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Justin Bieber

Building School in Guatemala

... Without Shirt

10/28/2013 8:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber ventured deep into the Guatemalan jungle to help a group of poor villagers construct a badly needed schoolhouse this weekend ... and TMZ has the pics.

After Justin performed in Guatemala City on Saturday, he joined up with Pencils of Promise -- an organization dedicated to building schools for communities in need.

JB was choppered into a remote area outside the city on Sunday ... where a makeshift construction crew was already busy putting up walls for the new school.


In a video posted on his blog, Bieber says the town was overrun with poverty -- "I'm not talking about poor, I'm talking about 10 people living in a little shack."

Inspired, Justin ditched his shirt and went to work -- grabbing a wheelbarrow and helping to build a wall for the school.

He also took off his shoes and gave them to one of the local children.


Afterward, Bieber says it was, "one of the most amazing powerful experiences of my life."

Bieber says the experience helped him grow as a person -- saying, "I feel like they helped me as much as I helped them."


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'They helped him' would have been a more accurate statement if his presence there was seen as anything more than a transparent attempt to act like a charitible and caing individual.
So far his charity has been focused solely on the
Lil's who have proven to be totally undeserving and ungrateful.

326 days ago

Who Cares    

Why do people still criticize him even when he's doing something positive? Who cares if he's not wearing a shirt? In fact, this would be one of the better places to not be wearing a shirt since it'd only get dirty. Bieber didn't spit on multiple people. He spit over the edge of a balcony when no one was under it. Yeah he took a wiz in a mop bucket and proceeded to curse out Bill Clinton. He apologized about it. Move on. As if other 19 year old's aren't doing stuff that's a lot worse. The photo of him being carried up the Great Wall was a joke that TMZ and the rest of the tabloids exaggerated. Oh, and there is no proof of the a bodyguard holding down someone while Bieber kicks them repeatedly. Regardless if that even happened, the guy his bodyguard tackled was some moron who thought it would be funny to grab Bieber's shirt. What was he expecting? And how many people do things like this everyday? How do you know he doesn't do small things everyday to help people like normal people do? People need to stop believing everything they read online about celebrities and worry about their own lives.

326 days ago


Are we sure that is him? His pants are pulled up! LOL.. Great work JB! It is nice seeing you do things like this. Keep up the good work!

326 days ago


photo op

326 days ago

masino masser    

My country Guatemala is very very poor , we need more help , United States of America helps a lot ,but our children need everything .

326 days ago

Silvia Ruiz    

It should be noted that Bieber visited a village in the community of Sololá, a town 2.5 hours apart from Guatemala City, and not the JUNGLE as you mention or imagine. This kids are indigenous people, who live in one of the most beautiful and enchanted places on Earth...Lake Atitlán. The only "jungle", we Guatemalan's know is located North, in Petén ;)

326 days ago

Precilla Aldaz    

Technology he never would have done this on his own time, which is annoying. I'm glad he did "something" and i would have much rather have him go there, with no phone, no cameras, no blogs.... and just fully commit to it. This was an opportunistic moment, to save his IMAGE

326 days ago


Shirtless on a construction site in the JUNGLE!!!??? Who gives a crap!!!! The guy is helping build a SCHOOL for kids who DON"T HAVE ONE!!!!! He could be naked for all I care when he's doin' good for kids with his time and money!!!!

Good on ya Justin!!!!

326 days ago


I have actually taken my daughter to two of his concerts and he gives a dollar from every ticket sale to Pencils .

326 days ago

Vale graci    

Pueden dejar de criticarlo concha su madre?Si hace algo bien lo critican ,si hacen algo mal lo critican,pueden dejar de romper las pelotas?PREOCUPENSE POR SUS VIDAS,no por la vida de justin.Si Tanto lo odian,No lean,no miren nada que tenga que ver con el y listo,No lo insulten porque EL NO LES HIZO NADA.

326 days ago


Doesn't help Beaver. You are still a douche.

326 days ago

The Zib    


326 days ago


Hey, Rabids, we have a new King of humanitarian, Justine Bieber who is erecting a wall for poor kids among teenage boys, not like MJ visiting hospitals for photo op whose only erection was his little penis on the sight of little boys!!!


P.S. Look at: Bieber bent down to tie the shoes for a little boy. The only time MJ bent down in front of a little boy was to...................Oh, I am disgusted by the thought!!!

326 days ago


That's probably the hardest that scrawny little punk has ever worked. I have a feeling it won't be his last (community service).

326 days ago


This is all for positive PR. His star is fading and his team of greedy goons wants us to forget his naughty behavior.

326 days ago
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