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Chris Brown

The Real Problem Is Still Rihanna

10/29/2013 6:14 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown got a hot meal after getting sprung from jail, and TMZ has learned ... his people aren't that worried about the misdemeanor assault charge -- they're WAY more concerned about the impact it will have on his probation status in the Rihanna case.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the charge against Chris was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor because the victim's injuries weren't that severe and witness statements conflicted.   The reality is -- worst case scenario ... Chris won't do any time for the assault.

The Rihanna case is much more problematic.  As we first reported, the L.A. County Probation Dept. is already conducting an investigation to determine if Chris violated his probation.  As one source familiar with the investigation tells us, "It's pretty clear he didn't keep his nose clean.  It sure seems like a violation."

The Probation Dept. will submit a report to the judge in the Rihanna case, and the D.A. will then weigh in -- based on what we know, they will almost certainly ask the judge to REVOKE Chris' probation. 

Worst case scenario for Chris ... if probation is revoked, 4 years in State prison.


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Mr. Smith    

5 years probation, a lawyer move to protect him, keep him out. Get some tats. Vs./listen to defense lawyer, community service for attacking the Missus was the arrangement, and having to really do it didn't sit well perhaps?

337 days ago


he shudda been in jail. period

337 days ago


He looks strung out. I know they are saying he's doing rehab for anger management & good faith for the judge but the dude LOOKS like he has been doing hard core drugs.

337 days ago

jdizzla a    

People with money don't go to jail.

337 days ago


The real problem is Chris Brown! This is the Ike and Tina Turner of modern times.

336 days ago


He's just another street thug who would have been in jail long ago, if he didn't have some dancing talent.

336 days ago

denise black    

he needs to learn how to stop getting into altercations and just walk away and keep his mouth shut and keep it moving cause at the end of the day who is getting the checks you are chris and not the people getting in your face with altercations stop letting people push your buttons keep walking don't stop dont respond that's will hurt them more not to get a reaction out of you only react if they put them paws on you so keep it moving otherwise

333 days ago

Tranquil Beauty    

I LOVE things like this! So everybody that commented is A-1 perfect right? Yu may not have ever gotten caught for what yu did, but yu've done something. People never cease to amaze me with their judgemental ways. Including TMZ! So one day yu all woke up and everything was all lemon drops and gum drops. Yu've never made a mistake. Get the hey out of here. Who died and made y'all Jesus? Who gave y'all the right to judge him for his mistake. What classifies him as a thug? Because he fights? Because he cusses? Because he raps about things that he sees? Well hell, we're all thugs then. One a day to day basis people get into it about something and it goes on like it never did. But because he is a "celebrity" he's supposed to completely perfect. So he's not human anymore? He doesn't have a right to get mad? He doesn't have the right to make any mistakes.. at all? That's what y'all saying right? Problem with society today is they're so worried about EVERYBODY ELSE'S lives and flaws that they tend to forget they have some of their own. People are so quick to point out what this person did or that person did, they pretend like they've never done anything. People want him to go to jail for beating Rihanna's ass and then glorify her smoking weed. The same female y'all defending, is the same female having twitter beefs with people that say something negative about her. The same that has threatened people because they voiced their opinion about her. But because she deletes her **** (sometimes) its ok right? She's the victim. Yet and still she has the same damn anger problems that he has but its ok cause she was the one that got her ass kicked by him. Because she's a female it doesn't matter? Bulls--t! NOBODY knows what really happened that night but those two. And guess what, they will still lie! Why? Because they're human! And they still worked it out and screwed each other silly. Now this happens. Dude originally claimed that Chris broke his nose.. Lie! Truth was his nose was NEVER broken. And now a secret service agent is saying that dude is telling people Chris never hit him. He just wants 15 seconds of fame. Like that's not surprising. Lol. People need to learn to stop feeding into bs and immediately down talking to next man. Its a pathetic move or yur end. Society is so used to putting people down, they no longer know what its like to encourage and help people build themselves back up! And another thing, if someone tried to bogard their way into yur "home", are yu going to just stand there and let it happen? Heck no! Yu're going to fight to protect what is yurs. Lie and say yu won't! Because that's exactly what it is, a lie! So if him protecting his "home" makes him a thug. Then damnit, I'll be a thug too. I would have done the same thing if put in that situation and talking is not working. Security (actual police) isn't doing their job. And there aren't any other options left. I'm protecting my home first!

333 days ago


If Chris Brown doesn't get prison time for this, i'm ashamed to call myself an American.

332 days ago


I'm getting a bottle of champagne tomorrow to celebrate. Thank god that idiot is finally going to jail! I didn't even like Chris Brown's music before he beat Rihanna to a bloody pulp. When I heard that uninspired half-wit beat up one of my all-time favorite pop singers I nearly had a stroke. Now he can finally get some quality time with his cellmates. I hope he drops the soap.

326 days ago
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