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Jermaine Jackson

'Disgusted' By Murray's Release

10/28/2013 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson
isn't just furious that Conrad Murray is a free man -- just 2 years after Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter -- Jermaine is "disgusted."

Michael's bro expressed his ire moments ago at LAX, but you really have to watch the video to get a feel for it.

Tito Jackson was also there, but he was feeling a little less talkative.

As we reported, Murray was released from jail in L.A. early this AM ... and immediately hit up an In-N-Out for some burger therapy.


No Avatar


I'm disgusted by that whole pack of jackals, aka the Jackson/Jacksun horde.

No talent, freeloading grifters - Papa Joe really screwed them up.

256 days ago

Truth Be Told    

Yes, well everyone is Disgusted by Jermaine! 1. Not paying his child support 2. Leeching off of his mother & Michael 3. Buying a car in the hopes of his mother winning the lawsuit 4. For just plain being a Loser in every respect! I could state more, but what's the point.

256 days ago

Mr Purdue    

Why is he wearing a nun suit?

256 days ago


And Jermaine, we're disgusted that you can buy expensive cars but can't pay child support for your children.

256 days ago


When are these stupid Jacksons going to realize their brother was a drug addict and responsible for his own death. Jermaine needs to grow up, cut the umbilical cord, and get a real job.

256 days ago


To bad they didn't put this piece of sh1t in Conrad's cell. He can't feed or cloth his children, but has money for that stupid car he bought.

256 days ago


That's exactly how MJ felt about Jermaine.

256 days ago


I'm disgusted he is in the same human race as us with that ridiculous greasy haircut, tacky neck chains, and horrible blouse from the 2013 Pilgrim Kollection (available exclusively from Sears)!

256 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Disgusted describes the public perception of the greedy Jackson kids and family. Living off the estate of your dead brother who wanted nothing to do with you while alive.

256 days ago


Who cares what the Jackson's are pissed off about. Really MJ was his worst enemy and he was stupid enough to bring kids into his fantasy world. How long can we say oh but he was so talented,he was weird.

256 days ago

I just wanted to comment    

Jermaine, I'm more disgusted you cant pay your child support. And believe me, I'm no Conrad Murray fan, but dude, get it together.

256 days ago


just go get some more facial work
and another bad 80's hairstyle

256 days ago


Jermaine you should be ashamed. You guys remixed half of Mike's music so you could stop paying Quincy. That is unconscionable....I hope you lose the lawsuit. You are a hanger on that never gets his own employment except through your poor dead brother.

256 days ago

Pippa Longstocking    

All write ups on this dude should have a warning NSFE. I was eating and almost threw up, he's so gross looking. Here's a tip: Stop buying used Ferraris and buy a new face.

256 days ago


Really?...You and your brothers should be ashamed for sponging off your brother Michael for 50 years..It sucks having to get a real job, doesn't it?

256 days ago
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