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Kanye West

I'm Wearing Kim Out

10/20/2013 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
has figured out a new way to idolize baby mama Kim Kardashian -- he's enshrined her on his t-shirt.

The rapper was spotted in Seattle yesterday wearing the shirt with Kim's face on it -- shortly before kicking off his Yeezus tour -- and he couldn't help but smile.

Which raises the question ... would you wear a t-shirt with your S.O.'s face on it? Sound off in the comments.



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Nobody Special    

Can you imagine a phone conversation between Kim and Kangay?

"To Kim, Did you see that Tweet that was Re-Tweeted on Instagram?"

"To Kangay, No I have not, I am Tweeting while Twerking doing another Selfie of myself".

"To Kim, What are you going to wear? I'm going to wear my new Yeazie-Teasy T-Shirt today to remind people I waxed your Axe."

"To Kangay, You dirty dog, You know you are wearing that T-Shirt so you can Look at it while MasterbatIng with your left hand so it feels like a stranger".

"To Kim, Remember, if you see the PapaNatzi today be sure to hide your face to make it look like you don't want your photo taken."

"To Kagay, Make sure you wear your Jeans with all the holes in the knees, this way the fans will think the Jeans wore out from you going DownTown on me all the time".

"To Kim, You know I don't go Fishing".

"To Kangay, so true, we all know you like the back door. Bring the Lambo, so the Pap will take our Pics so we can be re-cycled in the UK Rags and maybe TMZ will post something".

"To Kim, Make sure you call North 'Nori' so people will stop with all the compass jokes. If this keep's-up she will end-up Bi-Polar."

"To Kangay, Bi-Polar, What's that? When the compass points North Bi NorthWest?

'To Kim, Be sure to Tell peeps about my new Tour, I still gotta pay for that diamond"...


329 days ago



325 days ago


Sure I'd wear a tshirt with my husband's face on it. He's better looking than Kanye ;)

325 days ago


Isnt it against some law for people like this to mate and spawn??? Oh yeah, they broke the laws of nature and the poor kid will be raised by parasites and false prophets with ****ty attitudes, poor kid.

325 days ago


I had was a huge picture and said my love is on the U.S. Air Force!

324 days ago


He is her stalker. She is engaged to and has a baby with her own stalker!I mean before, during and after she was married you randomly would see Kenya show up where Kim was. She would always be shocked and say, Oh my god what are you doing here. It was an all the time thing he would show up where she always was on the show. Who knows how often when cameras were not filming how much he would just pop up out of no where. I noticed he didn't mind going on camera when he was stalking her to be around her but NOW since the stalker got the girl, he doesn't want her doing reality TV anymore. Total control freak. Well of course since he doesn't want his daughter on camera Kim has decided to quit and yet she did everything possible to have this show and be famous including doing porn to get noticed and it worked!. Go figure. Her words one day will be in the headlines "Kenya made me lose my job and money because he wanted me to quit my reality shows, now i have nothing". He wears shirts like a stalker with her face all over them. He is a true stalker.

320 days ago


I think it's cute. My man would wear a shirt with a picture of me on it...thanks for the xmas gift idea Kanye.

314 days ago


I like to butt f()ck that filthy pig

312 days ago

Sugah Baby    

He isnt wearing her out, she was worn out when he met

311 days ago


See how clueless he is ,Hate to break it to ya bro but she was worn out far before you came along

307 days ago
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