. That way you'll have Absolute PROOF (for a change).
Until you start providing proof, ya' got nothin'.
AND PS - if any of this is "TRUE" it proves Khlooey is a money hungry as her "family". I bet she IS trying to drive him over the edge so she can claim her inheritance.

335 days ago


what kind of stupid story is this any way?

335 days ago


When you write "$100 million dollars"... there is no need to put the word 'dollars' as the dollar sign takes care of that. Learn how to write TMZ.

335 days ago


It's always only about money with the Kardasians. That's why Kris has stayed married to a guy who longs to be a woman ...its why Kourtney keeps having babies with a guy who sleeps down the hall, its why Kim had a baby with a guy who doesn't want to marry her. Lamar could easily change his life insurance policy and his Will then write a tell-all about the REAL Khloe.

335 days ago


if there is a pre nup then im sure there is a will this woman entered into with lamar.

she tried sooo hard to have his crack baby for the last year .. so obvious he took off long ago and she still hanging onto some money hope as she got no 18 years of child support secured out of him.

give it up and shame on you having a net worth of 11 million hanging onto a man you threw out months ago and wont divorce.

335 days ago


Yes, reality is reallity as money talks and bull**** walks.

335 days ago
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