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Chris Brown


To Misdemeanor Assault

10/28/2013 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Chris Brown just got cut a big break ... the assault charge has just been reduced from a FELONY to a MISDEMEANOR ... and Chris pled not guilty.  Chris has just been released without bail. He's also required to stay 100 yards away from the victim.

Chris had been ordered to take a drug test, but the judge just vacated that order.  It's standard in such cases to order a drug test, but that has been cancelled. 

The bodyguard's charge was also reduced to a misdemeanor.

TMZ broke the story ... Brown was arrested for felony assault early Sunday morning in Washington D.C. after allegedly attacking a man outside a hotel and breaking his nose.

Brown allegedly got into an argument with a man, said "I'm not down with that gay s**t, I'm into boxing," and then punched him in the nose.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the fight started when the man and his friend photobombed Chris, who was posing for a picture with two girls.

Sources close to Chris insist the fight wasn't over a photo -- they say the alleged victim tried to force his way onto Chris' tour bus, and Chris was merely trying to stop a trespass.

Brown has been in custody since the incident.


3:45 PM PDT: 
TMZ has just obtained witness statements, some of which conflict.  Chris DENIES punching the victim.  According to Chris' statement, he claims he was on his tour bus when the victim tried getting on and his bodyguard "handled it."

The victim says he was trying to get a pic with Chris and Brown allegedly said, "I ain't down wit that gay s**t."  The victim told cops he responded by saying, "Why you hoing?"  Chris then said, "I feel like boxing."  The victim says Chris then threw the punch and the victim says he then squared off with Chris and then the bodyguard also hit the victim in the face. 

According to the victim, after the bodyguard punched him, Chris got BEHIND the bodyguard and screamed, "Yeah, walk away."

The police say the victim was treated for a fractured nasal bone.



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Give this caveman the chair... die, woman beating crackhead

361 days ago


On his way to getting out of it...

361 days ago


So what, he got out of it. I'm not fan of CB but the law's the law. Better luck next time, haters.

361 days ago


No trespassing! Beware Of Dog Brown!

361 days ago


Nothing will happen. Just like Lohan he will just get a slap on the wrist meanwhile if the average Joe did this and were on probation it couldn't of been changed and they would be looking at a long stretch. Celebs are just people with money, they should be treated the same as everyone else who breaks the law. It's a disgrace.

361 days ago


He's just a thug punk with money. I don't get why legions of idiots support this POS.

361 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Mofo got away with it again...

361 days ago


Damn! There is no effin' justice!

361 days ago


What a fumb ducker. Why is his mouth always open in pictures? He looks retarded.

361 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Someone distract his body guards and give him a proper beat down. Or hell when his mouth acts off. body guards just walk away and let the punk fend for himself.
Hes such the punk bitch!

361 days ago


Chris Brown wouldn't last a day in jail. The only reason he acts all hard is because he knows he has a bodyguard to protect him, it's the same with Bieber. If they were by themselves they wouldn't dare start anything with anyone. As I said in a previous article I think Chris is hiding in the closet as to why he's always using the gay slurs to everyone and is so angry. Guys who go around calling everyone gay are usually the ones that are gay themselves and trying to hide it. The guy is messed up.

361 days ago


Yup, money certainly can buy freedom.

361 days ago


hes a b!tch.

361 days ago


There are two sets of laws in this country, the rich get off and the average guys spend years in jail.why do you think most people hate the cops and the legal system in this country?

361 days ago


Seriously, isn't it so much easier to just enjoy life as a young, healthy millionaire doing what you love and keeping your hands to yourself?

361 days ago
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